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the old man looked from antworten

> Out the antique market, Han Qin look at the table, see the time still early, on the Song Wen Fei said: "Wen Fei, you should go to the street gambling stone jewelry market to look at. Www, quanBEn, cOM popular antiques market, although Very good, but not where people's blood boil. "Speaking of gambling heard Han Qin Shi, Song Wen Fei immediately to the interest. She was also seen in the drama of the plot so that is what a madman to buy a madman sell, there is a madman waiting, very stimulating! Song Wen Fei keenly felt, if we can have written an article in this regard, it is definitely a selling point! Song Wen Fei asked in surprise: "Let there Dongfang City, gambling stone, ah!" Han Qin said: "There are, ah, there are many people every day wandering around, hoping a gambling riches. Market entrance there is a large sign that read: knife heaven, hell knife to stimulate huge bad heart Shenru! "Song Wen Fei urged:" Do not loquacious, let go faster! "For this gambling stone market, Han Qin in the antique market Jianlou the day went, and since there is this super job aids system, ready to where a big, fat Point evil Choi! Since then a car has room, a small rich one, is it immortal life in general ah! Results to the gambling market, a stone look, let Han Qin scene very disappointed, where small, jade stones reserves is pitiful, and are some small scrap. Han Qin spent a lot of effort, only found in a pile of rocks inside a little green stone, untied a bean so much a kind of jade water, sold a 3000 dollars. According to Hu Mei say, so little things, not enough energy to waste system! Han Qin checked the information, the original world jade mainly from Burma, and the Burmese Government has recently banned the export of raw stone, all of the old crater original stone auctions, that is, gambling stone for all in Burma. Come on the domestic market of the original stone, basically scrap, including jade few, this is the reason the Government of Myanmar to allow exit. It seems to want to play gambling stone, but also by Myanmar to go ah! It would first be prepared, that time must go Cougerenao! Jeweler to import these original stone, mainly in order to increase the sense of mystery shop, so that mainland people to experience the atmosphere of gambling stone, improve market sentiment. Like buying a lottery ticket, we know the probability of winning a small can not be small, there are still so many people believe they can win, even obsessed with them. Gambling stone, too, many people are aware of these will be able to spend several hundred dollars to play gambling stone, basically there will be no emerald. But what if,,,, do not flourishes yet! There is such a psychological support, gambling stone, market sentiment has been diminished! Han Qin went to the market with a Song Wen Fei, also holding a speculative psychology, this is not a new material again, maybe you can send a small! Enter the market, Han Qin Song Wen Fei went directly with one of the largest jewelry store. Han Qin've been here twice, naturally, is hundreds of times and know that this little spectacle inside the store. It is Sunday, betting stone pretty much, a lot of people are coming with his wife and children. These people are also very will be calculated, to spend a few hundred dollars can get the whole family Lehe Lehe, squatted house puff than the Great Wall is much easier! Maybe accidentally also made a small fortune too! Jewelry store by the south wall, on which stood a slide rack made of logs, which stood not slip autumn flower stones, big hundred kilos, which is a small fist so big! Guests were in high spirits, selected on the shelf with. Han Qin pointed to the gallows for Song Wen Fei said: "This stone is the emerald wool above in the absence of untied before, nobody knows which is not jade, jade how much, depends on experience and speculation, as gamble, so I bet stone! "Song Wen Fei look at these ugly stones, surprised and asked:" those beautiful emerald really is from the inside to get out? "Han Qin nodded. Song Wen Fei looked down and took advantage of these wool, Han Qin quietly start assist system, one by one scan on wooden shelves. Among these wool, about Sancheng with green, but look at the price of wool, which can be solved even emerald, the direct purchase jewelry and also almost no money to make. Looking at, next to the gaiety suddenly, someone had picked out wool, is preparing to calcite, this is the best bet of the most exciting moments of stone, is up is collapsed, all in that knife! Gambling stone is a pair of young couples, watching the image of the company should be white-collar. The right partner is very romantic, the girl said if you can solve this wool in emerald, accepted her boyfriend's marriage proposal on the spot and made the piece of emerald wedding ring. They are selected by a fifty kilos heavier wool, spent