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to pray Minister Lee antworten

> One hundred and ninetieth chapters: visit three days later, braving snow sky, Han Qin driving a Land Rover sport utility vehicle owned by Beijing embarked on the road. Www, quanBEn, cOM After three days of rush to transport,Jordan UK sale, and finally in a snowstorm before the advent of the success of Attila treasures excavated. Bai Jingming and with other members of the leading group to fly back to Beijing, did not take the opportunity of the conveyor, the team had to travel thousands of miles. From Urumqi to Beijing, traffic is to be commended, especially in Shanxi Province, a large truck with coal suffer a, blocking badly. Land Rover although excellent performance, eventually grows no wings, only in long traffic in such forward leisurely dawdle. After two days and nights of the trek, car finally entered the capital boundaries. The first thing into the city, Han Qin is headed to his coiffed hair that magical house, and quickly put a blond hair back to baking Otherwise, the Beijing Office is no way to go back to work feeling Han Qin Bai Jingming simply Scrapped, they are completely according to the image of the son of the brother to dress, did not play any role in the cover, but more sculpted. Qi Ya smile smiles: "Han Qin, I see you in this very handsome blond head, simply stay Come" After a week of day and night to get along, Qi Ya-Qin and Han can be considered with Damon and Pythias. Call between the two men slowly changed, added to the name of the rank behind all omitted, but also reveals the ambiguous than cordial. Han Qin smile: "It has come to the end of the year, the Beijing Office to the relevant departments to worship pier my image, they said that Beijing Office, who believe? But even the authorities have no access to the door." The off-road car keys in front of a flash to Ya Qi, Han Qin urged: "Comrade Captain, you've left home for a week, parents definitely want to baby girl, and quickly go home," Qi Ya did not answer keys, smiled and said: "When Black baked into a blonde when it is out of my attention, and now I'm here watching you change back. "baked a hair needs more than one hour, Qi Ya has been accompanied in the store. Baked finish hair, Han Qin Qi Ya drove back to the military compound. Although Qi Ya-Qin to Han repeatedly invited guest house, Han Qin or declined. The time to send Qi Ya came back, his blond hair, is Qi Ya Mama body scan, so Han Qin feel uncomfortable. Since he did not other ideas, Han Qin also reluctant to accept the aunt once again reviewed. Han Qin a return to the East City, Beijing Office, the Office of the Deputy Director Qin Xiangyang took over a stack of documents required him to sign. In this one week to leave the capital, Han Qinji this on the phone every day, and Qin Xiangyang. When near the Spring Festival, the Oriental City, the units are busy at the end of their work, leading to Beijing less, the Beijing Office will idle down. In Korea Qin's remote, the Beijing Office also conducted methodically. Rather be beheaded, not Pteris. Han Qin also deeply appreciate the wonders. His left Beijing this time, you really want on the up, the fact is worthless. But Han Qin he is the boss of the Beijing Office, and no boss in the capital, even in limbo his whereabouts, the final say everything all by himself. Han Qin documents need to be signed here to get that done, Qin Xiangyang sent over and gave him a lot of letters, and a box of packaged snacks. Among these letters, mostly Dongfang City government agencies need to convey to him that one of the files, the other basically advertisements. But there is a letter written with traditional characters, causing the Han Qin's attention. Letters and refreshments are from Hong Kong by EMS to send over, sending people inscribed as white heart. One saw the name, Han Qin immediately wanted to up this so-called beauty Jiaoqiao Island first appearance. Open the mail, letterhead above exudes a touch of fragrance, line by line graceful traditional greeted. Han Qin heart, such as the white rescued from the hands of the kidnappers, white heart as sincerely expressed his gratitude. White heart as saying she now helps her mother take care of beauty products company, and the oriental medicine health and beauty products are very interested in, hoping to become a distributor in Hong Kong. They intend daughter Dongfang City during the Spring Festival to conduct site visits, please tell Han Qin Oriental medicine health care products companies. Last rescued white heart as Hong Kong after the White Father's appreciation party, Han Qin had told white heart as his father Han Yuchun companies are developed herbal beauty care products, I hope they helped her daughter to open outlets in Hong Kong. Han Qin very optimistic about the strength of the white heart like mother and daughter. If the mother is white heart early Miss Hong Kong winner, there is considerable popularity, it is now operated washing cosmetic products, it can be said is blessed. In particular, the heart, such as white, cool party thing, although it is just debut, the development prospects immeasurable. If they are able to join her daughter, herbal skin care products can quickly open up the market in Hong Kong, Hong Kong as a bridgehead to enter Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia