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which came from the noisy antworten

> One hundred and forty seventh chapter leather red and black Han Qin Dazhong at a loss to see standing in the doorway, mysterious smile, said: "skin guide, you do not sending, and not stop it Do not forget me tell you then, three days later, I saw Xiao Yuxin program selected will notify Otherwise, you wait to eat lunch right "skin Dazhong stared stood there, look a little trance in the end is what this young man,Air Jordan Shoes, mouth shut necessary put him in jail, it is his home open prison if he do not have their own handle, how so confident, skin Dazhong not be scared big Han Qin Xiao Yuxin sped away two bodyguards pulled straightened up the hard way , his face anxious about when he said: "Boss, I brought some of the brothers he did?" bodyguard say, purely to find their own level two towers generally not see Han Qin bodyguard of which hand to use, it crouched holding his stomach bodyguard naturally clear, so the skill is to go to twenty people, it was sent to the people living target practice skin Dazhong disdain grunted and roared: "What do you have to use The key, when two guys squatting in front rubbing his stomach quickly to keep up with this guy gave me, to see him in the end is what antecedents "a bodyguard promised soon, slightly hunched and went out. WWw, QUANbEn, cOm bodyguards were Han Qin in the chest point a bit, although now the freedom of movement, feeling uncomfortable or out of Capital Hotel, Xiao Yuxin not without concern said: "Han Zhuren you how the words were so absolute, it sure put him in jail? ruin the quality of this guy though, we do not have evidence of his criminal scum not mess with this, I is not on the show does not matter, if he revenge you, how do you do? you just come Beijing office, we can not recall the East it so quickly? "Han Qin Zixin smile, said:" There is no diamond does not embrace porcelain live you do not have so many pieces, it is ready on the Spring Festival this year, good psychological preparation to become a big star This rogue director, I have my own way to deal with him, "Han Qin casually looked back and found that by his own bodyguards to clean up the tail is hiding head hiding followed them very professional way, it is very awkward skin Dazhong apparently to track their own bodyguards, to inquire about their bottom line Han Qin hand stopped a taxi, right Xiaoyu Xin said: "I do not get you, you do not have any ideas right back to the dorm burden rehearsing I am sure to TV watching you in the Spring Festival Evening Show "Xiao Yuxin concern told:" Han Zhuren, you must be careful, ruthless group of people, are doing anything bad out, "Han Qin nodded and said:" Well, I remember, must be careful, "Xiao Yuxin This reluctantly ground taxi, very far out of the car, looked back still looked beautiful Xiao Xiao Yuxin leave, Han Qin frowned, tagging behind a stalking placed before Han Qin very like to take this guy brawn practiced hand, and now he is also Vice-level cadres, and the body in the capital, it must have scruples, not by the patience Fiat arena Han Qin thought a moment, since the challenge to understand and have dry skin Dazhong , secretive no meaning, then the line is not renamed never change, you are willing to stalking on stalking, I see you have any tricks to the East from the capital city of Beijing Office property which is two stops from the Han Qin nor altogether by bus car, so walking to go back in the back tracking bodyguards see Han Qin did not take a taxi, but the walk back, joyful hearts, this is not to give you the opportunity to create their own tracks until Han Qin into the Dongfang City Beijing Office, the bodyguard was quietly back medium and large complex life to skin back to the office, Han Qin turn on the computer, and start assist system, began wondering how to clean up the skin Dazhong since threatened him three days out of the list of his crimes, that time we have to give him some weighty things, if this guy can not quell, Xiao Yuxin on the show hopes dashed Han Qin will give beautiful secretary issued a work order, the search leather Dazhong violate criminal information received instructions HU quickly put to work on the skin in large and medium information, the comparative analysis carried out carefully, little by little, find clues! over two minutes, Hu Mei to submit their reports. Leather sized just a rogue director of CCTV, not leadership cadres, there is no corruption qualification economic activity in the CCTV can not find information as to hide his involvement in the community of Greater economic exchanges, the lack of data records,Kristin Coach Bags, auxiliary system, it is difficult to give a specific analysis of the results found in the skin although there is no evidence of large and medium economic crime, Hu Mei also gives two important information. In the acquisition of large and medium skin body odor information when Hu Meimin to detect a sense, this guy is a drug addict and an even more crucial, leather Dazhong once and a girl named Ye Xiaolin close, and later even the mysterious disappearance of the girl Ye Xiaolin is a third-rate actress, quite a bit pretty, and leather is extremely ambiguous