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> Two hundred and eighty second chapter: capital punishment Houyao Qing Han Qin told that he had to watch the Secretary prodded Beijing Office can go directly to the detention center to mention people, where bail handle the required formalities, time to handle , and tomorrow and then re-submit. wwW. qUanbEN. cOm Han Qin and Hou Yaoqing chatted for a few, just hang up the phone. Han Qin look is supporting his ears to hear the message of the Li Changsheng, laughing: "General Lee has a good contact, we go directly to the capital of the second detention center to pick up people, where to apply for bail limits and procedures. Liu Xiang is the principal , the public security organs will continue the investigation, we helpless. "See Han Qin Yang Feng put a call out fishing, Li Changsheng simply do not believe his eyes a little, there is so much to this small young friend. Li Changsheng surprised and said: "Xiao Han,Women's Nike Jordan Sale, your friend where business, energy is not small you" Han Qin indifferent smiles: "The friend is the capital of the Public Security Bureau Houju Chang, just met near a friend, did not think so to face. "Li Changsheng although do not know who is the capital city police chief, but he was well aware that the capital police chief are generally Municipal Committee, vice ministerial-level officials. Able to call out the chiefs, in order from the Council yard fishing for a man, not a word thing. Li Changsheng tempted admiration for Han Qin, Han Qin to the capital serving more than six months to make up such a big brother, the energy of the youth can not be underestimated ah Han Qin turned to Qin Xiangyang said: "Qin officer, you'll be ready to ten thousand yuan in cash, we'll go pick up Yang detention. too late to go, lest the Public Security Bureau police where waiting for us. "Qin Xiangyang promised soon, quickly went to cash accounting preparation margin. Was ready,Oakley Sunglasses Oil Rig Cheap, Han Qin personally drove, with Li Changsheng Yang Feng and Qin Xiangyang to pick detention. Capital of the Second Detention BJO a full distance 50 km away, while the evening traffic and few pedestrians, all the way to the green, but everywhere camera, Han Qin did not dare to drag racing, had not rash to move forward in time. Reach detention time has come to midnight. With capital Starsky a brother personally intervene, even to the middle of the night, two police officers in charge of the case tirelessly, already waiting in the detention centers. In the detention center office area, Qin Xiangyang site filled bail application, certificate, pay five thousand dollars bond, bail handle the relevant procedures. In custody visitation area, Han Yang Feng Qin met. The police took Yang Feng raised from the queen inside, and brought visitation area, pulled out the keys, "Crash" slamming open hands Kaozi Yang Feng, smartly linked to the buttocks, face expressionless and said: "Teacher, well, you You can go, "just half a day in prison, let the head prisoners prison Pa Yang Feng tasted means, he could not imagine how to spend the night. Yang Feng seemed instantly ten years old, his face more pale, disheveled, exhausted the whole person. Also came to see Han Qin, Yang Feng looked down in shame, anxious to find a way to seam drilling. Han Qin no words, red Yang Feng nodded slightly, be greeted him. In front of the police, Li Changsheng mouth open a few, did not think of the right moment to comfort statement, and had to shut his mouth, but also learn the way of Qin Han nodded. Qin Xiangyang tight walk a few steps, stepped forward to hold Yang Feng, said: "Yang, let's go." Up the car, sitting in the copilot position Qin Xiangyang, Li Changsheng accompanied limits and sat in the back. Yang Feng look Li Changsheng, whispered: "I thank the Secretary-General personally come, otherwise, I really do not know when to come out." One MING thank him, Li Changsheng embarrassed and said: "Do not thank me, do not thank me, thanks Han Zhuren go a long way in the capital police to let you out so fast, "Yang Feng had looked up, reconciled and said:" Thank Hanzhu Ren, so that everyone followed bother. "Han Qin concentrating on driving, Head did not return, lightly said: "Yang do not hesitate, should be." out of detention, limits and it turned away, looking out the window of scenery silent. For this rival, Yang Feng was planning to get him into jail, did not think of themselves first put on the silver bracelet, but also are Han Qin fished from the Bureau of the yard, which makes MING With so uncomfortable with a somersault, himself in the image of BJO be completely finished. Although her bail out, Liu Xiang still inside, look at this situation, there may be sentenced. Police will not stop there as well, Liu Xiang, a sentence, the municipal government will also trace the responsibility, sooner or later also found in his head. Think of these limits and to feel a splitting headache. Back when the Beijing Office, has come to two o'clock. Han Qin Li Changsheng let Qin Xiangyang to arrange the room, went back to the office to rest. Time has come to midnight, Han Qin did not a little sleepy. Anyway, is lying in bed awake, Han Qin just open the computer, read books online, look at the news. Login frequented a community forum, Han Qin an open page, it was a top post attracted Posts describes in detail a city deputy director of the Beijing Office, collusion social outlaws, reselling confidential documents from the national authorities in an attempt to