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The forty-first section cooperation but, it can be used as a warning to other members, especially the Planning Institute president Wuld bell. Once the "- all - Chen CE" system, affect the Planning Institute as a direct back Planning Commission was of course he is expected to be. Ma Qianzhu rang the bell at the end of the sounding the passageway,Jordan Big Ups Sale, wrapped in a window appear immediately iron door, revealing a pair of watchful eyes. "Pass." He put the pass pass. A few minutes later, the door opened,Coach Bags Online, the guards came to attention and saluted: "Hello, officer." "Good to mumble a few times, back pass, asked:" Xiao Zi Shan in?" Are you there. Ma Qianzhu looked at the yard of the brick house. Xiao Zishan's office is on the two floor. If he looked down from a window can see themselves -- according to his usual practice, must and themselves in social situations. Thought of here, he took a few steps away from the eye region quickly. Office room in the office of the backyard. Xiao Zishan let Li Xiaolv a landscape design, build an open porch type false ancient, surrounded by transplanting some flowers -- now Molly bloom, white flowers man-zhi, light aroma. This is similar to the teahouse place, the room is light and spacious, there are rattan chairs, much like the horse has been Suzhou teahouse in Hangzhou. Cool breeze blowing, is a good place to rest. But there is no attendant, tea, boiling water and drink is all ready, neatly packed in the cabinet. Bring their own cup can also be used here, the cup also line, along the wall there is water, also spare brush and packets of bleaching powder. The walls are covered with a piece of paper: "use your own tea after cleaning" horse attention to own tea, leisurely wait a few minutes later, Sked was in a hurry. "Hello, Secretary of state." He says hello, but he and the horse attention not too familiar with, only in the executive committee enlarged meeting met a few times. "Call me a thousand attention well, comrade Si Kaide." Cade nodded. This person is probably thirty, height 175, are fairly standard, with public face. According to the political identification of the government insurance administration is a chauvinist, Qiu Ying Qiu beauty, the ideal is to establish a colonial empire, in the rest of one's life into the third industry * *. On this last point, the attention that he and his horse or by a common language. Ma Qianzhu to set up the foreign intelligence service scheme is introduced to him. "...... The idea is now on the mainland layout layout, basically is to make information and trade in one shoulder system. It can maximize the efficiency in the use of human, financial and material, avoid to repeat construction." "Do you mean, like the pattern of Guangzhou Railway Station." "Something like that. But this kind of site may not be up to the size of the Guangzhou Railway Station." "The investment and management by the colonial trade department is responsible,Nike Jordan 5 Sale, is also responsible for intelligence support work, so mean?" Of course. Ma Qianzhu nodded, "but I want to correct, strictly speaking investment are provided by the Planning Institute and Department of finance director." He smelled a must for a supply of sth. smells, quickly wiped out this possibility. "Yes," Si Kaide nodded, "I mean, if our >

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