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> Three hundred and seventh chapters: pity hún blood pair Johnson before the panels casually in a circle, but has pocketed the eye. wWW! QUAnbeN! COm double Johnson apparently has been adapted by men attention on these or stunning or intended yin eyes, always turn a blind eye. The crowd watched, the pair finally stay in Korea Qin Jiao front. Some of hún slightly plump girl haughty blood sweep Han Qin a, with a half-baked Chinese said: "Well, sir, you are Dongfang City staff do?" Han Qin has always been on such a pretentious rich girl does not cold, this is not rhetorical do? Han Qin before hanging work card, the above was written in English and Chinese names and titles, the lady would not be illiterate bar. But to those who are passengers, as Beijing Office, is mainly responsible for the reception of this arrogant woman, Han Qin can only cope with your nose. Faint smile, Han Qin said: "Miss, I was Dongfang City, Beijing Office,Crossbodys Coach Sale, what do you need advice, our staff will be happy to serve you." Hún blood, his face did not seem nervous laugh, cold He said: "I am a Chinese-American Jenny Lee, this is my twin sister Lena Lee, we have not received your invitation, was uninvited guest, do not know is not popular?" Jenny Lee put another one slightly slim hún blood pulled toward their side. Han Qin nodded slightly and said: "Coming here is our guest, welcome to visit our two ladies promotion, if there are items of interest, but also joy to welcome you to the East to invest." Jenny from the exquisite crocodile sè pink purse and pulled out a business card, brazenly watching Han Qin's eyes and said: "Han Zhuren, please take care." said, putting the card handed Han Qin, endured with intense perfume, Han Qin glanced hún blood card, Columbia International Investment Bank Chairman of the Board Assistant, Jenny Lee. Han Qin casually looked hún blood one, perhaps Han Qin's taste is not so heavy, this stunner though cool party thing, but feel there is an extremely unnatural means, strange, still unable to speak blame somewhere. hún see Han Qin blood on her beauty a little indifferent, very unhappy, Jenny self-sustaining go, the men are out of an eyeball, a self-sustaining force of this guy tǐng strong, increasingly determined to conquer this Oriental guy. Jenny had purposely our sister city to travel to the East too, like oriental city beach. Our recent visit to China, it is a fight to the Father before the station, look at the investment environment, I do not know Hanzhu Ren is not interested? "Jenny on the domestic situation mō very thorough, investment is a major event in the local government. Specific to the staff of the head, as long as the introduction of capital projects, not only effort, but also according to the amount of business investment, as well as reward money Which one government officials, businessmen met with investment intentions, are like Yingzi see blood in general, let alone two amorous beauty of Chinese and Western hún blood. Hanzhu Ren touch of beauty more, Which one than this hún blood attractive, naturally not be more reluctant that this Chinese-American posted her hot face to cold ass and more importantly, Han Qin do not believe there is this two hún blood What strength, is likely to be drinking International Small liar, ran before the busy wait on them to some, leaving a worthless investment letter of intent, since then no audio. BJO This is mainly responsible for logistics, investment Specific work to Investment Promotion Bureau is responsible. Han Qin glanced sideways, and Lu Biao Yang Feng is in the side secretly sī language, but not blood sisters huā residence to hún who peep this right since it is a Chinese-American sisters huā , belongs to the international community, Yang Feng is China Merchants International Cooperation Department Deputy Director, just his business, let the son of the brother to serve these two hún blood it. Han Qin Kanyemokan hún blood sisters, for being looked to the side of Yang Feng to beckon, said: "Young Director, you come here, there are two important guests. "Seeing two hún blood beauties active in the past and Han Qin approached Yang Feng heart jealousy is strong, what is this guy attractive, so a woman is attracted to blood edge. Positive that such a thought, but heard Han Qin Yang Feng beckons called him hesitated, Yang Feng was reserved to take over. Lu Biao Qin and Han are enemies, he also experienced the Han Qin means of Han Qin little fear. Jin Guo Lu Meng some effort, and now finally Yang Feng put a relationship with Young Mayor backing, emboldened enough a lot, wondering when to put this guy underfoot, revenge for the tragic death of his son. MING into two hún blood beauty side, Lu Biao naturally reluctant to give up the opportunity to enjoy the beauty, but also with the back of the limits and getting in the way. come near, limits and pretending to be cool and asked: "Hanzhu Ren, what is it? "Han Qin a finger around two hún blood beauty, laughing:" Young Director, I introduce to you, these two are Chinese-American, Columbia International Investment Bank's senior staff on our Dongfang City very interested in, ready to go investigate