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> Two hundred and ninetieth chapters: Binglinchengxia Han Qin and Blue Shield companies have signed a good hired helicopters agreement, agreed to take off time, with Qi Ya went back to the hotel. WWw.QUAnbEN.COm Han Qin had expected, after Li Yifeng gone to Libya, was certainly ** annoying. Went to look for Li Yifeng Libya, it is inevitable that a hard-fought, it must be prepared in advance. Qi Ya two General Staff officers on active duty, this time to Egypt but also military affairs in the body, although would like to go with the Qin and Han rescue Li Yifeng, but no command Bai Jingming,Nike Jordan SC 1 Sale, Qi Ya did not dare to unauthorized actions. Lovingly gaze of Korea Qin a will, Qi Ya flew into Han Qinhuai, the quaver said: "Han Qin, arms traffickers are outlaws one by one, you must pay attention to safety can help people save them the best, if not sure, do not take risks, so that countries need to. sure to take care of yourself, I am waiting for you to come back, "Han Qin Qi Ya stroking the golden hair, hold Qiya Jun pretty face, in her white forehead kiss one, confidently said: "Captain,Coach Bags Store, is one of several arms dealers do not, at best, is a group of burglars and you do not have to worry about me, waiting for me put celebration bar." Qiyamomo nodded, he believes Han Qin have this capability. Northern treasure hunt, when Qi Ya witnessed Han Qin Guards ability, the Japanese three bodyguards, are battle-hardened special forces, still being Han Qin shot headshot, did not fight back. The Korean airliner feat Qin, Qi Ya although not witnessed, she was still able to feel the ominous atmosphere. Dare to fly a plane into a building terrorists, suicide bombers is, this is the standard outlaws. Han Qin able airliner to an enemy five, successfully killing them, and to aircraft landed safely, this ability is invincible. In accordance with the judgment of Qi Ya, if Han Qin personally can not put Li Yifeng rescued country will send another one commando, but also to no avail. Away Qi Ya, Han Qin Dynasty to the North's three employees summoned to his room, they informed the company learned of the situation in the Blue Shield. According to available information can determine, Li Yifeng with five mercenaries to Libya, and the action is very smooth, it may have been controlled by your opponent. Han Qin told them that they have a good rent helicopters, ready to go to Libya looking for Li Yifeng. If Li Yifeng has been controlled by your opponent, this time tracing becomes Libyan armed rescue. A the situation, Ma Weihua and Song at each other, they secretly communicate with his eyes after a round, Ma Weihua first objection. Came to Alexandria in the way, they encountered criminals hijacking, almost became suicide bombers. Thanks to this guy Threatened a stroke, barely had a narrow escape, the two long regret Green intestines, should not accept this job. The battle of wits go to Libya and arms traffickers save people, not court death Qing Ke Ma Weihua a moment and said: "Han Zhuren, I do not agree with the working group to Libya, this is very dangerous and we this time to Alexandria, the task is to find Li Yifeng, Now that you know his whereabouts, our task has been completed those arms traffickers are Die Tryin outlaw, if Li Yifeng not revenge, but fall into their hands, certainly ominous, even Li Yifeng is still alive, we just north of the company's sales, not military combatants, there is no ability to Li Yifeng rescued. "speech on Ma Weihua Han Qin nor stand, quietly glanced Song, said:" Mr. Song, you mean it? "Song unabashedly said:" Han Zhuren, I also agree with the views of Ma Weihua Not that we do not want to save Li Yifeng, we really do not have this ability, I propose that we should immediately report the situation to the companies, specifically how to do, a company to study the decision "Han Qin cold smile, 救人如救火, and other companies to report the situation to the north, and then wait for them to come up with solutions to, cucumber dish is cold Li Yifeng is now dead or alive, Han Qin where waiting here patiently looked a Xu Qiang, Han Qin faint smile, said: "Xu, you mean?" Xu Qiang hesitated a little and said: "Hanzhu Ren, I am willing to follow you to go to Libya to rescue Li Yifeng. "in the end is a special forces background, critical time, no cold feet. Han glanced Ma Weihua and Qin Song, see two Dala his head, afraid to face himself. Han Qin Stern said: "I went to Libya seeking Xu Qiang Li Yifeng, you two stay in the hotel sits, waiting for us to come back. Additionally, the two of you are more familiar situation here, the first weapon to solve this." Ma Song Two very naturally nodded, quickly they are ready to go out to the Han Qin equipment. This time to Alexandria, Han Qin albeit in arms traffickers identity, not even a shotgun did not. While Egyptian law also strict controls on firearms and ammunition, but only in name. In the market, imported from a homemade pistol to automatic weapons everything. Remote areas in Egypt, the arms trade is basically a semi-open state. In these areas, young people shoulder a rifle through the streets is a very common thing. The use of firearms is also very wide, which can also be used for vendetta shooting wedding in order to increase the festive atmosphere. Many people believe that possession of a firearm, is a symbol of social status. Ma Weihua and resident Alexander Song ago to sell arms, even in big cities like Alexandria, the two of them to engage in arms, almost tantamount to buy a pack of cigarettes just as easily. Less than an hour, the two men horse Song rewarding. No