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23.05.2013 09:26
Han Song Wen Fei Qin See antworten

> After a fierce struggles, Song Wen Fei originally boudoir clean and orderly, the already cluttered, sheets were wrinkled rub, clothes thrown all over the floor! One peculiar taste is full of protein room, and a hint of perfume mixed unspeakable ambiguous! With Han Qinlong Yin-like roar, like a great tide ring finally come to an end! V in the Song Wen Fei Jiaoqu creamy white, Han Qin comfortably closed his eyes! And favorite girls to physical blend, this Qinru marrow pleasure, it should be the biggest world enjoy it! Song Wen Fei has been enjoying eyes closed, slowly open Qiao Mu, look seemed asleep Han Qin, feeling excited * After the physical pleasure,Jordan 14 Shoes, it had also felt vaguely hint of Lost! Waiting for twenty-four years of his virginity, and thus handed over to the side of the big boys! From know him now less than three months, is not it a little too fast,,,,,, Song Wen Fei is not a casual girl, excellent family background, beautiful superior appearance,Coach Handbags Sale, from her blossoming into a slim girl moment beside her on the shortage of suitors, of which quite a number of official second-generation wealthy, but many men were in this, but no one to make her heart slam! No one can even touched her finger! Thought at first sight, deja vu, but is written in the book of fairy tale of love, until Han Qin appeared in front of her, Song Wen Fei did not know he is nothing but an ordinary girl, when the soul has long been eager for love comes that he can not resist! Song Wen Fei also look at this big boy, his face could not help showing a happy smile! She has been very confident on their own vision, this time should be no exception, I believe he will not wrong! Eros have come, why would he get in the door! He also really tired, one hour are not corpuscles! Song Wen Fei Yubi gently hugged Han Qin outstretched hand on his broad back of massage, trying to undo his Jiefa! Song Wen Fei fingers feeling in the back of the slide, Han Qin realized, which nearly two hundred a few of their own weight so hang on Song Wen Fei who told her it was too great a burden! Red lips kiss Song Wen Fei, this dismounted! People down, but the hands did not break, seize Song Wen Fei exactly worthy of a grip that clove milk, gently kneading, constantly changing shape. wWw, quaNBen, COm Song Wen Fei cloves ** Although this smallish, but feel great flexibility, especially Yufeng little cherry on top of the two, it is mouthwatering. Han Qin study history will know in ancient literati aesthetic in which milk is beautiful lilac in Need, and the kind of excess fat, big breasts is not a grade! Song Wen Fei gently bumper Han Qin, gentle enough, smile smiles: "thinking about it?" Hear Song Wen Fei such a question, Han Qin really is being asked to live, which he really did not want anything just indescribable pleasure from the recollection of coming! Han Qin exclaimed: "Wonderful!" Song Wen Fei Han Qin hand on his arm gently in a twist, angry that: "do want this thing!" Han Qin a grin, do not you think? Just saw you move, there are more than excited Actress island * Love! That wave higher than the wave of ** sound more like a reminder levy war drums! Quiet modesty of a person before the big show female, to the bed became a little slut, this is probably the beauty of the highest level, that what Mensao it! See Han Qin just giggle, Song Wen Fei single Satisfy head, leaned child, hair concealed, fascinating and charming! Song Wen Fei faint asked: "Han Qin is the first time you do?" Look Song Wen Fei, plump and delicate milk * ditch full of red marks, which is what you just because of the masterpiece! The Song Wen Fei body under white sheets, it is Jiduo gorgeous plum! The girl put her finished pieces to their own! Han Qin did not answer, one would Song Wen Fei in his arms, with warm long kiss! Song Wen Fei Jiao blow, follow interrogation: "Han Qin, how so much?" No tricks, no tricks, just a primitive impulse, she will again send the pinnacle of happiness, if this guy in the future to exercise, it is also amazing! Song Wen Fei bit skeptical Han Qin is not well-killing field! See Song Wen Fei asked, Han Qin naturally understand what she meant, the mouth of a child smiles: "It's all love action movies with island boy practicing magic!" Song Wen Fei Han Qinshuo big hand in ass slapped , "giggle" laughed! In college, they are also a few little girls dormitory boss, driven downloaded island romance. That burst then burst titillate original ** moans, although let Song Wen Fei whole body unbearably hot, but compared to just touching the Qin and Han, this island romance henceforth in Song Wen Fei here is no market! Snatched his clothes and cover your focus, Song Wen Fei jumped out of bed, rushed Han Qin a tongue, said: "I went to take a bath!" Han Song Wen Fei Qin See also cover the restricted area, could not help laughing, which have to To what extent, and you are afraid to see! Han Qin in bed for a few minutes, to feel the whole body and heat up, get up and rushed into the bathroom! Song Wen Fei being washed himself, see Han Qin suddenly rushed in, even taken aback, the life of one more big man, really have to have a process of adaptation! Song Wen Fei angry and said: "do you come?" Han Qin Xipixiaolian said: "I,,, give you rubbing his back!" And other two corpuscles down, already red West fall, the night draws near. Think about this noon Han Qin five Gu cottage, Song Wen Fei distressed and said: "hungry, I'll get you cook!" Kitchen, Song Wen Fei intensely busy. Han Qin standing behind her quietly watching, vegetable, wash rice, fried,,, Song Wen Fei this moment just after the door as if a small daughter, her husband carefully prepared meals! Remembered his cell phone alarm tone, "Dear husband, to get up,,," happiness suddenly filled the whole body! Song Wen Fei Han Qin apparently felt the gaze, turned white at him: "Look to stay, do not know? '" Wen Fei, you're beautiful! "Han Qin gently hugged from behind Song Wen Fei Xiao Man waist, sincerely praise Road! Song Wen Fei Qin shout turned and kissed his face, gently pat Han Qin's hand, smiled and said: "Quick let go, can not work, the eggs will paste!" 皮蛋瘦肉粥, fried egg, fried chicken, beef sauce, etc. Song Wen Fei the food to the table, Han Qin That feel hungry stomach has "Cuckoo" is called! No other Song Wen Fei hello, they gobble up! Han Qin looked so sweet to eat, Song Wen Fei happy face smile. This is her few dishes specially prepared, they Evening newlyweds once issued a diet article describes, it says the new shock * feeling strong,air jordan sale, sexually active, you need to eat more protein-rich foods! Song Wen Fei was just a cursory glance at it again, did not think even remember the point! This guy is so frustrating, hard work and more than the groom, should Bubu protein! <

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