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we go back to the cave antworten

> One hundred and ninetieth chapters: one hundred times a hundred times ah ya insincerely par confession of his feelings, Han Qin could not help but chuckle, Qi Ya Captain, where you copied the lines from it? Han Qin bad smiles: "Let Ya Captain, thank you, thank you to listen to what you said, I felt like eating ginseng fruit generally uncomfortable feeling so good" grin on his face see Han Qin, Qi Ya just wait for them to bite him one that some confession, although flirtation, but let the beauty of this character Lengao say about this guy so nauseating love, then, if not a last resort, absolutely unspeakable Qi Ya secretly a bite Yinya, Cichou not reported, you do not know this girl look extremely powerful Han Qin look unnatural Qi Ya, laughing: "Captain, let treasures here first deposit with, let's go." They went to the hole, Qi Ya caught climbing rope, smile smile, quaver said: "There are so many skeletons, I'm afraid of a man in here, let me first on" Han Qin did not think, nodded and smiled, let Qi Ya first climbing ropes on more than two hundred meters distance, not only the test of physical strength, this time even more so experienced a heart Qi Ya Ya and Han Qin Qi suffering and there is nothing before contacting the executive "Hunting Tiger" action of the so-called girlfriend he plays, it is working needs, flirtation just a short exchanges, Qi Ya start feeling this guy is still relatively admirable interpersonal Lake wolves after Taya Adventures, Han Qin regardless of danger to come forward to the rescue, let Qi Ya-Qin add a lot of goodwill for Korea in the cave today treasure hunt, Han Qin Qi Ya twice to recapture from the hands of death, leaving this beautiful feeling owed Han Qin an unpayable human, but also on the character of Han Qin had a better understanding of truth, beauty secret after * After the last dream, really a little lust bud If this guy to pursue their own, then you can consider accepting he turned in front of a huge treasure, everything messed up in front of enormous wealth, all the weaknesses of human nature will undoubtedly exposed such a Pen wealth, enough to make a person go crazy, insane when Han Qin say he was ready when this treasure hiding under the ice and snow on the smart Qi Yama premonition that he has in great jeopardy for this treasure, this guy maybe doing anything out of order out of this danger, Qi Ya song had intended to cater to, and not hesitate to use their own beauty, but beauty secret confused Han Qin also clearly recognize that this guy knows his family background, his body Army of the Republic ace long only child, do not worry about money, still life to be very superior, is unlikely to flee the country with his wealth, etc. Once you taste this guy come out of this product, since he want to graft this treasure, you will not their beauty and mercy in the world today, after all, money has everything, including the stunning natural beauty of Qi Ya feel at all in danger, if this guy is hands-on, he is only at their mercy to escape, quickly escaped from the cave just leave this layer caves, everything will control in their own hands Qi Ya cold smile, it seems this guy after all lust and sex, temporary and did not prepare yourself to be on, this guy is definitely a huge mistakes, he will soon regret the strong will support, Qi Ya quickly climbed the second layer is slightly a cave wheezing, Qi Ya-out radio, sneered: "My dear Colonel, that you , climb it, "Han Qin below laughed:" Captain, I find you both graceful posture climbing, speed,Coach Classic Clearance, fast, well-trained professionals is not the same as your slightly First, I went up a few minutes "This guy has entered the a trap, there are thought loquacious Qi Ya a bite, pull carry daggers, Xinyi Heng, the climbing rope hanging Siegen intercom partition Han Qin, climbing rope just caught on a step, did not think even a broken rope , ado fell ass squatting Han Qin touch fall stinging ass, and my heart was still glad, Ami TOEFL, this rope off really, if earlier one minute break, will ya Sarkozy broke meatloaf, Late one minute break, and that they could not escape the catastrophe, however, Han Qin took a look at the rope fracture, suddenly aghast! stubble this Qi Qi mouth, is clearly to cut with a knife on Qi Ya now at a person, it goes without saying Han Qin that she could not help but smile dry up, they are a joke to provoke trouble, this joke a little big Qi Ya must feel they have to occupy this treasure, afraid for her to take dangerous actions, pre-emptive stronger, however, beauty, Are you this hand too hard, no rope, you're ready to let me become a skeleton do? This play can not recapitulation, and must immediately give Qi Ya explain, or to come up with a big trouble intercom, Han Qin rhetorical said: "Qi Ya, you how to cut the rope, how