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now appears that he and antworten

> Three hundred and sixty second chapter: Leadership intention "Messire starting from Messire sweet Jiaohu With Song Wen Fei, Han Qin opened his hazy sleepy, slightly blow stunned to see the beauty still lying in his arms , took the hand from the pillow next to the phone, shut the alarm. WWw.qUANbEn.CoM Han Qin has a soft spot for this ring, college, dorm boss to be downloaded. Song Wen Fei became friends after nv, Korea Qin and recorded her voice, finally worthy. Song Wen Fei is also alarm sounds awakened, róu his eyes, smile: "Han Qin, how up so early? It seems last night still did not put you drained! "Han Qin outstretched Yuanbi, the Song Wen Fei hugging in his arms, Song Wen Fei struggling and said:" ah, breathless! "Han Qin haha ​​laughed:" now boast, forget the evening who beg for mercy! "Loosen Song Wen Fei, Han Qin explained:" follow the provincial party secretary trip, I stay on the outside, a very exceptional. Could the king will no longer Zaozhao, waiting for the leadership of telephone reminders do? "Song Wen Fei Han Qin Fu * mō a generous laugh and said:" Do not worry sleep, if the provincial party secretary to call, I'll give you leave, said Han Dayuan secretary tired get up again, you need to build support jīng sharp! "Wen Fei and frolic on for a while, Han Qin dressing up reluctantly wěn Do Song beauties, Han Qin leaving municipal family member courtyard. Northern winter, the days are short and nights are long, six o'clock in the morning, the day was still dark Han Qin sè there is no taxi, facing the morning wind, all the way to the Rhine jogging Hotel. has just had breakfast, Ma Chao called good news on the phone, according to information provided by Han Qin, sand strong group sixteen key elements no one falls through , have all been brought to justice. Tushen through the night, bus fire accident truth, that is, to monopolize Dong Liu Sha strong lines at the bus on the arson. Bacho laughing road yesterday evening, he personally led to police chief please sand strong cards in the name of the hotel where he was put under house arrest nòng to Sha strong premonition was already there, but did not expect the police action so quickly. sandy strong side with the two bodyguards, has not yet had time to resist, he was a police uniform Sha Strong knew that sinful, a look at this posture, even asked Ma Chao, is not to be detained and interrogated? Bacho smiled and told Han Qinzai thought, just what people have been detained for interrogation qualifications! nòng estimated that although the identity of a people's deputies the rights and obligations of deputies knew nothing about. better not to know, there is a law, the deputies were dismissed in the absence of prior qualifications, shall not be arrested. listened to the report of Ma Chao, Han Qin nodded, one enters National People's Congress, but in order to claiming credit for, if not to find something to give him an expert, he knows what! police so give him under house arrest, there are some irregularities, but the reality of the law is not perfect social environment Next, the bad guys lawlessness, but let them enjoy the dignity of the law to give, not a joke. Han Qin now expensive for the provincial first secretary, speak and act naturally be quite satisfactory, according to law, and in fact in his heart of hearts, for these or advocated a kill, interrogation are not necessary, absolutely not wronged them. Oriental police can do this step, has been very good. Han Qin Ma Chao coaching immediately, so that they immediately reported to the provincial party secretary, party secretary, etc. is this news eight in the morning, party secretary Deng Yulun with Eastern Law Committee secretary, Public Security Bureau, Ma Chao, came Haiyun Grand Hotel Provincial Secretary to report to the court. Zhihua police chief Du detailed report to the "one two. Eight, "the progress of the project in the provincial, municipal leaders under the correct guidance, the panel overnight operations, the strong black sand * sixteen backbone of social groups all under arrest! Tushen through the night, for the bus arson case, sand Strong effective thugs lanterns confessed. lanterns for the police to fight complaint, the burner has been arrested will be produced, and seized a number of auto-ignition fuel consumption in kind, caught red-handed can be said to form a complete chain of evidence. Police are stepping up questioning of these key elements in order to dig more clues. sandy strong or deputies, to eradicate the relevant laws, the police just him under house arrest, but did not take any coercive measures, but did not touch on the merits. police are waiting for Congress removal of sand deputies strong qualifications, we can immediately arrested him and now has a very clear case, will soon be closed! overnight for the East Police achieved a major breakthrough, Zhihua very satisfied smiles: "Oriental police Quality is good, such a complicated case, in such a short period of time has been cracked, worthy of praise. This this matter, you stand a deal in Oriental police. "Dujun Qian Xun said:" Thank you, praise the leadership, we must continue to strive to make new contributions. Bus Arson can engage successfully solved, Ma Chao comrades contributed. Comrade Ma Chao is not only keen to put forward ideas to solve the case, and be prepared in advance, the use of technical means to accurately locate the position of the suspect guilty, provided a guarantee for the successful arrest. "In the provincial party secretary personally point later, Du has insinuated asked Ma Chao, he and party secretary What is the relationship according to Han Qin Ma Chao hún its word containing only said that he and party secretary just a little distant . Du Gunda presence of the surface for many years, will naturally not believe Ma Chaoqian imaginary argument, if