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the artists they recovered antworten

> Two hundred and eleventh chapter: Women who have capacity for Yue Han Zhuren silent a moment, in this wilderness, I can give you to come up with a toilet? We are away from home, meet by chance, is to see a vision, no period after this do not, who knows Who. wWw, QuANBEn, Com say, a hundred meters, it is not you then walk forward, everything went ambiguous position, who can see what? See, Han Qin white heart can not do anything, frowning smile: "I'll stick with it." Look brilliant if the peach, white heart, such as graceful posture, Han Qin also felt a bit wrong. Such a stunning big beautiful women in full view of solving physical problems, although there is such an umbrella shelter, an action, a look, still has a great destruction. Beauty drainage Once the crowd of sight, it is difficult to guarantee not to be satyr who stole * beat. In the era of the Internet is so advanced, so ambiguous photos were posted to the Web, but also the logical thing. White heart case of Pan TV headed small artistes, fame is not small, once being recognized, only adding to the endless troubles. White heart as Qiaolian crimson, camel looked Han Qin distress, Hanzhu Ren wanted to protect her feelings spontaneously. Han Qin hesitated, opened the door to go out, came to the car, open the trunk from the inside to find a large plastic bag loaded fruit. Filled the air a try, no damage, sealed pretty good. Back to the car, Han Qin put into a plastic bag in front of a white heart, such as light, said: "Miss Bai, sorry, the director has done its best, and you will be on about it." White heart, such as now, although bloating unbearable, but the presence of so a guy to solve physical problems, quite naturally embarrassed,Air Jordan New School UK Sale, though took the bag, but it is not slow action. Han Qin smile shaking his head, this beauty is obviously misunderstood his meaning, I do not take advantage of you this little cheap Han Qin pretending to be gravely said: "Miss Bai, you go to the back seat, solar film on the windows from the outside invisible. "Han Qin said, opened the door to go down. White heart as blush as Huoshao general, if you know the road is there such an awkward thing, Miss Bai categorically will not abandon the aircraft does not sit, and enjoy the scenery whim rub car. Down car,Cheap Oakley Active, white heart such as opening rear doors, low waist sat up. Miss Bai is obviously the first time I use this bathroom, and the non-pumping toilet are so special. Flatten the bag bulging, white heart as gingerly slipped pants, his hands and plastic bags, ready for waterfalls. White heart as already tolerate more than two hours, already to the physiological limits. Urethral sphincter a relaxed, whitewater gushing out. Torrent shocks in a thin plastic bags, "crashed" exception loud. White heart who knows Han Qin stood car side, so much that he would hear the sound, almost Mao Chuhuo Qiaolian to shame. In fact, white heart as much concern, Audi sealing insulation effect is very good, did not hear a little outside the ring, it is only as good as their guilty white heart only. White heart, such as the Korean Qin standing shyly glanced at the place, but saw no shadows, swept away into the distance, just to see Han Qin was carrying her water. Beauty laughing, this guy is also not hold. Han Qin and linger on the outside for a few minutes, reckon white heart as it should have been packed neatly before Lakaichemen inside. White heart if contingent has handled everything clean, but did not retire Qiao Lian flush. Come see Han Qin, white heart, such as lips delicately, shy said: "Hanzhu Ren, thank you." Han Qin hurriedly waved and said: "Miss Bai, you are kind, nothing, reap." In order to ease the awkward atmosphere, Han Qin calmly said: "Miss Bai, you were born in a wealthy do not understand the level of ordinary people's lives. like this big traffic jam, is widespread in the country, and sometimes a wall is often dozens of hours. like this, those of us Male menfolk also easy to handle, thick-skinned anyway, there is no light to go, how will be solved. female compatriots in trouble, only to abandon dignity, refused to go *, local solutions. final analysis, our infrastructure fragile, traffic developed, we have so embarrassed. "white heart nodded as admiration, this guy talking about this matter, there is no trace of kidding, but it seems that he did not take care of her in general, feel very guilty. Strange to say, white heart just solved the problem as here, the road turned quickly through the beauty eyebrows all at once, could not help but smile, had known this, I would no longer adhere to a few minutes, where there are such people unspeakable things. Three hundred kilometers away, two and a half hours into the capital. In blocking the road for three hours to reach the capital, is already the lanterns. White heart as the film conference scheduled for tomorrow at ten o'clock, brokerage firms have been given in the New Century Hotel booked a room. Did not eat lunch on the road, Han Qin heart, such as the white to the hotel when the stomach has been growling hungry. Although the scientific evidence, Ms. hungry