is also just around the corner. White heart, such as the end in the letter signed left his phone number, e-mail and QQ number. Han Qin thought, to send a white heart, such as e-mail, warmly invited her daughter to the East City Tourist visits. To the end of the lunar calendar, contacts and relationships units feelings, it would be the most important work BJO. These are routine tasks BJO annually, Qin Xiangyang list lists a bunch of relevant ministries. In addition to these relationships units outside, that some personal list. These people are native Dongfang City, or have worked in Dongfang City, now the capital of the ministries as leading cadres above the division level. These personal relationships are work BJO valuable resource, many can not complete the task the normal way, through some of the unspoken rules can be easily done. Han Qin Xinguan office, these units and individuals are required to visit him personally, bye docks, contact feelings. Looked so long long list of lists, Han Qin shook his head, his non-stop run, but is also coming to the end of the list took Han Qin said: "Qin officer, nor is our Beijing Office snobbery, so many relations unit,Jordan After Game Sale, I spare without surgery, to these years to run over? you give me points classification, we usually contact units and individuals often have I personally come running, other relationships you have middle-level cadres Fenpianbaogan etc. over the years, we again and celebrate will, all together a good get together. "Han Qin put it mildly, Qin Xiangyang naturally can hear the mystery, the so-called regular contact is used for the Beijing Office of the real power units. Beijing Office is mainly hospitality, investment and cut * visits associated with this unit is the need to focus on where incense. Qin Xiangyang Shanfanjiujian, there are still more than thirty departments and individuals need Han Qin personally. In the next week, Han Qin took office Qin Xiangyang, day and night non-stop shuttle in the streets of the capital. Smiles, humbly saying flattery and compliments cliches, and repeatedly let people take care,,, ran a lap down, Han Qin felt numb nerves mountain tiger trade, the opening is difficult to ask for help, it really is no good push grinding stick, the Beijing Office is not it delicious dinner just returned from the northern capital, when Han Qin gave Li Yifeng contact, hoping to arrange a time to give Li Yifeng, at a convenient time to visit Father. Zhihua Li Yifeng's father is now Minister of Commerce, the Central Committee, and won the high-level attention, future unlimited. Beijing Office in order to successfully carry out the work, must rely on a network of resources. As a qualified Director, Beijing Office, naturally, should take the initiative to continue to strengthen their relationships. Incumbent is able to recognize a ministerial-level officials, each of the Beijing Office will not give up this opportunity. Han Qin naturally clear that there is a relationship and Li Yifeng stood there, make the ministerial-level gangster is not very difficult. Xiao Yuxin into CCTV, walking is Lee minister of the road, in public and in private, Han Qin feel should be there to pray Minister Lee Wharf. Although advance to Li Yifeng prodded for an appointment, Han Qin himself was not the end, I do not know whether the minister adults interested in the pleasure of seeing a deputy director of the Beijing Office. Did not expect, Han Qin and Li Yifeng after greeting Li Yifeng answer the next day, Father night to eat at home please Han Qin heard the news, Han Qin a grin, his face how there is so much? Zhihua as Minister of Commerce, entertainment is a lot. According to Han Qin speculated Minister Lee to make an appointment now and after the Spring Festival to see the Minister of adults, but also a great face. Minister did not expect so soon see adults not only himself, but also invited him to dinner? In Li Yifeng's referral, Minister Li met with Han Qin den. Han Qin already familiar with Lee's family history, this is the standard red Minister Lee II, his father was the founding Lieutenant. Zhihua personal experience is quite rich, but also starting from the grassroots, has served as the capital's deputy mayor. Li Yifeng mentioned that Father is now riding high, won high esteem, the commerce minister in office dry years, becoming the border province is not a problem. Minister Li and Li Yifeng, although his son, but they are very different from the shape to the character. Li Yifeng is a cheerful, sloppy bruiser, while Minister Lee was only of medium height, and quite refined. Look tall, hearty character Madame Minister, Han Qin smile, Li Yifeng genes inherited from the mother more. A meeting, Minister Li held out his hand to take the initiative with enthusiasm and smiles: "Xiao Han, I heard you just came back from the northern to the country to find a great treasure,Classic Coach Outlet, worth tens of billions of dollars, contributed in no small ah" Listen Lee Minister referred to the treasure, Han Qin surprised a moment, immediately come to understand, although a state secret treasures, but Zhihua is a Central Committee member, this level officials certainly have been informed. | [..] (If chapters error, please report it to us) <

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