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> Two hundred and sixty first chapter: Lu Meng secretly do good things to the limits and the cards bright, large and small, naturally hope Young can confidentially talk about the truth, the resentment against Han Qin say. wwW! qUANbeN! coM Lu Meng can take the opportunity to exemplar loyal to the rival for Polly YEUNG destroyed, they naturally became allies. So on their own to clean up after the Han Qin, Yang Feng mansions on the estate owes him a favor. With this first collaboration, is equivalent to less formal and Yang pull up the relationship. Unfortunately, Lu Meng intrigue for the repair, has not reached the limits and caught a few words can make the point. Although Lu Meng said side teeth, vowed, limits and generally stay out just listening to stories, and occasionally plug in a persuasion, then, did not mention the things themselves and Han Qin, let alone active and Lu Meng combined together to deal with Han Qin. See Yang Feng very heavy live gas, Lu Meng decided to take the initiative. Lu Meng drink water Wet your whistle, tentatively said: "Staff in, Shoko brother has told me, Han Qin relied bitch this kid, even pry Staff in uppity woman, it was not his mother * you * are too long life ? Yeung Siu, I assure you, my brother is definitely going to give you this feeling. need you out of a soldier, as long as you have a word Yeung Siu, you want this guy to go to jail or to his life, his brother is absolutely according to your requirements handed down! "Listen Lu Meng confession about it, Yang Feng brush pale face turned red, and frowned angrily looked at Liu Xiang, one really could not put kennel cake, what words can not hide Yang Feng own mind clear, after all, the so-called Han Qin and his contention woman, but a fig leaf to give yourself a little vanity. Own Song Wen Fei just unrequited love, one sided affair is hot, is a very no face thing. Han Qin and Song Wen Fei is the real sexual gratification, people envy free love. For this matter, in addition to a few confidants younger than Liu Xiang, not many people know the secret. Even Yang Feng's parents, and now it is unclear Song Wen Fei Yang Feng and to what extent the relationship, but that in the pursuit of Song Wen Fei Yang Feng, they have not formally established a relationship. Limits and do not want to let others know that they have such a unique condition, not even a cigarette girls catch limits and to point out to conceal your own gaffe, took a deep one, suddenly feeling a lot of peace of mind . Yang Feng arrogantly laughed: "Lu boss, thank you for your kindness, but I totally do not need your help here. Shoko said, well, I have liked the Song Shuji Hanzhu Ren's daughter, which is called the rival bar Lu boss, not only the business world, is also relying on the intelligence field strength to speak I saw the girl, Han Qin capital and what my competition? I'm just to add a little romance, let him stay with us and then plug in play if Lu boss hand, fight to kill, not only destroyed the mood, it will make people feel this is not bullying you? Everyone has the right to love, love, equality before. "Liu Xiang Yang Feng a secretly watched this city eldest son really see through ah Yang Fengli use their energy to Liu Xiang Fu Keji get an official hat, put him into the Beijing Office is to monitor the Han Qin, any time to collect evidence of his corruption, took the opportunity to put his the entire fall. For this rival Liu Xiang to understand very clearly, Yang Feng was hated, struggled to get rid of. Now Lu Meng initiative put forward, helped remediation Han Qin Yang Feng, Yang Feng was a rebuff, I really do not know is how little Yang thought. Yang Feng say this, Lu Meng also a little confused, I do not know if there are limits and somewhat believable. According to Lu Meng's common sense, if the mayor dandy spotted the girl, in order to get his hand, really do not strenuous. More stress on officialdom married, Han Qin a small vice level cadres, indeed no capital and mayors son competition, Young Mayor can easily find a pretext official hat to the line and this kid out. Lu Meng embarrassed smiles: "Staff in, so you joke, my brother is a yokel, do not know what is romantic, I saw the woman, directly hijacking. Anyway, this guy is our Han Qin Jia enemy, I put to pack up, he will no longer dangling give you clogging up, it means his brother accidentally give yourself a favor it, "Yang Feng modesty, said:" Lu boss, now is the rule of law, Causing loss of lives does not resolve the issue, and I still advise Lu boss one, the enemy should not end solution, of course, is the arena boss Lu hero, exactly how this resentment settle, or do you call the shots. "Lu Meng nodded. Yang Ayutthaya less than he expected to be deeper and more. Lu Meng reach for the glass, smiled and said: "Staff in, my brother respect your cup, thank you enlighten brothers, we also considered old friends, where else worthwhile, you let Shoko brother Chuan, then the knife foot flames, my brother is absolutely do not hesitate As Han Qin kid, I Jia and his this account is sure to be counted, only one day earlier one day later only. Guangsha estate future strategic