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first used heavily bribed antworten

> Two hundred and fiftieth chapters: every one according to plan, Han Qin and seven batteries not prepared to carry out a protracted war, but to prepare a stick him stunned. wWw. QUAnBEn. cOM take seven battery onto the cusp, the media's power is unmatched, and the Internet is convenient and absolutely effective way. Hanqin Qi moving super job aids system, bring super-hacker features, prepared in the major forum posting. With super-hacker's ability, as long as this touching tears of the post to the Internet, we can immediately become a forum for top posts, you webmaster want to delete posts, must be authorized Hanzhu Ren, at least one week later. In preparation for uploading posts, Han Qin general feeling seems to have less of something. Think carefully, his hands only these dozen migrant workers qualified medical report, the test results are evidence of fraud Chang City CDC, if the migrant workers who have real medical report, a comparison between the two results, not only can directly reflect the migrant workers who were hurt in the end to what extent, it can expose the battery collusion Chang Qixing District departments, deceive deceive social workers face. Thought, Han Qin decided to once again led the migrant workers who go to Chang City CDC medical examination, the same set of machines so that they detect different results, so that equals play my face. Migrant workers who came to live in bungalows, Han Qin put their ideas to the migrant workers who a say, we naturally no comment. However, people still put forward, this morning just physical examination over a dozen people, Chang urban people certainly have the impression that the CDC, if they continue to play tricks, certainly still the same result. Korea Qinzi Xin laughed: "This is a good question, but we may rest assured, we certainly will not be in the name of seven batteries to medical staff and I give you the appropriate make-up to a new identity in disease control center. "This morning, the first batch of seven batteries on the thirteen Eastern Ji employees to do a medical examination, if then this number appeared, too sensitive. And Huang Xiaoyan right arm fracture, is also a good memory characteristics. Han Qin from the Orient House, pantry got two young students, with a bandage put two people's arms are tied up hanging up, outsiders also fractures look. With these two "wounded" to join, this group became fifteen, Huang Xiaoyan also does not seem very loud. Do this disguise, Han Qin Qin Xiangyang letting office to buy a fifteen sets of Army training uniform. Fifteen people all put new training uniform, the uniform, could not find the previous thirteen migrant workers shadow. Here just ready to work, is preparing to depart, Han Qin Qi Ya has received a telephone. Han Qin looked at the table, today is Saturday, Qi Ya just rest. Since this time, every Saturday, beautiful agent must Han Qin accompany her to play the game, it has become Hanzhu Ren obligations. I saw a neat and elegant phone, Han Qin heart of a dynamic, positive thinking lack of a helper, this girl on the fingertips. Han Qin connect the call, hehe smiles: "Captain, is not aware of the task, volunteered ah Qi Ya, waiting for you at home, I drove over to pick you up, give me a favor, according to the old rules, at night to accompany you play the game. "Qi Ya pretending to disdain said:" Han Qin, is not encountered any trouble, so I took advantage of, to give you wipe? "Han Qin a grin, a certain part of the body of their appearance on the inexplicable twitch, this girl talking more and more casual. Han Qin put a dozen migrant workers to Qi Ya an encounter that beauty secret very angry, immediately said, do not say just let yourself play a cameo appearance, is a violation of discipline, should make no human remediation about this sinister enterprise. Around a bend, Han Qin Qi Ya connect from the military compound, drove straight Chang City CDC. Qi Ya-up car, sitting in the co-pilot position, he turned and saw that I was surprised that sat a dozen young men wearing new camouflage uniforms, and a far cry from the image of migrant workers. Qi Ya gently sip lips, I do not know Han Qin came up with any ideas. Andy's last deal Wan, Han Qin using fishing law enforcement, to Wan Andy's hand down a frame-up, let the kid confessed diversion out of the truth. This time I do not know what else he merit. Holding the sympathy of mind, Qi Ya gently glanced wear camouflage these migrant workers. Only this one, with a professional agent's sensitive eyes flush immediately found a doubt. There are two wounded arm hanging, small eyes like a knife in the beautiful agent who sweep to sweep, wait for them to penetrate the Qi Ya clothes, but also kept swallowing saliva, a look that is small satyr look. Qi Yaxiu eyebrow all at once. Han Qin told him she was on the phone, these are the grievous bodily harm of migrant workers, young twenties, but it has seventy or eighty years old bones, dizziness, fatigue, aches and pains, if