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> One hundred and sixtieth chapters: the legendary tea Han Qin and Qi Ya waved goodbye, dashing the ground of national security of the car. WWw! QUANBen! COM an up cars, Han Qin felt bodings Guoan to a total of four people, the driver naturally allied car, Hao Director sitting in the passenger seat, the other two either side of the Han Qin clip In the middle of Han Qin a frown, look at this posture, in addition to not wearing handcuffs, how to look like prisoners in accordance with the earlier Han Qin catch the idea of ​​national security who talked with him, and Lama Temple is definitely buried treasure on such a major issue State certainly cautious, although they have a super-detectors, high-rise will not rashly believe him, sent the verification is positive, however, do not control the existence of this treasure, their own subjective desires are for the country Xianbao, gotta come out a considerable level of leadership reception yourself, to look into the situation! If this is the case, he is the country's active personnel, the relevant departments should politely ask himself go, not like this way according to arrest offenders implementation, which is not hospitality ah Han Qin casually looked at his right hand, two large men sat, among mental state of high tension. Look at this posture, ready to cope with Korea Qin revolt sitting copilot position Hao Director rearview mirror from time to time to see, watching the reaction gently smile Korea Qin, Han Qin calmly said: "Hao Director , look at this posture, what are you to ask me to you Guoan tea ah "Qi Ya previously been examined through middle age national security documents, Han Qin hear ya call this middle-aged Hao Qi Director, she also told him sets of cotton bar full of silence for a minute, four national security no one spoke this great out of their expectations, they catch countless people, no one on the national security of the car, it can be humorous coughed gently Director Hao , said: "Han Zhuren, this time we ask you in the past, tea is yes, but not the kind of legendary tea we just want to verify some of the problems." Hao Commissioner can not help but nodded, this young man's psychological nice, this time gave us a joke, to be sure, but also a tough one interrogated for why please Han Qin to tea, Hao Commissioner himself felt very strange. Mouqi Bin Secretary only arrangement, let him bring people would Han Qin secret arrest, detain back to Homeland Security. Because he was involved in a specific fraud, lied in the ground found the treasure in an attempt to defraud countries. After the arrest of Han Qin, no matter what method is used, it must take all the fraud investigation of insider out, never allow an escape from the net Hao Director at the time be suspicious, it is the nature of this fraud case, should go to the Public Security Bureau of Economic Investigation team, that used to come forward with national security? Hao Director although doubts, but since the superior handling of the case to them, and these self-justified. As for the real reason, apparently their qualifications is not enough to know the truth is not listed car into a courtyard, decorated in a very ordinary small front stop Hao Director leading the way, two national security one after the Qin to Han escort, he invited a room. Director Hao smiled and said: "Han Zhuren, would you please take a break, I'll report to the leadership. A leadership we will be talking to you," Hao Director left the room, two national security staff also told the out and turn out the door, either side stood by the door, as if two gods in general, ready to deal with emergencies please Han Qin over the tea, the implementation is "A" class standard, Han Qin Nature should enjoy such treatment Han Qin looked round the room and shoved a common look and hotel rooms almost, but a look at the details discovered the mystery in this room has no windows, the walls after a special treatment, the surface is very flexible, and guests If you want to hit the wall to commit suicide, do not have this idea of ​​a pipeline across the room can not see, but there is no power outlet, the safety of all guests can place the crisis, all carried out to prevent After about ten minutes, with the door Open, Hao Director and walked tagging behind a fatter obese middle-aged middle-aged man came after, smiling, said: "Let me introduce myself, I was four Homeland Security Secretary Muqi Bin. appointed by the leadership, and Han Zhuren exchange some questions, please Hanzhu Ren tie "Then, also Xiangmoxiangyang outstretched hand to shake hands Han Qin and Han Qin heart chuckle, leadership is leadership, the official big one becomes a talking hand do not fight smiling tiger Although previously the way for national security are not satisfied with the Muju Zhang came, but bad attack Han Qin indifferent smiles: "Thank Muju Chang who I know, definitely try to match" Mouqi Bin of a wave, two young national security staff out of the room, Hao Director opens confidential notebook ready to record Mouqi Bin fat face laughing Maitreya general, cleared his throat and said: "Han