less than three thousand dollars. Han Qin quietly scanning for a moment, perhaps Tianzhu lovers, this piece of wool which really has a small emerald. Although the volume is small, but enough to make a ring surface. Calcite is a kindly old man, the piece of stone wool solutions to move, and then his hands clasped together, reverently and said: "Please Buddha bless the couple!" Prayer is completed, the old man gingerly start calcite machine, with the the roar of the machine, that the couple is also tightly in hand, waiting for the next moment, I do not know is excited or disappointed! Half a minute later, calcite machine screeching halt! Remove old machine, rinse with water for a moment wool cut, a drop of green impressively into the head! Old man smiled and said: "Congratulations to you, the green!" To hear the good news, the girl excitedly in her boyfriend's face and kissed one! Perhaps an infection, previous guests feel hesitant, now have started to pick wool, also looking forward to have a good luck! See what others are just around the corner, Song Wen Fei apparently also been infected, she was a little excited when he said: "We can not buy a try, maybe it can also have Jade?" Han Qin a Song Wen Fei say, could not help but laugh , this quiet and delicate looking girl, really a lot of hobbies, used to like stocks that are not allowed to fall in love after a gambling stone! Song Wen Fei see Han Qin laugh at her, Stern said: "What are you laughing, I said is true and only himself personally involved, in order to write out the feeling. Come, we take a selection to see if they can bet up! "Han Qin stop laughing, this is not easy, and I can refer to a number which will be a bit green, definitely not white. Since the Song Wen Fei spirits so high, Han Qin still want to give him a little surprise in these carefully scan up on wool and want to compare the stone most cost-effective! When Han Qin went to the gallows in the middle of it, suddenly feeling dark green eyes have touched fleeting! Han Qin carefully looked at, only to find one of the mystery! Wooden middle put a big wool, wool can stand to make this a safe,nike air jordan, behind it a small pad of material, and that is a hint of green and a small piece of material from the inside out! Not much effort, Han Qin to use next to a small stone replaced the small piece of material. Piece of wool that is ten kilos, a long strip. Get near to a scan,Poppy Collection Coach Sale, Han Qin also stand surprised! In the center of this wool left upright, yet there are a heart-shaped emerald, big enough to have half the egg yolk! See Han Qin on a small piece of stone became interested, Song Wen Fei said: "This little spot. I brought enough money!" Han Qin mysterious, said: "People do not say, Hill is not high, but the immortal is spiritual, this stone is not large, there is green on the line. "said Han Qin who calcite old man on a wave:" Grandfather, we want this. "the old man let Han Qin to weigh on the counter, pay money, after finishing the procedures, prepared to give him calcite. Took the piece of wool, the old man looked from python belt, skin color point of view, this small little material out green surface, which is the number of young people had had time to spend some money. But the old man very dedicated, since the guests spent the money on, regardless of thickness, the service is very attentive! The old man asked: "Young man, how you prepare this material solution it?" Han Qin do not want too much shock, it said: "Grandfather, you're from the middle cut back, see if it is green." Old Yi Yan , starting calcite machine, knife down, cut a gray, real whiteboard! Behold, it was white, Song Wen Fei afraid Han Qin disappointed, they comfort: "Han Qin, so there will be a small stone emerald how do we then choose a large block of it." Han Qin Chong Song Wen Fei shook his head, but also on the old man said. : "Master, I trouble you to cut it two to give cut back, if you have not seen the green, we also lost hope." the old man did not consider, readily took up half. Han Qin a look, this half is that there are emerald side. Old stone starting solution, where three inches to the left cut down! Stop the machine, the old man looked casually cut, turned suddenly froze in there! Incision a mold yang green, a natural heart shaped emerald looming! Pick up the piece of old wool, abnormal pleasantly surprised to say: "Young man, congratulations ah! I cut a lifetime stones, have not seen the natural heart shaped emerald! Single piece of jade, which is tens of thousands of dollars, But this natural heart-shaped, this young man to you, it is priceless ah! Darjeeling,Jordan Spizike Sale, Darjeeling ah! which really should be the old saying goes, Masterpieces Ryoen, Jiaoutiancheng! "Song Wen Fei took the wool looked, suddenly feel my heart "pop" jump, how coincidence, it really is a heart-shaped emerald! <

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