there is no perfect relationship, provincial secretary categorically not tie him on this occasion. was party secretary of praise, Du really understand the rules put Ma Chao to carry out. Given the delicate relationship between Ma Chao and provincial party secretary, this time take care of Ma Chao, absolutely able to get a huge return, as long as this pathway through Ma Chao, Party Secretary successfully climbed this tree, is not Municipal support, it still can be toppled strict. Zhihua appreciation look Ma Chao, nodded slightly, smiled and said: "Yes, Comrade Ma Chao Ming strong business really dry. For such comrades, we have to eclectic, bold use, give full play to their talents, lead the majority of police officers than catching efforts to study business! "Ma Chao simple and honest smile, said:" Thank leadership, I must live up to the expectations of the leadership, hard work. "Ma Chao inadvertently glanced Han Qin a, saw Han Qin Zheng smiled at him. Bacho heart suddenly lofty prices, with the boss's attention, but also their future meteoric rise up in the East Starsky. Zhihua turned to see Dengyu Lun, is sè said. : "Deng Shuji, ordered it. "Dengyu Lun quickly nodded, for Secretary said:" Notification Office of Municipal People's Congress, the Standing Committee so that they inform the North District Office, immediately convene the Standing Committee meeting, deputies removed the sand strong qualifications. "Under the leadership of Secretary of mind instructions, and turned to leave the room to arrange. Dengyu Lun glanced Du, the command said:" After receiving notice of the NPC after removal of sand strong, immediately proceed to trial must be closed within the fastest time. If you have any facts repeatedly, promptly report to the Secretary Li. "Du repeatedly promised to go back with Ma Chao execute commands. Since there Provincial Party support, they have a silver bullet, how patiently wait until dismissal notice down, go back to start arraignment sand strong. Du knew sand Strong and Yellow bō is sworn brothers, from the guy who opened a gap, Yellow bō they could not get out. slightest thought, Zhihua sè fixed voice said: "Deng Shuji, bus fire accident has basically given that considered arson. Eastern Municipal prepare how you do next? "Dengyu Lun looked up to see provincial party secretary, party secretary try to figure out the intent. Sometimes do not know what is going provincial secretary, Dengyu Lun had to get him out of the program. Dengyu Lun modestly said:" Secretary Li, several of us standing Morning temporarily opened a brief meeting, a preliminary set a tone, is preparing to report to the Secretary Li, please leadership instruction. We are prepared this way, since the bus fire accident has been stereotyped as a criminal case, we truthfully to the Provincial and State Council investigation team reported. Scourge **, this is no way to do. In the provincial Party leadership and the East under the supervision of the East police to solve the case overnight, which fully shows that Party Secretary Li and oriental attention to this case. For criminals, must be severely and quickly, severely punished, and to dig deep in the end, the scum of the law enforcement agencies in all cleaned out, but also the people a Lang Lang. "Dengyu Lun side reporting, while observing Zhihua look changes but unfortunately, Zhihua also long practice at home, so that the joy, anger, without form sè, has deadpan, so Dengyu Lun see Provincial Secretary is not satisfied. See Provincial secretary does not stand, Dengyu Lun had tentatively said: "Secretary Li, you have nothing to indicate it? "Zhihua looked up to see Dengyu Lun, said:" Deng Shuji, this bus arson, dozens of casualties have enormous impact in the media, how are you going to do? "Dengyu Lun no attitude mō quasi-provincial party secretary, Municipal Committee had agreed on in accordance with good caliber to deal with. Dengyu Lun xiǎo heart wing, said:" Secretary Li, in accordance with the general principles, Municipal Propaganda Department has prepared a news release, distributed to the mainstream media. Event primarily through, especially in this case evil xìng, generally not exposed. "Although the cases occurred in Dongfang City, Dengyu Lun is the main responsible person, party secretary after all just arrived in the area of ​​disclosing such a funnel on the provincial party secretary is not a glorious thing. Dengyu Lun believes that the East municipal decision Provincial Secretary will certainly agree. Zhihua listening Dengyu Lun return, but noncommittal. place xìng case occurred on this evil, face the leadership in power there is nothing natural splendor, who wants from exposing scandals. beginning when Dengyu Lun was thinking, after Han Qin reminder, Zhihua suddenly. massive hitting in the East, there is no public support, it is difficult to create an enabling environment. gangsters manufactured without people xìng such a tragedy together, popular indignation, it is the best time to victimize them! Zhihua Although already informed ready to Dengyu Lun eradicate the evil forces intend East, until now, Dengyu Lun obviously did not fully understand the intent of provincial secretary! a wise leader, nature will not put their ideas completely tell subordinates, subordinates will not dictate. hear sounds and to LingoNova. official as Cultivation, which requires careful subordinates to try to figure out the true intentions of the leadership, thus and leadership do hit it off, and the intent is. Zhihua Dengyu Lun did not make any evaluation of the program, blandly said: "Since the East Municipal already have plans to do it according to your plan. "Zhihua While hitting am looking forward to begin early benefit, or no active point out to him, let him go to ponder it! Yesterday afternoon, Han Qin has issued a directive to the provincial propaganda department, so that they notify the East Municipal Publicity