the investment, you received it. "In Korea Qin Yang Feng beckoned when two hún saw blood on the dandy, a lanky bitch,Coach New Arrivals, and nothing manly taste, it at this age, at most, but a small section chief, naturally lead can not afford beauty of interest. Han Qin here introduces, hún blood haughty beauty looked up, proud like a princess, eyelids clip clip limits and what is not. hún blood more so, the limits and feel more attractive infinite, could not help but do a swallow. sè not move God to sweep the hún blood one, Han Qin raised his voice and said: "The two ladies, I introduce you, this is our Dongfang City Merchants Director of International Cooperation Department, Yang, Yang, our mayor's son. What are two beautiful items of interest, please talk with the Director and Yang. "In order to arouse interest in two hún blood, Han Qin Yang Feng's son brother deliberately identity also introduced out in formal occasions, when this is clearly not appropriate, but Han Qin knowing that somehow this rich girl feeling interest is wealth and status, this dandy serve two wealthy daughter is appropriate. really not what Han Qin expected, two hún blood a young age limits and is the Director, or detract from the mayor's son, attitude immediately to the one hundred and eighty degree turn. Jenny glamorous face on even a hint surfaced Mei Xiao, Yang Feng face ** sweep in two, offered her soft white hands, smile smiles: " Young Director, you're young and promising ah, so young that the Commissioner, people are so cool and handsome, to mí dead girls "Yang Feng and grabbed Jenny's hand, smiled and said:" Miss Xiexiezhanni praise. Welcome to our Dongfang City, Miss Jenny study investment. We must provide the most enthusiastic service, the most preferential policies. "Jenny stared boldly Yang Feng a, Qiao said:" Young Director will really talk, we investigate the investment sisters know what, to you, to travel the East was almost oh. Our first step two sisters, play for a few days in the capital, all we have to wait before making a decision to Father. "Lu Biao also seize the opportunity came up to go to another one hún blood Lena Miss introduced herself, and finally stick grip on hún blood beauty whitening little hands. Touched upon here, one pair, Korea Qin seize the opportunity to hide the side, finally pulling away from this clown. MING and hún blood sisters is more talk about the more speculative,Kristin Coach Sale, pale little face smile constantly, as if to pick up the baby in general. limits and no longer received other guests, became hún blood sister of professional instructors. according hún blood sisters themselves, due to the U.S. economic crisis, a sharp deterioration in the investment climate, Colombia there are billions of dollars in investment banks need to find a way out of the Fund, the Board of Directors President is very optimistic about the Chinese market, is the mainland four visits, finding the best investment the city. obtain this information, limits and is naturally surprised. Han Qin this guy wise at all times, even these sisters give him the diamond reception if Colombian investment bank funds can attract to the East City, which is much needed performance ah Yang Feng is this now the father of the mayor aperture prevails, although the seat of deputy director Yang Feng seat, has been uneasy , was very practical. limits and you know what, to participate in work since, inch power is not built, but also bad Dongfang City of the event, the northern maritime center project screwed up. did not show for the achievements, men generally although on the surface instill obedience, secretly certainly backbite. Maybe God has eyes, right at your fingertips a big project, so that their promotion after Li Wei, come join posture of the news media reporters have got a thick red envelope, Then go to Orient House to participate in reward banquet investment intentions of merchants who also went to the East Building, dining, and the departments concerned to deepen the feelings in the afternoon followed by consultations limits and pull listed Reform Commission, accompanied hún blood together with the double arrogance Lunch With the topic more in depth, even the Development and Reform Commission also feel a little less grade sister huā say if that's true, the fund Colombian investment bank, absolutely no less than shipping center in the northern state project ah Dengyu Lun has been to Beijing three days, launches an end, immediately flew to liucheng attend Provincial Standing Committee, Vice Mayor Liang became a principal in Beijing in the highest leadership. Development and Reform Commission felt something significant, if let this opportunity slip away from Dongfang City Walking is the oriental sinners. Deng Shuji back to the provincial capital, Development and Reform Commission deputy mayor please the beam quickly over, so deputy mayor himself accompanied the two hún blood beauty, to show the sincerity of Dongfang City. After lunch, Liang Qin, vice mayor Han cried quietly in his room, very sorry and said: "Xiao Han, pity, you lose an opportunity ah vain" [..] (if chapters error, please provide us Report) <

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