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> Han Qin pull nets a neat stack of fancy quilt, pillow there is an open magazine. wWW. QUanbeN. Com everything seemed so natural calm, can be seen from here, at least in the Young Man before leaving her dorm, there should be no fear of things that happened to her. Quietly start assist system, Han Qin picked up the Young Man on a pillow, allowing the system to extract information about the Young Man's scent, not moving sound sè's put it back. This nv child has been missing for ten days, If you go, then, already far away from Dongfang City. System smell positioning capability is only five hundred meters, the only talk but no wins. Han Qin glanced in the back with the artist, this guy came in, have been looked up at the ceiling, do not know what to think something. Han Qin They are not law enforcement agencies, Song Wen Fei and only the big reporter Yan Yue sè to ask these nv children, even if they do not match, there is no good way. Stay here would have had no harvest, Han Qin extremely disappointed to see the Yangsi treasure, calmly said: "Since these students do not know the Young Man's message, we will not disturb the rest of these students." Out of the dormitory artist sheepishly looked Han Qin a, said: "Sir, I'll have to teach, if you do not have anything else, then excuse me." said, wanted to slip away. Oriental Media Vocational and Technical College since fear and parents to court, then go to their school leaders did not mean that the long-haired artists there will be no little value. Han Qin waved in disgust, artists such as Amnesty méng camel quickly fled. Looked like the artist's awkward, Song Wen Fei Yanzui smile. Korea yù army came over, whispered: "Han Qin, this school is really not a little broken man is not fit, how should we do next?" Han Qin thought, said: "Young Man has been missing ten days, we should formally report to the police station, allowing for business systems Xiechatongbao, helping to find someone. "Han yù Army Uncle Brother turned round to solicit the views of Yangsi treasure After this period of agonizing, already mentally exhausted, no idea, naturally, is all that hear Han Qin. On the car, Song Wen Fei bring everyone to the school district's police station to report. Out of school mén, Han Qin suddenly remembered a way, I feel should try. Positioning capability in the system odor effectively within five hundred meters, but it is an effective global mobile positioning, I believe Young Man also ran no Chinese ranges. Young Man if I could find the location of mobile phone, if not find a Young Man, is also a useful reference coordinate points, equal to nearly a step forward. Took out a cell phone, Han Qin Bao asked to Yangsi Young Man's phone number, an excuse to let the public security system of friends helped find it, begin to make America nv secretary Search Young Man phone's location. Song Wen Fei while driving, while occasionally glanced Han Qin. Song Wen Fei Qin know Korea has a friend named Ma Chao Municipal Public Security Bureau of Interpol team at work, is an ordinary policeman. It seems, through his friend Han Qin false public economic sī, the use of police investigative techniques to determine the technical Young Man position. For the police via mobile phone positioning determine the target approach, Song Wen Fei also heard, but also know the general principle. They are using the communication operator's base station, in the case of the phone is switched by signals sent shè to roughly determine the location of the target phone. It is said that the accuracy rate in the urban areas within three hundred meters, while in rural areas it reached eight hundred meters. Now, however, Young Man phones already shut down, that is the police can not help. Han Song Wen Fei Qin found occasionally glanced at him, grinned. Our two friends have long physical systems memo function Guards, even if only shook hands with my people, within 1,000 kilometers in no place to hide, as we have this situation, you are to the United States, I am still able to put you accurate positioning. On the current technical conditions, the police use of a base station positioning technology, if the target phone does not boot, they really are factors do nothing. But for the auxiliary systems, this is simply not a problem, as long as there is this phone, whether it is not the boot, there is no difference. Even if the original phone card to destroy the system by seeking to remain in the phone memory information still can accurately find the phone's location. Although the system's ability Guards, Han Qin still a little worried, a beautiful nv child missing ten days time, and the family never heard from again, do not move the brain can imagine it, there is certainly unexpected. If her phone was destroyed, even auxiliary systems can not do anything. Han Qin The Young Man's phone number to pass through ō HU HU issued to locate commands, Hu Mei immediately enter the working state. Half a minute later, Hu Mei to give a message to Han Qinxin interest, this phone still oriental city, south-east of its current location, a straight line from the 1200 meters. Get this message, Hanqin Song breath, finally have a little progress. In order to accurately find the location of the phone, let Song Wen Fei Han Qin pull over, they jiāo changed my position, there is Han Qin to drive. Song Wen Fei suspected huò asked: "Han Qin, who your friends really to help the busy? Than if the phone is turned off, you can not locate it?" Han Qin perfunctory said: "It is the police for everyone, kept secret. fact, now the technology is advancing