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with the provincial secretary appointed antworten

> Three hundred and fortieth chapters: the people have changed Han Qin Although there is no official welcome to come look, someone is still keenly felt their eyes focused on themselves. wwW, QUaNBEN, cOm among these officials, in addition to the East China Sea is the NPC and the CPPCC Provincial Committee leadership. Provincial Standing among the East China Sea, Korea Qin know two, one is the provincial deputy secretary Zheng concentric, the other one is the Provincial Standing Committee and Party Secretary of the East Dengyu Lun. In Zhihua just to seek the views of Han Qin, Han Qin served the next day ready to put their own provincial secretary secretary told the news the old leadership. Han Qin, while not directly report to Dengyu Lun, the city has long been the Secretary-General Li Changsheng messages reported to the head of the municipal government. Qin Li Changsheng off to Korea in time, but also transferred to Dengyu Lun's message, on the Han Qin congratulations. Because the old man expedition, accompanied by Li Jiaying no time to farewell Han Qin, Han Qin Please understand, we will certainly made a special trip to the province of Qin to Han Chinese New. As Provincial Standing Committee, even for Han Qin served as secretary of provincial party secretary surprised, but Dengyu Lun also knew Han Qin and Minister of Commerce of the relationship, which would not be too surprised it Handong very casually glanced toward officials welcome a, concentric and Dengyu Lun Cheng found in the queue among all the Central Organization Department's attention two long body and the new party secretary. Was intently watching him, is chairman of the CPPCC Sea is still Zhao Yan Min's uncle. Yan Min father lay dying in the hospital ward, Han Qin Yan Min fake boyfriend to identity, seen the governor uncle side. Although only made a call, bringing the future never met, then the governor or on the Han Qin Zhao was very impressed. Yan Min's mother died early, yet very loving Zhao Jie yù this Bingqing nephew nv. Yan Min nv left to age, there is no proper boyfriend, when the uncle is also very anxious. In Yan mayor before leaving this world, Yan Min finally name huā Lord, Zhao Shang also very pleased. Prior to the Great Wall in, Yan Min made a special trip to visit the uncle went to the provincial capital, also reported changes in their work. Hisao fù very concerned Zhao asked Yan Min get married. Yan Min just a bright smile, said Hisao fù fast Zhao Min though not strictly get accurate information, see Yan Min rare happy smile, I know this girl very happy life. See Han Qin immediately behind the newly appointed party secretary, Zhao still naturally understand, this place is secretary position. Zhao is still just a suspect huò puzzled Zhihua is coming from the Minister of Commerce airborne provincial party secretary, Han Dongfang City of Qin is Beijing Office, how to become secretary of provincial party secretary do? While Zhao still thought he was mistaken when Han Qin smiled and rushed Zhao Shang nodded. This was the first secretary offside provincial action, the Central Organization Department and the provincial party committee secretary can long waved, the Secretary may not have the qualifications, but can not run in the past and Zhao still recognize relatives. Zhao Shang is now chairman of the CPPCC provincial, and provincial secretary after not playing off the Qin and Han Yan Min relationship is very subtle, marriage is impossible, since the face of the uncle, Han Qin know for sure is very awkward, but where to put the facts with, pretended not to know is clearly not a wise move. Car to Piedmont Road, take it step by step. Found that provincial secretary secretary gave him a greeting, Zhao did not yet know that they have the wrong person. Han Qin how to become from a provincial party secretary of the Beijing Office of the Secretary, which certainly has twists and turns of the story, as long as a baby nephew asked nv will understand Tokai printing has long been rumored, is still very likely that Ren Donghai Zhao provincial party secretary, but politics changing emotion, the human eye at the beginning of the principal leaders of provincial provincial fǔ adjustment, Zhao still unexpectedly take a back seat in advance, transfer the provincial CPPCC chairman. Welcome to attend the provincial party secretary, Zhao still I was actually quite uncomfortable, a little sour. If not, good luck today at the Central Propaganda Department, accompanied by a long, high-spirited Zhao Shang Zhao should be his excuse for not feeling still had to