resistance, Han Qin estimated white heart as it should hungry. Heart, such as the white city brought to the capital from the east and took her to the hotel, Han Qin feel Huhuashizhe mission has ended, you can win muddle. See waiter white heart as baggage received in the past, Han Qin said: "Miss Bai, today you are tired, make breakfast and rest. If you have time, welcome to our Dongfang City, Beijing Office to look at." Han Qin Had wanted to please white heart like a meal together, but Han Qin very clear, beautiful women who are eccentric, volatile, higher than the top head, his white heart as a courtesy, please eat, if they want to soak this beauty misunderstood her, deliberately take shelf rejected, this not embarrassed. In order to prevent any eventuality,Oakley Squared clearance, Han Qin will simply put the money they save it. White heart such as watching Han Qin want to leave, sweet smiles: "Hanzhu Ren, Thank you for bringing me to the capital. To express my gratitude, I would like Hanzhu Ren dinner together, can do us a favor do?" Listen white heart as to say, Han Qin grin smile, I've been hungry stomach growling, since beauty nearby, how can we show up the truth. Han Qin said: "respectful than from life, let Miss Bai spend up." Han Qin cafe in the hotel lobby to a cup of coffee, waiting for the white heart as packed neatly together for dinner. Beauty dressing up too time-consuming, Han Qin drinking a cup of coffee, waited ten minutes, or not white heart below floor. While other anxiously, Han Qin also know that such things are not reminders. Summary seniors already warned that accompany the beautiful streets and other beauty dressing, the best way is to exercise patience. Waited half an hour, finally appeared in the beautiful lobby. White heart at this time as it is clear that just bathed in the room, swept away when I first came tired, exude leak * points and vitality. High pull hair, apply a Prostitute, a charming beautiful great beauty appeared in front of Han Qin. After seeing white heart as only came downstairs dressed, Han smile, women who have capacity for Yue This at least shows that in this big beautiful heart, Hanzhu Ren still has some weight. That being the case, then an empty stomach wait half an hour but also the value of the heart, such as white smile smiles: "Hanzhu Ren, I am sorry to keep you waiting." Han Qin indifferent smiles: "Where, where, I am here just a cup of coffee drinking,,, "duration beautiful clear himself of course, white heart, such as smiles:" Han Zhuren, there is a French restaurant next to the hotel, I've been there once, is authentic French taste, we went to try? "Han Qin right Foreign dishes do not feel anything, is now hungry head, can fill their stomachs on the line. They just went to the hotel entrance, four or five people come in from the outside noisy, beginning with a long-haired, bearded fat man, a look that is dressed in avant-garde artists. Followed by a career wear skirt girls and three big burly man, this should be the successful artist's entourage. Artist leering eyes saw a small white heart, such as immediately to a fixed grid swallowed a few mouthfuls of saliva, the artists they recovered, Mei said: "The beauty must be Miss Bai Xinru it, than the pictures more beautiful a is indeed the first beauty of Hong Kong Island, Zhennai deserved reputation, I was almost scared to Heaven ah "white heart, such as eyebrows all at once, lightly asked:" Will the gentleman is, "the artist hurriedly pulled out a business card, as if With bubble beauty of the capital, arrogantly said: "I was chairman Wan Andy international media, but also the film's major investment Miss Bai people." For the investor's situation, of course, know a little white heart like. The long-haired artist I was president of the Bank of China Hong Kong Branch Wan Campbell, Fortuna is a big business in Hong Kong. The chairman of the international media Mr. Wan Xiaobao, an avant-garde artist's style, but not the artist's cells, in fact, is an actress playing a big rogue for fun. White heart as contemptuously swept Wan Andy one, evidently also not fake. White heart, such as shallow smile, polite and said: "So is Wan Dong, Nice to meet you Nice to meet you." Wan Andy completely ignoring white heart such as disgust, generally sticky gummy up, have your heart like a white dinner together. White heart as coldly: "Wan Dong, sorry, I have an appointment with friends and go out to dinner another day certain special trip to visit Wan Dong." Han Qin see this kid foam, could not help a curl one's lip, there are so shameless men. Wan Andy still Buyiburao, listening as talking white heart out to dinner with friends, friends, it should be in front of the youth it. Wan glanced at Andy hostility Korea Qin a, cynical and said: "Miss Bai, can you tell us about your friend?" White heart as coldly: "This is the East City Beijing Office Hanzhu Ren." Listen white heart like a presentation, Wan Andy almost laughed out of a place on the Beijing Office, not that a beetle do? This kid ** not shallow ah, even have the ability to make this super beautiful accompany meals. [..] (If chapters error, please report it to us) <

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