with the times the police, has long exceeded the technical difficulties, but we ordinary people do not know it. "I heard the phone to find a Young Man, Korea yù Army and suddenly jīng God a treasure Yangsi vibration, today's young people are mobile from their hands, cell phone found, Young Man should also have landed. Yangsi treasure nose acid, jī move and said: "Han Zhuren, let you follow us Ben bō, I do not know what to say thank you,,,," Han Qin waved his hand, lightly said: "Uncle, we are not an outsider, you a thousand Wan do not mention it, it should help as long as you can find Young Man, this is simply not what happened. "Han yù military long way out of breath, and truthfully say:" The Han Qin, uncle did not say what kind words, and so on to find the child,oakley sunglasses outlet, uncle to take please you. "Han Qin nodded slightly and said:" busy, which I want to take Wen Fei to your farm to turn around you backyard well, the two of us to do what you want to taste the mushroom stew. "can go to these two guests, on Han yù military glory is naturally very thing, Korea yù army quickly warmly invited Song Wen Fei to the country guest. Song Wen Fei Tang Shu readily accepted the invitation and joked that if his farm to do advertising, we must give him a big discount. Say that these unpleasant things, Han Qin Han yù but to divert the attention of the military and Yangsi treasure, to comfort their nervousness. Although now found a Young Man phone's location, is just the first step in this case in the end nv child how, is still a mystery. Sit driving position, Han Qin location provided by the system to select the best route toward Young Man phone location fast forward. Cars into South City, the system signals become stronger, closer from the target phone. Arrival construction near the North South City Public Security Bureau, when the signal reaches the maximum value. South City Public Security Bureau to see the big mén, Han Qin frowned, a child in school nv will not be arrested by the secret police, right? Also driving and 20 meters, to a crossroads, the system has targeted a four-building. Han Qin stopped cars, four-storey xiǎo toward the floor carefully looked glances, the roof into a giant billboard fundus: punctuality restaurant. Now is the day, if at night, then this huge neon advertising should be very eye-catching. Punctuality restaurant? Han Qin xiǎo upstairs to see the signs, and my heart suddenly sank. Each one has social common sense knows that these so-called restaurant, karaoke rooms, foot store, but is trying to sell the dog ròu, inside the service content than the nightclub but also straightforward. ** Punctuality is the restaurant in the East City fame far and near, said to have hundreds of beautiful xiǎo sister inside job, all kinds of tricks are played in conveyed marvelous. Dongfang City taxi driver, said as long as the guests are looking for a place to drink tea pastime, the first recommendation is punctuality restaurant. This beautiful restaurant where xiǎo sister is an aspect of safety-critical, behind someone covered. To be honest, Han Qin ** service is not objectionable to these, at least these missteps fùnv rely on their ability to eat, * than the black community and the corrupt officials to be more noble. Not objectionable is one aspect, but saw a honest nv child to go this way, Han Qin heart is still not the taste. Found Han Qin stopped the car, staring at the upstairs billboard trance, Song Wen Fei also seems to understand what, softly asked: "Han Qin, is not here?" Han Qin no words, gently nodded his head . Song Wen Fei Although nv child, not entered ** venue information so advanced in age, one does not know nv reporters menfolk less than men. Punctuality restaurant reputation, Song Wen Fei naturally know that there is not just a place to drink tea. In the East Media Vocational and Technical college, Song Wen Fei saw the makeup wipe nv yàn children, it has been seen, the school's ethos should be very corrupt. In ** market, nv college students is still a very strong term, there is a need to supply some independent colleges and private colleges and universities has become the main provider of student flats nv. These universities coat draped schools, the formation of the school's only one purpose, that is, charge exorbitant fees, earn huge profits, and the quality of student achievement for the students simply turning a blind eye. Students enrolled in academic performance has always been very poor, do not have any interest in learning dunce, nv students are even more greedy kù waist loose. In the material in front of consciously or unconsciously, to go this way, there is no any obstacles. A bad mouse droppings pot of soup, is that these so-called nv students, severely tarnished the image of Chinese college students. In Song Wen Fei opinion, in the brutal facts, Young Man enters ** place is not what amazing things. This is really just a child too nv, a person has a person's lifestyle, you go this way is understandable, at least give the home to keep in touch poor parents, in order to find nv children, the middle-aged man haggard sad . Young Man cell phone in its punctuality restaurant, Song Wen Fei's favor on this child dàng contingent nv no deposit, said dismissively: "Han Qin, how are you going to do?" This nv child is still looking for her doing, etc. She made enough money, will he left this place. In today's environment, I do not know the whole country there are millions of beautiful nv children engaged in this profession, there is no nv children married, I dare to openly admit that they had a love affair experience. Han