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> Lu Meng see the boss is interested in surprise and asked: "Brother, what is this person doing? Really want to come out any ideas, means we are not inferior to man ah" Just a little thought, Lu Biao certainly said: "The ability to kill this guy is definitely one of his enemies. wWW! Quanben! CoM and is very familiar with an enemy, holds considerable resources." Lu Meng thought again and said: "Since it is the enemy, such a wonderful program, why not start his own, but give us, we will not be set to cover it? "gently shook his head, Lu Biao cunning laugh:" There is no such a setting sleeve, which is directly to life ah Han Qin is a big worry for us, as long as this kid bigger and bigger government, we have a disaster to your brother always texting guys ready Collateral, and look very accurate, that we will remain by Lu Meng feel incredible, míhuò said: "Brother, in your opinion, what people are Han Qin hate this kid so to kill him? "Lu Biao mused:" This is difficult to judge. Officialdom things more complicated than we trail, more sinister, is the real eating bones do not spit. Surface sentimental, friendships, give you back under the knife! But one thing is certain, this guy certainly Han Qin hated. "Paused, Lu Biao teeth and said:" In any case, we can not miss this opportunity Han Qin officials more when this kid bigger, we have no strength to fight back against this kid, just settle with no money, only fight break the death. To get rid of Han Qin, this is a golden opportunity. The youngest, the above is not to say we do take things to the People's Park? You go to a trip to see is not really such a thing. "Lu Meng know the boss become more cautious these years, and now for removing Han Qin, but it is impatient, willing to take risks, it seems that in the boss's mind, this kid has become the number one scourge in Lu Beijing Orient House, this time run by a secret investigation on Han Qin, Lu Meng also feel that his past is really underestimate this guy. according to some rumors, this guy's amazing personal combat, but also may be secret members of the organization, carry guns, but the gun is very scary. To get rid of this guy, really need to take some twists and turns. Zhenyoucishi if things on the SMS, this is definitely one kills the yīn move. MING Lu Meng in a special emphasis on the message, he put the other Han Qin top-secret weapon in the People's Park in the 15th seat behind the bushes, let Lu Meng received a text message immediately after the pick. MING particularly warned Lu Meng got evidence, no implementation of the action if temporarily, please lethal weapons kept refrigerated in order to obtain these things is not easy scrapped once these things, think to get such a good thing, impossible. Guangsha estate from People's Park headquarters close, Lu Meng went out less than twenty minutes, it was hurrying back, hands really holding a tray. Lu Meng surprised, in this ruthless húnhún opinion, this is simply that drama was the plot, really a little thorn jīxìng. Lu Biao can not wait to take over the tray, carefully opened to see is not the same as speaking and SMS. tray inside a glass vial, which things should be SMS is a good thing, said in addition to the vial, there a syringe pipette, a dozen rubber gloves. saw these things, Lu Biao yīn dangerous smile, this guy is really ready to sweep the full ah Lu Biao Lu Meng a, ferocious said: "The youngest, we will in accordance SMS, said the party, looking for a man to do away nv, so Han Qin kill this kid become demons Nanbian. "Lu Meng try to be smart when he said:" Brother, just to have a magnificent nv disobedient people, is not taking advantage of this opportunity to make out, to a double-edged sword, "Lu Biao waved their hands, told:" Han Qin is the provincial first secretary, the status of respect, once pulled him in, Provincial Secretary did not face luster, relevant ministries mén certainly not sloppy, absolutely to the bottom. So, since we do, we can not leave any traces of the unlucky who Daizhe on the street casually caught a nv person, so the random case, jǐng observation skill is bigger, it will not find our heads. "Oriental City is located in the Yellow Sea, the winter is not very cold. Dawn méngméng bright, middle of the street of the small park, there are already a lot of people start early exercise. Mainly elderly people with exercise, tai chi,oakley sunglasses store, boxing and thought fitness cào. ​​Master Li also up very early every morning, but the talk of the town is not exercise, but walking the dog. Lao Li Jing Ba, poodle these pets are not interested in the situation with the exception of dogs single bell. early years, when a soldier, in the army trained dogs, the dog is very emotional. transferred to the place, the talk of the town through the relationship between old comrades in the army, has been keeping troops retired dogs. Lao Li is currently raising This article dogs is a purebred German Shepherd, just this year, Wu jǐng troops retired, has repeatedly stand With urban development, the city prohibited the feeding of large dogs, dogs in order to get this, Lao Li does not know how many department mén, finally grinding down the relevant documents. this little many parks are wide open xìng quality. Lao Li holding Shepherd walked a half-circle around the park, shepherd suddenly chain to earn a small park on the lawn to run. discovered dogs uncharacteristically, Lao Li also surprised this smell sensitive dogs must find anything unusual. ran no steps, dogs on the edge of a small lawn stopped and started scratching desperately Pa Lao Li looked carefully, lawn edge is low holly plexus, the middle of a small piece of open space, usually very popular with some people here, very secretive. dogs Grilled scratch place obviously there are traces of digging action. dogs grilled a few times, becoming more and more excited, Batu also will accelerate the speed. has chops down a