leave, or be persuaded to his wife. Zhao Shang also understands officialdom on the most sensitive human relations, if not the emergence of this welcome, and that is clearly and make life difficult for the new party secretary to the governor of the provincial CPPCC Chairman from this seat, in the officialdom would not have to have any expectation , and dry full session is waiting for retirement. Zhao Shang though unwilling, but also powerless, have to accept this fact. Although the provincial party secretary did not have much pressure on the chairman of the CPPCC, Zhao still ponder over and over again, or do not want the border province decorum skin. Body under the eaves, had to bow. Zhao still own party secretary is not required where a person, after all, still in the East China Sea, the sub-provincial authorities nv still, you never know when it will implicate up and party secretary. If the relationship between the new leadership and also had to go, party secretary general also give a bit old leadership Thin. If you do not give yourself first provincial secretary face, things would be a different story. If you replace an outsider, saw the nephew nv nv friend became secretary of provincial party secretary, must be a gratifying thing. Zhao is still at this moment, but how can not be happy, and my heart is unusual boredom. Suddenly from a central authority to this cool place, not the kind of unspeakable sense of loss, lingering a long time within the system for anybody to understand, Zhao still now, although still ministerial level officials, but has taken a back seat. Last time I saw this xiǎo guys, when Zhao yet still people admire governor. Now not only did not advance, but lose its power to place a pension, for power yù Zhao still looking strong, it suddenly feel very no face. Han Qin meteoric rise, so that the old man had been a governor, even the initiation of a sense of jealousy. In the East China Sea, surrounded by provincial officials who, we entered the hotel conference room. In accordance with a predetermined program, to be held here a simple meet, the newly appointed party secretary introduced to provincial officials who Tokai. After the end of this program, Zhihua even officially take office conference room the middle is a hollow large round table, East Provincial Office had already lined up according to grade level seating, without any on-site arrangements, as long as you can pigeon-holing. Come in conference rooms, Han Qin casually glanced to see where they should sit. Roundtable opposite sides and there are a few rows of seats, facing the main leaders in the first row seat, Han Qin's name impressively. In Korea Qin seat next to the secretary's seat is Xuyun Dong, find their seats, the secretary to the minister quietly went over, open the laptop, and make ready to record posture. Han Qin went to his seat next to politely nodded punch secretary to the minister, secretary to the minister is also a brilliant smile. Han Qin also opens the bag, took out the notebook to, learn the older look, ready to record. Han Qin smile, a simple meet, where there is nothing to record something? As secretary of the senior leadership, so campy, but nothing seemed unfathomable roundtable on both sides of the first row of seats is also filled with officials. Han Qin fixed sound sè looked, these are mostly the Provincial Office of the Secretary-General, there are several position by comparison governor. In the way to the East China Sea, Korea Qin Hu Mei let out Tokai provincial organization and a person in charge of the Ministry of mén list, with an overall impression. At this conference, and finally put a name to the number. Han Qin let America nv secretary to record all of these provincial high-ranking officials, although no person, next meet, Han Qin can accurately call Zhangsanlisi. The First Secretary for Provincial never forget, to their surprise, their former provincial party secretary Tokai go high prosperity this year aged 65, has worked at the ministerial level to the statutory retirement age, formally resigned last week, to Full Off People's Congress as the Health Committee of UNESCO Fuzhu Ren. Because of health reasons, being treated in hospital, did not attend today's meeting. Central Organization Department roundtable long Xuyun Dong sit tight in the middle, the left hand is the newly appointed party secretary Li Zhihua, deputy governor of the right hand is the East China Sea Province Chang-Wen Du. Chang-Wen Du will meet chaired glance venue, Jiandajiadu already in place, and Xu Chang-Wen Du whispered minister said one, Xuyun Dong nodded slightly. Chang-Wen Du tune about Mike's point of view, very excited and said: "Comrades, accompanied by Secretary Li Xu Minister to the East China Sea, where a meeting will be held with everyone, we warmly welcome the Minister to speak to us, please Xu." Said Chang-Wen Du After the lead began to applaud. Who attended the meeting, while small, was very enthusiastic applause. Subject to the applause subsided, Xuyun Dong smiled and said: "Thank you, comrades, thank you for the warm comrades First of all, let us introduce you, this is your new Sea Province Party Secretary Li Zhihua comrade. Zhihua comrades from the Commerce Minister in office over, we may be played tomorrow, but also previously held a provincial cadres meeting, the Assembly Minister XU To read centrally appointed official notice today is only a temporary meet, let Tokai officials first contact with the new province Committee Secretary, do some transition form is more casual. not let Xu Minister called, Tokai officials applauded very consciously in warm applause, Zhihua stood up from his seat, bowed gently, be expressed to everyone's return. Zhihua sat down for a brief statement that he wants the East China Sea with his comrades, give full play to the advantages of the East China Sea, the East China Sea to a new level of work, and want to get everyone's cooperation support. Zhihua After the speeches, the East China Sea provincial government, and military leaders are mainly made a short welcome speech. departure from the capital, it is nine o'clock, after a long time of over three xiǎo Benz, plus the East China Sea after the arrival welcoming ceremony, now has come to one p.m. in Korea Qin feel a little hungry, I was finally successful conclusion of the meeting will be at the Provincial Office under the guidance of the staff, we go to the restaurant. meeting will be just a beginning, with the lunch , Zhihua on thorough integration and colleagues together. With this meet, Zhihua is no longer a guest, but the East China Sea province of the family. Provincial Office Reception identity in accordance with the level of leadership, conducted a sub-set tables. Zhihua four team led by the East China Sea province's main leaders, and the Central Organization Department and the organization has long Xuyun Dong Bureau Secretary seated around the table, accompanied leadership lunch. Provincial Standing Committee of Ministers of the Organization Wufa Jun as the main accompany with other Provincial Standing Committee Secretary and the Minister accompanied Xu Director Lin Xu, deputy minister's secretary is departmental-level cadres, the performance of the relatively low-key. Organization Department Director Lin Although only one level cadres, but a little publicity. to the province, the feeling identity suddenly honorable up, as if the central leadership also. Han Qingang followed into the restaurant staff, a lanky middle-aged man smiling in front of him. Han Qin has let Hu Mei took down the person's file, Tokai provincial CPC Committee Secretary-General Wei Xianfeng, although already know this person's identity, Han Qin still seem surprised a moment just right. Wei Xianfeng initiative to reach out his hand, smiled and said: "Han Commissioner, let me introduce myself. Provincial Office of the Wei Xianfeng, since we are colleagues it. "After listening to Wei Xianfeng self-introduction, Han Qin suddenly realized the way, quickly hold Wei Xianfeng veins skyrocketing big hands, smiled and said:" Wei Secretary hello. Sorry sorry "as the party secretary's secretary, in the East China Sea before the Provincial sure to familiarize yourself with the personnel situation. Han Qin fool if until then, it is a bit too much of Qin Han Wei Xianfeng holding hands,Oakley Sunglasses Hijinx Cheap, hard rocking, laughed: "Shucks Korea Commissioner, I am older teens, call me Old Wei Wei Ge, or will do. "Han Qin a grin, although this Viagra cried cordial, but somewhat indecent. Positive side of greeting, and again gathered around a somewhat defeat the top of the fat. Wei Xianfeng a means to come, smiled and said:" Han Director , this is your own family, let the Office of the Secretary-General of Han Tao. "In Korea Qin file, the capitalists are First Deputy Secretary Provincial Office, and also serves as first deputy director of the Qin and Han clan is some natural shake hands in two Secretary surrounded, Han Qin came to a luxurious private rooms. private room seats a total of eleven, which has come to eight, with three of them Han Qin, just full. Provincial housekeeper Wei Xianfeng eleven to all of you Qin introduced to Korea,Coach New Arrivals Clearance, which is ten Tokai Provincial Office officials all over deputy department leadership, in addition to the Provincial