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23.05.2013 09:39
gun pointing to accurately antworten

"Enclasp! Weep you will get soft!" After Selena denounced small everyone hold, Selena began to teach them to master the correct way to hold the gun, gun muzzle, his hands hanging, hanging down, and then quickly took to the target. "Operation gun to decisively! A gun pointing to accurately." Selena said, if the lift after found the gun does not point to a target, that holding a gun. And wrist angle is not ideal. "We repeat this action, until you can gun pointing to the target without adjusting the position." For a whole day, the girls team repeated gun gun action, in order to facilitate the practice, Selena is decomposed on movement, a movement correction. Until a lift can aim. Wait until everyone can do,Jordan 10 Shoes, then the gun holster: practice from single hand out a gun, and then hands together to. After repeated practice thousands of times, the shooter can establish the grip of the gun posture is correct. The grip of the gun posture to correct accurately aim. Weapons can play a role. This is the two former liver agents repeatedly. At the same time afternoon wood buried in training cadres, Zhao Mandian began construction covered the whole of Lingao "network" secret work is the political security bureau and the main opposition struggle tactics. And the secret work, mainly rely on the occupied area of work. According to his formulation of the "memorandum" in the "network organization" section: "this work is to defend the work in ears." Jean Yao for his most valuable possession is the army "decemviri" this system can effectively control the army. "The decemviri" in essence is the network. Now, the system has been working network complete penetration, and show that this system work very fruitful, Zhao Manxiong decided to move the system to the whole Lingao, should be extended to all through the group under the control of the region in the future. In his conception. Network construction, supervision and management tasks by the Ombudsman bear, one of the main special commissioners, is to form a broad network. In the country and the city, by the Ombudsman to select some political firm, after the basic masses struggle test,Air Jordan Big Ups Sale, composed of 3 people,Coach Hotsale USA, one group or contact the secret work, understand the enemy, in social situations, monitoring of various factors of instability in the region of dynamic task. Network staff is actually "informer" that Zhao Manxiong skea not taboo. Through the group lacked the necessary technical investigation means, and not enough after practicing hand, grass-roots organizations haven't built up. He can only rely on the most primitive means: Part-time informers to monitor the whole social system. Whistleblowers have their regular jobs and social status, not to show off their special positions, regular contact through the secret contact way and correspondent. Specific tasks Zhao Manxiong to network was developed to city country, army and Navy team, various mass organizations, and order of suspected political confusion; monitoring and political attention on the suspect; monitoring and business and trade relations, degree of capital, business, profit of merchants, and stay abroad performance, there is no manipulation of financial prices.

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