obtain a list of experts examine the NDRC, shipping center in the north project, unfair competition, the result was the police caught red-handed, Shenxianlinghu. This post said very vivid, it can be said that there are pictures and the truth. In addition did not specify the name of Dongfang City, Yang Feng and Liu Xiang is the process of buying a list of experts Record. The following thread a lot, the scene is very hot, a look that is someone hired navy in combat. Han Qin a grin, who made this post is definitely the expert, knows the power of the Internet. Do not ask, some posts that are competitors. People for no reason, no one will trip the muddy water. Competition in seven cities in northern maritime center project, the next squeeze through special means, you can more of a chance of winning. Also browse a few forums, content similar posts have been everywhere, and some post altogether more directly point out the names of Dongfang City, and Liu Xiang, Liu Xiang, but they gave up an official from the Office of the Deputy Director of Beijing to directly enhance Office of the Deputy Director. A look at the situation, Han Qin know something serious, authorities now want to cover all could not cover, is bound to give the public an explanation. With the overwhelming online posts, the next morning, Liu Xiang things in BJO spread. With the top of the cylinder Liu Xiang, Yang Feng finally withstood the first wave, there is no get involved. Watching vivid online posts, Yang Feng Xinrusihui, began to realize that he had made an unforgivable mistake. Li Changsheng up very late morning until nearly ten o'clock, before going to the restaurant for breakfast. Last night, back to the room after Lee and Yang Feng Secretary-General had long conversations over the phone. Yang Feng Li Changsheng went to the capital in natural clear that for him to wipe, and put the whole matter to a detailed report to the Li Changsheng. As a bureaucratic rather hardened, Li Changsheng very clear priorities. Liu Xiang Now that embrace all responsibility on him, it is heartening and commendable loyalty. Chang-Sheng Li and Yang Feng was immediately agreed to report to the city, not to mention the things Yang Feng, Liu Xiang will have to bear all the responsibility. At a convenient time, Yang Feng Liu Xiang to visit places of detention should go as soon as possible, give him to eat a reassurance, as long as he take responsibility, government will not let him suffer. Li Changsheng more relaxed mood today, last night finally put limits and settle this matter. As long as no longer involves Yang Feng, Li Changsheng he no responsibilities. Beijing Office, Office of the Deputy Director of a free hand in an attempt to get through improper means state secrets come to claim the credit, the responsibility should be in the Beijing Office, at least the management is lax. Li Changsheng shake her head, Han Qin is bitter nowhere to appeal the temple which is not unjustly Ghosts restaurant just came out, it was Han Qin Li Changsheng stopped. Han Qin smile: "General Lee, things become significant. Now online everywhere about us Dongfang City BJO buy state secrets posts. Municipalities should have prepared us Dongfang City in the competition on northern shipping center project , has been very negative, to do worst. "Listen Han Qin say this, Li Changsheng good mood suddenly went out the window, quickly followed by Han Qin to the office. Li Changsheng online only saw one, brow wrinkled into a big pimple. Liu Xiang and Yang Feng really met with more failures than successes, which under the Oriental City to the Jedi way. Li Changsheng scheduled to spend one day in the capital, and old school poly party. Things grow bigger, Li Changsheng also refused and reunions, and hurried back Dongfang City, an emergency report to the municipal government to take remedial measures. Li Changsheng is now an urgent need to Young Mayor explained the truth, do not look at the Beijing Office staff break the curse,Air Jordan 6, they are for your son made a scapegoat. Must not sanction the Beijing Office, if angered Han Qin, this guy to shake out the truth, everyone who does not look good. In the next period of time, the East City Party Secretary Dengyu Lun, Mayor Yang Bin Qi battle know, many times to the capital for turns public relations, an attempt to restore affected. Development and Reform Commission to Li Wei, eventually under the ruthless hand of Dongfang City, capital punishment, the abolition of Dongfang City Center project for northern maritime qualifications. Development and Reform Commission received a notification, the party secretary Deng Yulun gas rage, the veins soaring bald. Dengyu Lun banged the table, angrily announced that it will Beijing Office in situ removal Dengyu Lun ambitious prepare a big, established immortal merit plans have been made instantly disintegrated naturally angry exception. Mayor Yang Zhibin was a surprise to come forward to Han Qin intercede, the investigation team has been thoroughly investigated, this thing really is deputy director of the Office of the personal conduct, Beijing Office did not know. Han Qin Although bears responsibility for poor management, is still not to be dismissed. After a gas head, Dengyu Lun slowly calm down, Han Qin Zheng Shuji is the provincial confidant that he has no foothold to the East, Zheng Shuji is in need of support, at this time the Han Qin dismissal, certainly not wise lift. [..] (If chapters error, please report it to us) <

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