loss is to engage in arms, Han Qin get their weapons satisfied. Four Glock latest U.S. military pistol, two U.S. Marines assault submachine gun, twenty fat high-explosive grenades, supporting a large number of bullets, military dagger, with infrared night vision binoculars, and many a lot, equipped with two-man already more than enough. Ma Song packed two weapons, Han Qin stopped a taxi, with Xu Qiang went straight to the Blue Shield office. Arrival Blue Shield office, after some bargaining, Han Qin and David again revised the helicopter rental agreement. Han Qin Blue Shield companies have also paid to the $ 20,000 Blue Shield helicopter after reaching the destination, the location specified in the Han Qin wait at least twenty four hours, and then fly back together Alexandria. That if the 20th four hours later, the helicopter did not wait for Han Qin, they voluntarily returned. Blue Cross Blue Shield offices in the way to go, Han Qin have been considering the Li Yifeng rescued, you should how safe return. Now Libya, chaos everywhere, the basic state of anarchy, the NATO no-fly zone in the Libyan capital to draw, and international traffic completely cut off. In this case, Blue Shield helicopter ride back, should be the best choice. See Han Qin carry weapons, David Unfortunately, said: "Sir, how do you say that earlier, our full range of weapons and Blue Shield companies, Chinese, and Russian, and American of everything, the price is much cheaper than the black market You can also implement leasing Our company implements three, weapons, personnel, transportation full service. "Han Qin a grin, said that before seeing your kid how Blue Shield of posters hanging on the wall, there is a wear ... style blonde shoulder rockets, very sexy, sultry. Han Qin thought, maybe get two need it. David To pull this client, did not wait for Han Qin bargain, sold at the lowest price on Korea Qin two rockets. Blue Shield companies use their own cars to the Qin and Han Xu Qiang to the airport, a civilian version of the Black Hawk helicopter dark green quietly stopped there, three crew company has received an order is ready to deploy. Han Qin took Blue Shield companies out flight instruction to the captain of the aircraft open the door, let Han Xu Qiang, and on the plane. Etc. Han Qin they wear seatbelts, in a huge roar, Black Hawk helicopters into the sky, towards the Libyan direction. From Alexandria to Libya Deer Jie, Air distance there are more than three thousand kilometers, the helicopter flying normally require more than four hours. Long flight boring, Han Qin soft bag out of his pocket Chinese cigarettes, scattered to the three crew members, and they struck up a conversation. Three crew members are some simple English, daily communication problem. Han Qin to judge from their appearance, these three crew members could be Russian. Hanqin Qi dynamic support system, a question in Russian, is indeed expected. The three Russian guy did not think Han Qin Russian so well, suddenly narrowed the distance between the Qin and Han. Blue Shield of three of them are employees of the Russian Air Force Veterans. Very optimistic about Russia's domestic employment, wages are very low. In order to earn a little money to feed their families, the three candidates of the Blue Shield adventure helicopter pilot. Mercenaries pays well, work is also very dangerous nature. This three pilots are four years old or so, to see their work is very calm, very optimistic about life. Just one hour, three on the Qin and Han talk about anything, from international affairs to celebrity gossip, loud published his own opinions. Black Hawk helicopters fly after Egyptian airspace, flew to Libya's western hinterland. Libya's territory is mainly desert, you can see from the plane and clouds below long sand pumping. Aircraft into Libya after flying for about an hour, Han Qin open positioning system, Li Yifeng start searching for information. Should be a far distance, with no feedback signal. See Han Qin silent, Xu Qiang hesitated and asked: "Hanzhu Ren, Li Yifeng will not be those arms traffickers to catch up?" By airliner action, feeling Han Qin Xu Qiang, Beijing Office identity, may be just a cover, he is definitely mysterious departments. Han Qin Xu Qiang turned to look, laughed: "Xiao Xu, Li Yifeng fall if their hand, we have to use force to take it over him, are you afraid of?" Xu Qiang without thinking, said firmly: " Hanzhu Ren, I am not afraid. "In the airliner, when murderous thugs hijacking when Xu Qiang also was scared but chatter scared. Han Qin hip out, saved the lives of more than a hundred, the special forces feel very ashamed, when apocalyptic time, afraid of what use have only a trace of life against. Now, with this backbone Han Qin, Xu Qiang feel becomes Haoqiganyun. Han Qin laughed language. In fact, this can not blame Xu Qiang timid. China's millions of soldiers from the army to the veterans, there is no chance of the ground war, the so-called special forces, at most, which is participated in the exercise, playing a few rounds blanks. Exercises and combat a big difference, without the baptism of blood and fire, courage is not strong together. Has flown more than two hours, it was getting dark down, the aircraft is also close to the Deer Jie regions. Han Qin was sitting in a chair, eyes closed, "Didi,Air Jordan Womens UK," the system suddenly came the crisp tone, the target has entered valid search, found Li Yifeng information. Li Yifeng finally emerged based positioning system information display, Li Yifeng on the front-right 75 degrees from eleven hundred kilometers. Receive this information, Han Qin long way