do I go ah Qi Ya sneered:" Colonel, you do not want to share this treasure? You do not come up, stay with this treasure on the line, "Han Qin haha ​​laughed:" Qi Ya Captain, we do not Zainao I just said those words, is simply a joke to you, how do you take it seriously? Xing sending down quickly so that now we have a climbing rope to find the treasure, you must immediately report to Baiju Zhang "a joke? Qi Arden surprised a moment when this guy has always humorous, does he really is a joke, is they want too much ? However, this is a joke, when you? such a huge treasure, enough to change a person's heart and mind, break a person's conscience can be out of the woods to the bottom line, hold you pervert, I cheek, teeth, What to say, you a joke, I'll believe you? Qi Ya bite the bullet, maybe this guy is really just a joke but after himself so a reminder, but perhaps he had possession of this treasure greed this way that he is even more dangerous since it has come this far, definitely not soft-hearted, took his own life is not a joke Qi Ya severely heart, said: "Colonel, I believe you are joking, but it will not let you give you get up in rope in front of such a big treasure, has exceptional value criteria can not be used to judge you too powerful, once you move the heart, several of us together could not reach you to be responsible for yourself, Colonel, you can only wronged by the point "Listen Qi Ya say this, Han Qin secretly crying analysis justified this girl in this astronomical wealth in front of cannibalism, fratricide, are likely to occur just my Comrade Captain, how can you so lack of humor sense of it his own joke, let yourself fall into this perdition, it is quite unfair to the People's Bank found that it had a secret vault, almost to national life to take care of yourself now and then count back attempts to hide the treasure, which is not his own to bitter pit twice today to Qi Han Qin Ya arms snatch from death, had such behavior, Han Qin will never work in a girl in front of the table, but now things emergency and had to mention, to see not able to influence this beauty secret smile a cry, Han Qin beat around the bush and said: "Let Ya Captain, I just said is really a joke, you do not really did not enter the treasure cave before, after the determination of the detector, I already know the treasures there if I want to share this treasure and want to harm you, would not you think remind you that safety is not the case, "a very long pause, Qi Ya just said:" Han Qin Colonel, this time action, you saved I ordered three times, which is an inability to repay the favor I Qi Ya is not indebted to people who do not report your friendship I will never forget this I believe you are looking at so much a treasure, and sometimes from the greed, in essence, still good today, this is something I will not tell anyone, you can use the points desperate, put their legs hurt. WWw. quANBEn. When I reported Baiju Zhang Com, say you are wounded, you can not climb, had to stay in the cave waiting treasure this way, I put this secret for you to hide down, you still are a big hero, of course, other white Secretary rushed over, we go back to the cave, I may have to wait two or three days, but limits of human physiology is one week, especially if you compare this guy Guards, maybe there is no problem of course insist ten days, blizzards immediately want to come, you have to do the worst, not excited, Do not walk, to reduce physical exertion as far as possible, waiting for us to win back Goodbye Colonel, guarding such a treasure, a good rest, you could do a good Dream "by Han Qin at the heart of this beautiful *** send a burst of ruthless agents made by this beautiful good cards, but do not want to let yourself go even leave me here, the car is plenty of food, much to the point of Han Qin Also facing the radio, try to pick up nice, try to sincerely gave Qi Ya explains a lot, did not think, did not get even a little echo of this beauty secret to really put yourself lost in thought here Han Qin Qi Ya has been linked on the radio,Crossbodys Coach Cheap, no longer care for him, he said fiercely: "Let Ya, you little vixen, let me catch you, I want you raped and killed, I'll kill you and then rape rape a strong * ah hundred times a hundred times "Actually, Qi Ya been holding walkie-talkies,Purses Coach Outlet, just listening to the Han Qin explained, did not speak it's beauty secret heart is very contradictory, put this savior is still the cave full of skeletons, but also really a bit not bear beauty secret is undergoing ideological struggle, intercom actually came Han Qin masculine curse Qi Ya Qiaolian a cold, sneered: "Colonel, you do not bite the poor beggar angry if you have a skill, on the first climb up to the girl that you are not afraid of a set of "[..] (if chapters error, please report it to us) <

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