Zhuren, you reported to the State level, said gold was discovered in the Lama Temple underground treasures, this matter is very high seriously, this is also very appreciated your patriotic spirit level has made it clear that, to be substantiated after this treasure, all personnel must be rewarded for "Listen Muqi Bin one said Hao Director to know the things about this young man really can Fudge and say that was discovered beneath the Lama Temple treasures Muqi Bin so amiable way, is to prepare yin * Han Qin bait, let him participate in this fraud who unknowingly say it, then clean sweep though the discovery of the treasure , Han Qin had calculated how much the state will give rewards, but really to this time, but also the performance of their high-profile point Han Qin said: "should be, should be, as a national cadre, after a report found the treasure state, which is should do "Muqi Bin bumbling nodded and said:" Young man, found such a great treasure, and certainly very happy young it according to your personality, will be about Shang Hao buddy, good celebrate, wine and song is not Drunk not return immediately to making a fortune yet, "Han Qin frowned, Muqi Bin although very casual, Han Qin academics very awkward fat since the Secretary on behalf of the senior leadership talk to yourself, do not ask the specific process of treasures found , but no nutrition here say that these topics this Muju Chang looked Maitreya one, like a belly idiot, but Han Qin naturally clear, since he can do it on this seat National Security Ministry, absolutely unique fat man said these words means absolutely purposeful Han Zhuren most afraid installed, then accompany you to play gently smile, Han Qin said: "Muju Chang, I think you're right this situation does not meet the average person's psychological If you found a After the big treasure, will tell your friends do? I can not hide that back then my first thought is that I want to get rich the people are selfish, and who do not want to find a treasure for themselves, however, I found this treasure too big, I do not have the ability to explore, so I decided to reporting countries. dedicated to the national treasure, the state will give me an award as Muju Zhang put and friends to celebrate carnival, sorry, my thoughts also did not reach this level with "ridiculed by Han Qin meal, Mouqi Bin fat face suddenly a little red. Mouqi Bin's job is dealing with people, a face to face to see the doorway wonder young became Beijing Office, was also incurred under Bai Jingming, to say the least, into the face of a Secretary of the Ministry of State Security, also reasonable manner to maintain this conversation, it is very comparable Muqi Bin name haha ​​man, concealing embarrassment,Jordan 6 Shoes, laughing: "right, right, after all, is getting older, can not keep thinking of the young people today, however, found that such a great treasure, their parents, girlfriend, these their most recent pro-people always want to tell it, "Han Qin and he no longer beat about the bush, lightly said:" Muju Chang, the situation regarding this treasure, except me and the General Staff two Department Bureau of Baiju Zhang outside the capital, does anyone know the huge property before, I sprouted greed, once found himself incapable of it, I will give up the decisive discovery, I immediately reported to the Secretary Bai Jingming our two were reviewed to confirm the existence of the treasure, Baiju Zhang on the night made a report to the General Staff "see Han Qin spread the cards, Muqi Bin dry chuckle:" Hanzhu Ren, I say these words, no other meaning you should also clearly state once After confirmation of this treasure, will give you a huge bonus if you told the news to someone else, to the time someone stood up and said that he found this treasure, you will dispute the meaning of senior, who now know that this treasure of information people Always treat people according Xianbao,Coach Online Store, bonuses, naturally, no less, which gives Hanzhu Ren lift the worries "Mouqi Bin Although sounding, but he was only interested in people who know the treasures of information, and the discovery of the treasure that is not interested in the details, let Han Qin Muqi Bin blame this strange feeling, though he is master of Homeland Security's business, but one of the secrets, the grade of the officials he was not qualified to know the senior to his task is Han Qin suspected fraud treasure, so he tried to thoroughly investigated, Han Qin also told anyone this information is absolutely not allowed to have a conversation slipping through the net has conducted more than an hour, Muqi Bin beating about the bush, equivocate, carrot and stick, vomit Lotus, the purpose is an addition to the Qin and Han Bai Jingming's In addition, there is what one knows Lama confidential Han Qin buried treasure is always the same caliber, besides himself and Bai Jingming outside, did not tell anyone some consolation Han Qin, Muqi Bin and Hao Director left the room. One out, Mouqi Bin said,Oakley Squared, deadpan: "Notice technical room in preparation for the means." [..] <

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