relationship between medium and large, basically its package *. Ye Xiaolin disappearance, her family suspected of being killed by large and medium skin, but suffer no evidence, the police just a few skin Dazhong Communications, inconclusively Han Qin also became interested in this information, if the skin is really large and medium It was murder in the body, then this guy threatening skin Siqiaoqiao Hanqin Wei Dazhong, enough to pay for the gun to see if he is still in prison long sub meal ticket, just this one, will be able to win only the skin Dazhong, Ye Xiaolin mystery Missing, raw but not dead but not dead, how to prove her disappearance and there is a causal relationship between skin Dazhong it? Han Qin Hu Mei asked, puzzled, the system can not determine Ye Xiaolin's disappearance is directly related to you? HU Sorry for the interpretation, this is not a universal system, auxiliary systems, there is no monitoring function of the mob, the system not included among any physical information about Ye Xiaolin, not judge, however, Hu Mei after careful analysis of their interaction process, boldly asserted, The Ye Xiaolin's disappearance, is closely related to the absolute and leather Dazhong Han Qin said: "This is very easy to see the skin of medium and large, I direct the transfer of information to his brain, an investigation do not understand," Hu Mei discourage Road : "Now someone else is a violation of personal information ** brain must be forced to start the system, often to do so, it will greatly shorten the life of the system auxiliary system functions, mainly to provide a variety of skills and advanced technology, if the use of the energy of the system itself conversion operation, it will also shorten the life of "very HU say this, Han Qin heart shocked, just starting to get assistance systems, he himself whenever they see someone else brain information, though it was so cool, may outweigh the benefits and lit a cigarette, just be able to get half of the time, Han Qin had his mind, the system is now able to offer so many features, just a little to the integrated use, to clean up the old rogue, is not easy to quickly organize Ye Xiaolin Han Qin relevant information, technical processing , from here to break the skin Dazhong tracking Han Han Qin Qin bodyguards see into the Dongfang City Beijing Office, and after a half an hour and did not come, it is estimated that this is almost the last stronghold of Qin Han bodyguard came back, the track conditions to a report on medium and large leather, leather Dazhong curl one's lip smile, no wonder people accent is not the capital, it was the local government of the Beijing Office staff listen to that little girl also call him Hanzhu Ren, in accordance with this age estimate, evidently there may be a small head an alien Beijing staff, audacity, and always threatened to jail Lord skin, which makes the skin very unhappy dare sized installed in front of a large leather Lord, I will let you steal sheep a bad thought Han Qin his good , leather medium and large sized hate teeth itch skin took phone in his hand weigh the two, dialed a number. Call a pass, which came from the noisy sound of music and girls **, leather Dazhong knew his friend was a man entertainment Happy smiles: "Pi Ge, I now drink Mediterranean, where a new several Eastern European chick, very exciting, over a play? "skin Dazhong laughed:" hadrons, where you play well, I will not go influence your brother something to let you help, things are after, my brother not ill-treat you "Hadron haha ​​laughed:" Pi Ge,Nike Air Jordan, Zange Liang also the many years of friendship, your temper I do not know what happened even though you commanded Hadron work, guaranteed to make you satisfied with the "skin Dazhong said: "Oriental City, the Beijing Office has a kid, and I go through, you find a way exactly he?" Hadron laughed: "a foreign kid would dare Pige trouble, it is not court death? was ready to give his popular track or go black * Road? any standard, death or cripple? "skin Dazhong thought, said:" The best popular channel, you first prepare the road, specific standards, I'll give you. "meal just been Han Qin scare , leather sized little uneasy, and now to find out the identity of the Han Qin, leather Dazhong suddenly smile, originally a false alarm, as long as Xiao Yuxin not take the initiative right at your fingertips, like on the show doors are not watching these two little lovers congenial , so that this capital bullies go hadron that kid each other, Xiao Yuxin maybe it will let him to seek his horse, still obediently at your fingertips leather Dazhong previously ate a Viagra, heart pressure a go, efficacy immediately became apparent, which makes the skin Dazhong dry mouth, forehead sweating fortunately no shortage woman fart big director, immediately contact a third-rate actress after more than twenty minutes, the actress has not yet appeared, leather Big CKS waiting impatiently, the phone rang in a hi great centers of leather, it may be that actress to connect the call, it really is a sweet female voice, however, the skin carefully a medium-sized, almost thrown out of the phone, the woman how there has been [..] <

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