Department Propaganda Department mén not interfere media reports on this case truthfully, but also to actively cooperate with the media, in-depth reports on the case itself, the evil forces of evil under the sun storm lù. Zhihua estimate this directive morning able to reach the East Municipal Propaganda Department. By that time, Dengyu Lun Municipal Propaganda Department received a report, combined with the attitude of provincial party secretary,Oakley Sunglasses Radar, should be able to comprehend the true intentions of superiors if Dengyu Lun Wu xìng even this did not, this seat should also substitutions! according to the established schedule, Zhihua has promised Dengyu Lun's invitation, appeared Eastern Municipal fǔ held a fair, there Dongfang City Treasurer Mr. Li Lao and entrepreneurs to meet, talked about the bright future of three major projects , a series of preparatory work also in this meeting finalized. Mr. Li Lao already registered a company in Hong Kong for business projects in the East, and build a platform for the international finance today's Fair, is a municipal fǔ come forward, Invite the person in charge of major financial institutions as well as construction and installation industry giants, and Treasurer to a meeting. For this Fair, Treasurer very picky, the huge one Dongfang City, allowing only issue eighty-eight invitation post, even if the industry leaders, if poor credit are not eligible to attend. according to Treasurer's statement, these three projects are hundred works, must become a landmark in Dongfang City, becoming a model, declined rubbish. Financial institutions naturally understand their mission, is to provide financing to the project. banker mén itself is meat and potatoes, to give money to anyone indifferent. construction, real estate industry, large xiǎo bosses, through various channels, to inquire into the Treasurer early this grand plan! few billions of dollars, this is a big cake ah! entrepreneurs are aware, only able to attend this fair to bidding in the future when the slice. Such projects, massive and lucrative, which an enterprise home willing to lose such a good opportunity. Zhoushaosengduo, in order to get invited to post, entrepreneurs Eight Immortals recount. invite posts have Municipal Bureau of International Cooperation Department is responsible for issuing, investment limits and as the number one hero, became This project actual contact. staff at the International Investment is a genius, they also know the value of this invitation to quote. Dongfang City in addition to several state-owned large enterprises Jian, other posts shall be clearly marked to invite scale enterprises in order to more participate in talks, the more out of commission. Dongfang City's famous mansions real estate as a private real estate companies, with Lu Yang Feng Biao and the relationship upon their limits and $ 500,000 just got an invitation to posts. I heard that the provincial party secretary to appear fair, but also to improve the specifications of the meeting, entrepreneurs are even more confident that they pay money. Fair officially began ten o'clock, and then the entrepreneur large luncheon. Dengyu Lun Politics and Law Committee secretary led the first to leave, to prepare for meeting arrangements related matters, Zhihua then back to the room to rest. Zhihua dates back to the room, Han Qin consider about it, put it mildly: "The Secretary Li,Coach Crossbodys Online, the Li Jiaying identity is very subtle, There are many things people see. I mean, Secretary Li Donghai provincial supreme leadership to participate in the Fair's identity is not appropriate. "In Dengyu Lun see Fair invited provincial party secretary, when Han Qin at that time that they have out of the East officialdom, whether this is true or false god of wealth, and he did not have what relationship not in its place not their government, they are but is a chic spectator. now appears that he and this thing does not really stay out of it. Zhihua attend the Fair, with provincial secretary of noble status, no doubt to the God of Wealth has increased the weight. Eastern Municipal and Li Jiaying will not miss this opportunity, it will certainly make a big fuss in it, although no conclusive evidence of what Li Jiaying get on the plane out of the performance of some strange storm lù fragments, it is dubious. Once the God of Wealth is a counterfeit, provincial secretary deign to give a big liar cheer, though unintentional, but still inevitably be criticized as secretary of provincial party secretary, is an important leadership aides,Jordan 7 Shoes, knowing that there are risks without to stop, not only for the provincial party secretary irresponsible, but also for their future irresponsible. served as secretary of provincial party secretary, the Han Qin has gradually seen the mystery of the provincial first secretary position and this division-level positions reason to so many eyebrows, and the provincial party secretary is the only way tied together, a prospering a loss for both sides if Zhihua dry out a career in the East, the broader political future, Han Qin road will be wider and wider. Wan Zhihua uploaded a somersault in the East, he also had the provincial first secretary of the political life of early termination! Zhihua see Han Qin prevent him from attending the conference, suddenly alert and asked: you are not feeling what was wrong? "Han Qin was originally Dongfang City Beijing Office, investment since the beginning of his work, and certainly on this foreign understand. Zhihua also very clear, as the secretary, if not very sensitive thing, Han Qin not easily express their opinions. Han Qin put their skepticism on the Treasurer, said it Zhihua immediately aware of the risks. Less a meditation and said: you make a phone call to the East Municipal, say, for some reason I can not appear. "[..] .. <

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