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23.05.2013 10:01
The Ming Court has certain taboo antworten

"Australian song the name not large-scale external use." In the water said, "yuan at the end of the red scarf army but to 'the reopening of Song Dynasty day'. Zhu Yuanzhang is also the red scarf army a, finally get rid of the Ming Wang out 'Ming'. The Ming Court has certain taboo on 'song descendants' will. At the present stage of our foreign can use similar red scarf army example, Israeli name a country. I suggest that we call the army -- is very much to the point." "In fact, we can call GLA," Wen de Si said, "the people's Liberation army. The good, the horse Secretary of state." "After use. Now called GLA Daming people didn't feel." Ma Qianzhu said, "I see from today onwards, we document and notice the inscription can enable the army name." Jiangshan back to the CIA's office. Arrived at the office, he got a call from He Ming, asked him: "speed up Guangdong aspect Ming status". "Intelligence Bureau set up a few days later, the specific tasks." Jiangshan in the evening meeting said, "this is the first key project of our foreign intelligence service, must be done, otherwise later for budget up trouble." Wang Ding coughed,Coach Bags Sale, spoke first: "these information, most of the available query from the general intelligence library file. A large library of historical information and Guangzhou Railway Station consolidation over the collected data can be used in many. I'm going to conduct a search for the data, and then compiled." "This information is too old." Jiangshan expressed doubts. "That is old, but is also two or three years, Ming army does not have too big change." "It mainly depends on the intelligence of Guangzhou Railway Station." As the so-called "military intelligence" license says, "the army to attack the Lingao must cross. Guangzhou Railway Station has liner arranged in Guangdong traffic pass, as long as the ships and troop movements, will have the news. Here we are guessing is useless." So the liner, is each semicolons outside cabinet Wei biaoju,Nike Jordan After Game, they every five days with the pigeon to Guangzhou total number to report the local knowledge. This information while not in time, but considering the ancient army marching speed is very slow, so the speed can also accept. "If the information and collect files that wait for Guangzhou Railway Station even completed the task, our foreign intelligence service will not mix." It said,oakley outlet store, "we need to send someone to Guangdong specialized collection of some military intelligence." "Now we have trained overseas intelligence personnel, the collection of Guangdong Ming army mobilization is a good opportunity to practice. We should let them go out to have a try. Qiongzhou is nothing, the Guangdong border is the real fish into the sea. How is the effectiveness of the training, see this on." Permission is also interested in the proposal, "if you want to send, I am willing to go." "Is it right? A little adventure......" "Do intelligence work, this risk should have. Of course, we cannot require intelligence personnel to drill into the camp to take dangerous things like this, but stood watching or capable of it should be." "Now just stand and watch, why then sent someone to do. Guangzhou Railway Station in >

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