you can not receive timely treatment system , late pain and torment even living death. However, look at the situation of these two young people, eat plump, there are thoughts to this, simply do not like the hurt of migrant workers, but is little soldier of fortune. As a super beautiful, so that the eyes see more, but in this environment, it is very inconsistent. Qi Ya white Han Qin a, coldly: "Han Qin, but What've you, do not take migrant workers to fool me you also look at them like migrant workers do?" Han Qin I turned around, just and the two pantry raw gaze. Two boys also heard in front of beauty in Hanzhu Ren complain, quickly looked down. Both in adolescence and saw so seductive beauty, subconsciously wanted to see more of one. Both of them are aware that this beauty is not the relationship between positive and Han Zhuren general,Coach Online Store, now offended BJO Gangster woman, and could be fired. Saw the two boys sent to do, Korea Qin Qi Ya suddenly understood the meaning, haha ​​laughed: "These two are cheating. Originally Orient House employees, temporary makeup to be my lifesaver." Han Qin put this " wounded, "the origins of a said Qi Ya can not help but giggle. Qi Ya this time look at the other man a dozen youth, are the look of the callous, and some looked down at the floor of the car, and some turned to look out at the landscape, are the youth of young people, this outlook on life The dazed look, it is heartbreaking. Qiqi Ya Yinya nibble, must be helped Han Qin gave them a say. Subconsciously they admire looked Han Qin a, this crafty humorous guy, this love is indeed moving. Han Qin while driving, while his own plan Sarkozy told ya. This is more than a dozen migrant workers, the morning has done a physical examination Chang District CDC, CDC staff and seven batteries have long been collusion, they must be very careful. If you do not have a special status as a cover, it may not get satisfactory results. Meanwhile, Han Qin and seven batteries have had a battle, his name is likely to have on the CDC's blacklist, Han Qin This name should not appear in front of CDC staff. Han Qin Qi Ya prepared to allow a military research base in the name of these migrant workers as soldiers took them to do physical examination, the CDC did not think they would have it so single-handedly. For Qi Ya, in order to facilitate the work, there are dozens of various identity documents, just come to one, can be perfunctory some. Car drove more than 40 minutes, and finally to the CDC clinic Chang city. Han Qin allow migrant workers to be in the car waiting for her and Qiya Xin steps into the CDC gate. Came to the heavy metal testing room, Han Qin saw in front of the very cold, no one waiting for testing. Han Qin hand heavily knocked on the door, a skinny man opened the door, out of half of the body, impatiently asked: "Whom do you seek?" Han Qin blankly and said: "Who are you this room responsible person, let him come out to see me? "saw two stern and grace to come to men and women, skinny man was stunned for a moment, frightened and said:" I am, is the director of Xiao Naiguang heavy metal testing room, you have What happened? "Xiao Naiguang is seven batteries CDC, first used heavily bribed staff through he bribed two inspectors, that makes seven battery can be successful in the medical staff in the fraud. Pu Changyong to call him the day before yesterday, someone looking for trouble Seven battery, ready to hand seven stars batteries employees examination results that matter, so that he can be prepared. This morning, seven batteries and sent sixty-three employees are required physical review, urine cadmium is not exceeded. With Pu Changyong telephone notification, plus Pu Changyong personally appear, the CDC test results are in accordance with the seven natural requirements, all results have done a modification, all is not exceeded. Although the results in writing qualified, Xiao Naiguang and two inspectors himself clearly, these migrant workers have suffered serious cadmium, exceeding the national standard times or even several times, if not systematic treatment, the consequences could be disastrous. Embarkation easy disembarkation difficult, since it has been on a pirate ship Seven batteries, three people have no escape route, had to obey Pu Changyong mercy. A good conscience, afraid of ghosts knocking. Xiao Naiguang heart is scared to death, this kind of thing once exposed, three people have absolutely no good end. Listen Han Qin said to find the person in charge of heavy metals detection chamber, Xiao Naiguang thought they were dirty and the seven stars of the battery unmasked, plainclothes police or the Prosecutor's Office who came to the door, could not help a little shiver. Qi Ya sweep this skinny man one, coldly: "You are the person in charge of heavy metal room? Well, you come here,Coach Satchels Clearance, we give you something." Qi Ya said,Jordan 7 Sale, took out a documents in front of Xiao Naiguang flash. [..] (If chapters error, please report it to us) <

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