dozen centimeters, the dogs stopped the action, directed at the rise Lao Li shouted. Lao Li looked down, suddenly taken aback, a pale hand appeared suddenly in front of a small park pan fried, early exercise of the old people put a small lawn surrounded by a packed, where talking about. It is evident in this place appeared buried corpse, definitely not a normal phenomenon also aware of serious talk of the town xìng, quickly dialed 110 at jǐng. much for a while, City District Criminal jǐng team jǐng observed on rushed to the scene. jǐng police were digging through simple, quickly starting from the pit out of a curled up inside nv corpse. nv corpse still feels very soft, it seems that the time of death is not very long, it should be just buried yesterday evening here. nv ponytail corpse, dressed simply, is a young girl, this period of time, continuous occurrence of Dongfang City Singles nvxìng evil thugs attack xìng cases, nòng was panic, a lot of night shift fùnv have family transfers. public's imagination is very rich, a small park nv nameless corpse discovered, we quickly and earlier in case linked. Dongfang City appeared to kill demons attacked the young professionals mén Pretty girl makes máo bone erect a rumor, after old ladies word of mouth quickly spread among the public on the lawn jǐng police blocked a bit, doctors began to place an autopsy. nv not found on the corpse blood, and no sharp cuts made. necks have an obvious Le Hen, characterized in conjunction with other bodies, doctors soon given conclusion, nv corpse belonging to the piece of rope to live his neck, causing suffocation by common sense, A young girl was killed, often accompanied by xìng infringed. doctors checked nv beneath the corpse, too, confirms this conclusion, nv child had died xìng behavior, and conducted jī Lie resistance, the corpse yīn * tract secretions extracted into male xìng inner kù is even more a lot jīng spots left. Based on current available evidence, the case should be very simple, the nvxìng xìng attacked by thugs , has been murdered, and then taken to the park buried corpse off track from the corpse situation analysis, this nv child had died seven hours or so, the case occurred at a time, it should be around midnight yesterday, although the victim did not get here from to prove the identity of any material, jǐng police speculate that the dress from the victim's point of view, unlike in the entertainment work nvxìng, should be nearby residents, the night duty when the attack was sè magic . cases with sudden xìng and target uncertainty xìng. now the most critical, is to determine the victim's identity. jǐng RCP on the camera, ready to television information for corpses Lost. jǐng police have not yet been processed here scene, a middle-aged husband fù hurried rush over. Their nv children working at night in a supermarket, was kind enough to work when a phone call at home from the supermarket nv children to work at home, that is up to half hours away, however, the husband fù two waited more than an hour, I did not wait until nv child back. give nv children call, nv children can not get through the phone how the couple suddenly panicked, quickly convened relatives and friends took to the streets to look for. busy night, nv children's friends, classmates, relatives are all asked again, still did not find traces of nv children. While they were exhausted, when suddenly I heard a small park near our home found of a young nv corpse, the couple heart suddenly thumped once, however, the reality is so cruel, the murder of children is their nv nv children. nv children out yesterday afternoon mén time, or a nice big girl, overnight, became husband and wife how cold corpse nor accept the fact that middle-aged fùnv piercing cry loudly, in front of a black, fainted in the arms of her husband some time ago, City District succession of young fùnv be sè magic xìng infringement cases, the case has not been broken, and now this happens evil xìng strong * jiān homicide, jǐng side pressure suddenly increased. Shizhong District Public Security Bureau has become a task force in charge of the Criminal Investigation deputy director personally headed the organization jīng dry strength, mobilize the broad masses of the people, to bring some order to bring the perpetrators to justice, to give the public a jiāo generations. really timely, 110 command center received an anonymous phone call that you want to report cases clues claims that around 0:00 yesterday, and saw a car parked in a small park that were buried near a tall young man up, holding a child nv into a small park. broke man was also feeling weird, cold day, not warm tryst car, ran into the park exposure to cold, neuropathy do? Now I thought, the man quoted is probably corpses. provide clues people write down the exact number of the car, and reported to the jǐng party. task force jǐng police are unable to do anything to get this clue, jǐng side suddenly shines. investigators China jǐng through 110 command center, find clues person's phone, ready to further verify the details, but found that this is a public telephone. jǐng party was disappointed though, can also provide clues to understand the mood of the people said multi-less attitude, they can take the initiative to provide valuable The clues have done to a civic duty. With car number, there is an important clue, cis melon vine m, it is easy to find a car owner, jǐng police began to dig deep along this line according to common sense This is a field number, belonging liucheng from the numbers point of view, did not find anything special place, not a particular number range. criminal jǐng are networked via jiāojǐng Ministry mén information, enter this number, we actually show is secret file permissions nonqueried common identity information relevant owners. handling China jǐng through special channels, from the Provincial Public Security Department finally got the information, the Audi brands belong to their Provincial Office