out of breath Li Yifeng Li Yifeng is still alive able to safely take back, but also the value Zaikuzailei Korea Qin corrected immediately so that the captain of flight parameters, toward the location of Li Yifeng accelerated flight. As the distance getting closer, more intense signals. When the system indicates the distance Li Yifeng coordinates when there is three kilometers, Han Qin allow the helicopter to a hover in the air, out of the telescope, turn the infrared night vision function, observe the terrain ahead. This is a small town surrounded by greenery, and there is not a high hill, in the Libyan desert is rare. Beneath the helicopter is flat open grassland, ideal for aircraft movements. Han Qin let helicopter landing-place, and commanded the pilot immediately repair the machine, right here waiting, ready to take off collusion. Han Qin and Xu Qiang bring weapons towards this unknown town quietly to touch. Three kilometers away, they took less than half an hour, then dive into the town's periphery. Han Qin hidden behind sandbags in a small, raised his binoculars carefully observe the situation inside. The whole town is quiet, except for a faint light, not see people walking. Han Qin looked again positioning system, Li Yifeng on the three hundred meters in front of the place. Han Qin Li Yifeng although it is unclear the real situation, he has interrupted the contact and internally, and now the day definitely will not be easy, it is likely Shenxianlinghu. Three hundred meters in front of the place, they should be detained Li Yifeng premises. Xu Qiang Qin and Han whispered a few words, they bend towards the detained Li Yifeng place to move quickly. Carefully moving forward the more than two hundred meters, Han Qin did not find any danger, only occasionally visible from the nearby yard out of twelve residents of the hands without weapons, there is no vigilance. Han Xu Qiang, and a little hidden, it escaped the attention of these civilians. Positioning system signal has reached a maximum value, which means that Li Yifeng just one hundred meters range. Han Qin took the binoculars, hidden behind a low wall in length, in the direction towards the positioning system carefully observed. In the southeast corner of the town, near the hill where there is a separate large yard. Courtyard surrounded by four-meter-high wall, which is a three-storey building. Positioning system display, Li Yifeng in this small building. Building windows dark, invisible point lights. Through the infrared telescope to see very clear, at an observation post on the roof. From Korea to that of the place where the Qin separate yard, in the middle of the open space six or seven ten meters, in the middle without any covert. On the roof at night with observation posts, and certainly equipped with infrared night vision monitor, if forced to close, simply can not escape the observation post in the eye. Han Qin hiding behind a low wall, while observing the terrain, while letting HU staff with offensive way. At this point, Li Yifeng is being held in an underground cell, the leg was seriously injured, three days without eating, already dying. Li Yifeng black hand after last being competitors, has never forgotten to avenge the dead partner. After leaving the Middle East, when Li Yifeng reward heavily, collecting information about opponents. Last week, Li Yifeng foreign counterparts get a top-secret messages. Blackhand is on his next one called "polar bear" arms traffickers, this guy is not the Americans, just as the Americans secretly services, in fact, is Russian. In ** and Russian weapons fire from the same one, is more sophisticated than the Russian-made weapons, the price is cheap, has become the biggest competitor of Russian weapons. "Polar bear" in many large customers are beginning to change, but so, buy the ** fire. "Polar bear" grudge, decided to fire ** clerk in a little color to see. "Polar bear" crafted a trap, under the guise of the hands of the locals, Li Yifeng Business Group conducted a raid, causing Li Yifeng partner dead and another injured, Li Yifeng survived. Get "white bear" precise information, the Li Yifeng Han Qin helped him originally wanted revenge, are catching up with Han Qin busy business get away, Li Yifeng later also feel a great risk the Middle East tour, family and friends worried about fear, nor tell them, they alone to the Middle East. Li Yifeng from Blue Shield company employs five special forces, so that the helicopter took them to Deer Jie area, ready for "polar bear" surprise attack. Find out the "white bear" After an accurate resident, Li Yifeng for "polar bear" attacked. Unfortunately, Li Yifeng intelligence is very inaccurate, he thought, "polar bear" that is up there thirty-five bodyguards, mercenaries raid at five under, to eliminate the "polar bear" should be no problem. Li Yifeng did not expect, "polar bear" This has brought a more than twenty of the Guard, the plain down mercenaries from the battlefield, but well equipped. After a fierce battle, although killed, "white bear," the two bodyguards, five mercenaries also seriously injured two people, three people suffered minor injuries, was "Black Hawk" catch-all bodyguards. "Black Hawk" Put invited a private medic, to five mercenaries to do the surgery, they were held in a secret prison cell Li as a bargaining chip and Blue Shield companies. Li Yifeng legs hurt, "polar bear" to Li Yifeng do a simple dressing after shut him in the basement. "Polar bear" grimly said to do a test to see a wounded Chinese everyone, in the case of food or drink, to adhere to a few days. [..] <

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