focus is to prepare to the capital development, the first step is now the hotel and catering industry foothold for Orient House, we are determined to win, please give help from Charles YEUNG, mansions estate is indebted to, and will not forget the kindness of friends. "silent a moment, Yang Feng laughed: "Lu boss, do not worry, as long as I can do, must try. private enterprises to enter the capital, the government should vigorously support. Dongfang City Orient House is our state-owned assets, must not let outsiders fields, in conditions quite case, we should have naturally Dongfang City businesses to run. "Yang Feng Lu Meng did not want to intervene directly grievances he and Han Qin, own profound consideration. Mixed officialdom, we must follow the rules of officialdom to act. Let these low level punks stir together come what they are daring, but it is not a group of shit wipe things leave you endless trouble. Even though it can sometimes sloppily, but once unmasked, only bad event, his own future but also ruined inside. For such forces, the key is how to use. Whole meal time, Yang Feng are considering this matter, and now basically taking shape. Since Lu and Han Qin has such a feud, it should be good occasion to a Collateral. Welcome the introduction of the Orient House, mansions real estate on Han Qin, it is equivalent brought him endless trouble. Two potential with the fire power, one day to the outbreak. Jia brothers were born from the trail bully, no outlaw the cards consciousness, what dirty tricks are made out to borrow brother's hand to remove Han Lu Qin, naturally, but Yang Feng's one of the mind. Yang Feng Jia throughout fraternal cooperation and not to mention the things that they head hit the dog brain,Oakley Flak Jacket clearance, and their own had nothing beneficiary. Yang Feng to do now is to learn from Lei Feng, secretly do good, to use their energy,Jordan Play In These 2 Sale, be sure to let the White mansions estate Orient House. Finish dinner, Lu Meng Liu Xiang tried to give a wink Liu Xiang, an implicit understanding of Lu Meng and Yang Feng confidential things to say, go ahead and quickly left the compartment. Lu Meng Yang Feng holding hands, said: "Staff in, and brothers in the capital today to meet, very honored brother is a yokel, talk will not beat around the bush, in the East Building bidding on this matter, the brothers must help his brother one of the activities take place, absolutely do not save money, which there are 200,000 Brothers first took the cup of tea. "said Lu Meng took out a bank card, hard into the limits and pocket. Yang Feng quickly took out the bank card, then plug back Lu Meng bag, Stern said: "Lu boss, I said, civil use,oakley sunglasses, once involve money, have changed the taste and I very much appreciate the generous boss Lu We also hope we can become good friends, but not fair-weather friends, not by money to maintain relationships friends ye mansions estate bidding East real estate, which I will give you help, but if you want to pay me compensation, then, I had shied away from the. "repeated sometime, Lu Meng Yang Fengjian never see then, had to give up, smiled and said:" Young Siu,,, I will bluntly, simply call your brother now, when we come to a Peach , that is a great joy. saying affectionate after the meeting, since the brothers that look up his brother, the brother of useful places, brother certainly called upon to "sit Lu Meng Liu Xiang is a car over, Lu Meng back to his hotel accommodation, Liu Xiang Yang Feng to follow the car back to the Beijing Office. Coordination Office to Beijing after the city notified the General Office of the Beijing Office took two cars owned by coordination office use, where a black Audi car became Yang Feng. A leave Northland Hotel, Liu Xiang Yang Feng looked sheepishly, whispered: "Feng brother, blame me a moment of weakness, you should not have told the Qin and Han Lu Meng,,," Yang Feng was silent for a few seconds, calm He said: "look, I do not blame you, I know you want to borrow Lvjia Di brother's hand to give out on me. simply, we can not go too close to such a person. Ultimately, Jia brothers and we are not the way people . Shoko, you are very smart, very shenanigans, within the system would look like coming out of a mix, it must be more than eye Do not care about the time, place, before you do something, try to look to the future step which your future progress, would be beneficial. "angry look just like Yang Feng, Liu Xiang Yang Feng certainly thought about face him have not thought of limits and it is pointing to him patiently enlighten. Liu Xiang suddenly felt my heart a hot, excited nodded. Staff in the future must take along with dry, he will not be hard on myself. Paused, Yang Feng said: "look, you give Lu Meng through one, let them into the city Office of the Secretary-General Li Changsheng, Wang and the Secretary-go look at the activities, there is also deputy mayor of the best walking beam walking As specifically how to operate on their real estate industry, are hundreds of times, but remember, never say that I let them so dry. "[..] (if chapters error, please report it to us) <

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