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The fourteenth section achieved "who will come to the wilderness to the theft of the tracks, they live impatient?" Zhuo Tianmin not to regard it as right. "And in the artillery range followed by picking up shells burst skin, this is what." Xi Yazhou said, "in addition to an amusement City, according to the special investigation team report, the Sanya SAR or some settlements. Can you guarantee that they didn't steal the tracks?" Residential scanty this tens of miles radius within, Zhuo Tianmin can not think of the poor residents of all together less than two hundred or three hundred of the population will be how much the thief. They stole the tracks and ready for what. He felt that this is just an excuse. Sure enough, in the Sanya Military Commission meeting, seats for Asian proposal: to purge the surrounding environment, a comprehensive "security analysis" jurisdiction to the Sanya region in the. The specific measures are to transform the scope of the village all safe recreation city, population concentration, forced migration to control through the group of residents. To make a long story short, is labor intensive. "You this is to engage in strategic village, I firmly oppose." Zhuo Tianmin said a strong protest, "set in the village and Tun is Japs and American soldiers do tricks, you have to pick it up?" "No matter what, works well." Xi Yazhou said calmly. But we think that means nothing, they did not think this is what harassment of villagers, but to go to war to increase labor Co., setting up and need to spend manpower and material resources. Cost-effectiveness ratio is not high. Finally approved only for a courtesy visit to the village, the village of touch bottom, and have a look there is no resource information can be collected. "And all forced to work, as with the material benefits." Where replied, "and since they can live,Nike Jordan Play In These 2 UK, certainly there is a certain degree of development of nearby regions, we can get resources from. I suggest that the local open a cooperative, with the commodity exchange way to penetrate into the Inland areas." "Some villages of potential consumer population is too small." "There are inland, where people do,Jordan 2 Sale," replied, "they have no money, but the goods. We exchanged salt, sugar and all kinds of daily necessities and they, let their dependence on trade in Sanya. Recruit Li people's partner. We further Li area established regime they are appropriate folk basis,Oakley Sunglasses Fast Jacket Cheap, doing business is not to make money like we really didn't need to make money not?" "This can be handed over to immigration households do. We don't have to do everything, let the co-operatives a sales points, to find a few small traders operating, our policy to provide sourcing is." Wang Luobin said, "but I went to see the ANN recreation ground, this piece of land is too small, the new city is almost lined up. Later expand into big city is afraid of difficulties." "The season Runzhi are planning to do research." Zhuo Tianmin said, "he is also believed to have significant omissions plan originally. How to modify, he would take out a report in three days." "Let's talk about the progress of the projects you" Wang Luobin are most concerned about this issue, "when can the ore." "I am now organize manpower to open to the Huangniling >

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