Criminal jǐng some míhuò, Provincial Office Hall car how to Dongfang City,Poppy Collection Coach, will not broke people nòng wrong branch leadership personally, query Municipal Office, Municipal Office will soon give a reply, according to the reception record, yesterday was not the Provincial Office staff reach Dongfang City. finally get a clue, criminal jǐng are naturally willing to just give up. Provincial Office ordinary car is a car license, no one to Oriental Provincial Office official duties, does not mean that the car does not came to the East as long as there is evidence that the car went to the East, to the Provincial Office can dignitaries, investigation and evidence collection. task force immediately arrange manpower to the East Willow access to high-speed toll station surveillance video, see if it is There are car into the East City Records. jǐng police did not charge more than the doctor, soon found evidence that five o'clock yesterday afternoon, this car Audi entered the Eastern city and found no return video recording. got the evidence , the panel length personally with people rushed to the provincial capital, get in touch with the Provincial Office Security Department, the Office of the car and a criminal case related to Audi drivers request query information about the investigation and evidence collection. Contrary project group expected, Provincial Office so that they ate a closed mén soup, claiming that the car is running a secret mission, have no access to any person. task force several kilograms long naturally aware of their two face strong Provincial Office, in Dongfang City, deputy director of a very arrogant of no little temper, had unwilling to return to the East. return after Dongfang City, the panel length to the east of strict Municipal Public Security Bureau deputy director of criminal investigation reports, please municipal Office of the Provincial Office sent a letter to attempt through other channels, the query Audi drivers related information. strict after all experienced, heard men reporting, my heart suddenly a move, but is an ordinary car license, provincial Committee General Office actually engage in such a mysterious, covert action it above another mystery? remembered provincial secretary sī last visit to the East, take the car license is ordinary, first performed by fishing, and later hit a long-distance bus arson , so that the East Municipal very passive, almost strict set himself in. In order to test the water, strict scoring tube immediately to the Municipal Office Deputy Secretary-General Sun G I call, requesting an investigation Provincial Office of the vehicle. merely a morning time This strong * jiān murder has since spread to the East City, ignited, a variety of rumors. murdered nv sè child was wearing a red jacket,Air Jordan 12 Sale, and even some rumors, murder sè magic failed love, right nv who produce abnormal revenge, designed to kill red ménjiān less nv, killing at least until the moment seventy-seven forty-nine far between, Dongfang City citizens Tan Hung sè change, no one dare to wear red sè clothes. pick to the Public Security Bureau's request, Deputy Secretary uninformed Sun, xìng on this case very seriously evil, one even involving the Provincial Public Security Department, hastened to the East on behalf of the Municipal Office, sent to the Provincial Office fax, requesting an investigation Audi relevant information. Provincial Office was soon called and related vehicles are running a secret mission, Dongfang City right query vehicle information. A week later, the vehicle driver Provincial Office Security Department will notify the relevant personnel Eastern Municipal Public Security Bureau. Provincial Office seemed very impatient, requiring Eastern Municipal Eastern Municipal Public Security Bureau to comply with work discipline, shall not in any way to this vehicle Sun queries received Deputy Secretary of the phone, strict suddenly shivering Provincial Office of the car arrived in Dongfang City Secrets, is performing a secret mission this time, since the sand strong gang were destroyed, were secretly arrested after the Yellow Sea b, has been in strict frightened about contradiction Among his many Huanghai b holds the secret, as long as this guy open bite him, strict absolute escape nets. strict knew that sinful, has been considered whether to flee abroad, but also clear and strict, Yellow b Tiao Hanzi , well versed unspoken rules, not luàn said luàn bite. strict repeatedly sent to the provincial political commissar of the secretary of the Song full call, requesting Song Shuji help to ask, Yellow b detained in any place, the case of how progress samples. beginning depends, Song made whole also still perfunctory prevarication, strict just put himself and the Yellow Sea b relationships bright to Song made whole, not moving sound sè threatening, if he strict unlucky, provincial political commissar of the secretary not even think to get out Song Faquan naturally aware of their strict took much benefit out here, and soon gave strict transparency lù, to be held in the Yellow Sea b Ben Thanh police. According Song hair full grasp of the material, the Yellow Sea b was arrested because police killed indicating the detention center jǐng sand strong a case witnesses, and put the blame for the Eastern Municipal Public Security Bureau torture bī from the current trial situation, Ben Thanh jǐng side and no in-depth investigation, the Yellow Sea b's mouth is also very strict, no luàn said. As a leading anti- team leading members, Song hair full vent lù although clearly the responsibility of the secret, or remind strict, the newly appointed party secretary eyeing Black * Road Dongfang City in the East have a big move, hoping strict look out for themselves. strict suddenly felt subconsciously, provincial Committee General Office of the secret vehicle arrived Oriental, is not being executed big action <

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