Standing Committee, the Secretary-General, the Office of the Deputy Secretary-General and three, three Deputy Director General, there are three bit, deputy inspector. Wei Xianfeng the Secretary-General, Office of Natural chaired the overall work of the other nine deputy division of labor, Han Qin too lazy to remember, anyway, he has been well aware of the beauty nv secretary, Office should also have special mén division tables. Han Qin just took a look Deputy Director Zhang Jinchuan, in Wei Xianfeng presentation, the person in charge of the Secretariat, the Information Service, Bureau confidential, confidential jiāo pass office and copy center. The deputy director in charge of the Secretariat of the future is your own boss, you need to constantly fight Zhang Jinchuan apparently aware of this, and Han Qin shook hands, it is particularly hard when the Central Organization Department and Han Qin Zhihua data to the Tokai provincial, when the provincial party secretary immediately became the Office of the Secretary of heat mén topic. everyone within the system who do not have anyone pointing, which can be seen the mystery. Han Qin is in Dongfang City Beijing Office, made Minister of Commerce elected secretary, of which there must be bizarre twists and turns of the story is not the lack of underground Tokai Provincial Office of the Organization Department, useless time of day, on the relationship between Han Qin and Li Zhihua, already have three versions in which his comrades, said series nose with eyes, we think to be the most credible. said Han Qin Zhihua's grandfather and father are Jiangxi fellow, do not and join the ** team, became fellow Canadian comrades. War when Han Qin's grandfather was battalion commander, Zhihua's father was trainer in an anti-sweep Han Qin's grandfather and father in order to protect Zhihua was seriously injured. Han Yingzhang On his deathbed, trainer's hand firmly holding Lee , entrusted to him to look after his family because of the time after the founding of the domestic long-term war, Lee Han Yingzhang instructor did not find the family, which has been the trainer of a heart became Lee until Lee trainer after retirement, a chance, Li trainer grandson and Han Yingzhang even the Sun Zicheng friends. know Han Qin Li Lao generals after life experience is simply ecstatic, this not God do through a variety of relationships old generals, let's old comrades in the East China Sea on the Han Qin for care, so Han Qin twenties became deputy level cadres. Zhihua out Ren Donghai provincial party secretary, the decision to pull the Han Qin a, so he served as his secretary. Han Qin newcomer, with the provincial secretary appointed secretary identity respected position sensitive nature is the central figure of the entire feast. Provincial Office in accordance with the provisions is to prohibit drinking at noon, but today, in special circumstances, the Commission finalized the Secretary-General made an exception, must take up the atmosphere to engage With a large butler's backing, the General Office of the leaders there will be no scruples, have Duanbei to Han Qinjing wine Provincial Office of Natural Unlike township leaders Though passion may have added, is a superficial and No one have to Qin and Han rivalry. leaders naturally clear if the welcome banquet for the provincial first secretary drunk, party secretary in the trust where jiāo also not bad. Wei Xianfeng afternoon there is work, there are many things that need to be The new party secretary reported that if nòng have an alcohol, Whatever next? After the ban in the open, Wei Xianfeng dry wine after the first one, let the unit down to greet Han Qin, himself an armchair up mianzhanpai. Han Tao, although a good drinker, looking Maotai also want to drink two in the afternoon to accompany him to see the provincial party secretary Wei Xianfeng, also had to taste the light lasts. This welcoming banquet until four p.m. until the end, others After the rice country,Nike Jordan SC 1 UK, some in Jiudiankaifang breaks, there is urgent business at hand on the back of the provincial work, and Han Tao Wei Xianfeng only two survived, two of them in Korea Qin's referral, reporting to Zhihua Han Tao found Han Qin While drinking a lot of wine, but not a little tipsy, I know the provincial first secretary is to drink home with dry secretary basic skills. Wei Xianfeng smiled apologetically: "Han Qin brother, today afternoon there is work, did not let my boy have fun, this is my responsibility. Office official to the brother of the person Jie Feng, let Buzuibugui "[..] .. (if chapters error, please report it to us) <

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