Fei Qin naturally saw Songwen disdain, but now conclude that Young Man hidden in the teahouse when xiǎo sister premature. Young Man is a student at the school, she is a part-time doing this, there is no need to turn off the phone, sever the link and at home, this is not looking for trouble you? Looked around it, see not far in front of a cafe, Han Qin said: "Wen Fei, you take the two of them first yù Army t-cafe break, my own case to the inside mōmō. "Punctuality is the background of senior restaurant **, not for supermarkets, Korea yù Army and Yangsi treasure are authentic farmers, do not say anything else, mén port security on duty will not let them go. Song Wen Fei Such a great beauty nv, if not to the inside to find a job, not to get involved. Song Wen Fei nodded silently, no words, so a ** place, indeed, is not she is willing to go. Down cars, Han Qin them into a line of four cafes. Han Qin to three cups of coffee, the ROK Army yù said: "yù Army Uncle, according to friends provided, Young Man cell phone in front of the restaurants that room and we were too many people go in together a little inconvenient. Why do not you take a break here first, I go in and see. "Han yù Army and Yangsi treasure quickly nodded, Han Qin since such an arrangement, naturally has his reasons. Korea yù Army and Yangsi treasure though authentic farmers, information disseminated on TV is very rich, but also realize that there is a natural place to do. Young Man might know the restaurants in punctuality, two people certainly have ideas, but compared to find the child, everything else is not a problem. Cafe had not gone far out,Coach OP Art Bags, Han Song Wen Fei Qin heard behind him: "Han Qin, wait for me." Han Qin turned to look, Song Wen Fei followed the chase over. Han Qin stopped until the Song Wen Fei come near, and asked: "Wen Fei, there are things?" Song Wen Fei smacks her lips whispered: "Han Qin, I told you to go a Punctuality restaurant." Sweep Song Wen Fei a, Han Qin grinned: "Wen Fei, this place is not suitable for you to go right? me to go inside,jordan online cheap, if that is looking for people, and certainly no rationale, and could be fired out of people The only way is to go dressed as consumer guests to a place like this with nv friend, seems a bit outdated. "Song Wen Fei white Han Qin a, whispered:" I had heard that the restaurant inside punctuality very fancy, if you can have written a depth reports, on the "Oriental weekend", and certainly can catch the reader's eye. Nothing tiger xué nothing gained, I decided to personally go inquire about it. "Listen Song Wen Fei stunned, Han Qin could not help but be surprised looked Song Wen Fei two. This girl studying in the U.S. for a year, guts known restaurant in the East is ah punctuality ringing ** entertainment, can be developed to this point, surely someone back covered in Heibailiangdao should have tantamount to a Malaysian cellular. For such a clown, even if you have written reports through the propaganda department mén review, once published in the "Oriental weekend", the public security organs to go pro forma certainly be seized. Rather offended gentleman, even if it is not to offend people short of getting money off xiǎo, they will he let go? These frenzied guys, what vicious retaliation are making out, "the East over the weekend" will be no peace. If Han Qin presided over the "Oriental weekend", no matter how ferocious black * road, not outdated group xiǎo ants. Such a great beauty nv, how people can cope without xìng black * society? See Han Qin silent, Song Wen Fei asked: "Han Qin, what do you think is wrong with it?" Han Qin consider a moment, not moving sound sè said: "Wen Fei, good idea, but you It should be clear, bright restaurant's guests are male man, in what capacity are you going to get into it? you like America nv, people certainly are not welcome. "** China after taking office will start hitting in the East, just behind the black punctuality restaurant * society's shadow, it is doomed Han Qin believes that, in accordance with ** China's not already, as long as the hands, it will definitely make Dongfang City, flip upside down, in the country and even internationally nòng sound coming out. By this time hitting, "Oriental weekend" can be one step ahead, grab a large number of exclusive reports sent to the fore. Song Wen Fei now unannounced visits punctuality restaurant, it should be is not rainy day wind, reserves manuscript. But, Song Wen Fei Mei nv as a reporter, how to go into punctuality restaurant? Song Wen Fei Qin Han stared a moment and playfully said: "Punctuality restaurant you guys want to earn money, do not need America nv do?" Han Qin surprised a moment, surprised and said: "Wen Fei, you're going to undercover? "hand liáo a little hair, Song Wen Fei smiled, asked:" how, I feel I am not qualified? "Han Qin a curl one's lip, said:" I'm afraid dreaming win punctual teahouse to such an America nv it ~ for them, courtesan lady is a cash cow ah, but such a place, I will never let you go in this capacity, too risky, which are all sè wolf,,, "Song Wen Fei Light Light shook his head, smiled and said: "Han Qin, you still think I'm really reaching out to those among stumble fùnv, and together they go to work, ah, disgusting I just go in, it was to see their head to looking for work in the name of the field exploration about it, see what they have rhetoric. do news reporters, no first-hand information kept in the office closed mén repairer is not write-depth news and I do not believe that I went to consult, they can detain me live "[..] .. <

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