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separated by tens of meters antworten

> One hundred and thirty second chapter of the police anti-narcotics police anti-drug operations by Han Qin genuineness they see a tall policeman who took military vehicle neat and quick to get rid of the driver, the whole process less than five seconds, cleanly Han Qin smile, which police skill is pretty good, no loss is the capital police, trained, however, the military police forcibly detach the rear door of the moment, Han Qin saw two brilliant if the peaches and plums These two girls are girls aged about twenty years old, although by the police raid, but the performance is still very gracious, Chuluanbujing, no one Luanhan barking, are clearly seen major aspects it is no wonder , to take the car senior military girl, good natural life experience has capital in order to have emboldened Han Qin heart on a move then, a few big burly policeman, what skill to deal with two weak woman Fortunately, just put two cops girl's cell phone away from him, but did not take any other action, and that makes Han Qin heart calmer Otherwise, Han Qin maybe will use technical means, to a heroic rescue Li Li Morrowind and drivers window just a detour saw a picture without dubbing. wwW, QUaNBEN, cOm Han Qin began to see in a military vehicle when the police stopped, it was very curious, quietly opened a support system, the police speak naturally hear clearly, the original anti-narcotics police on duty two Girl Ruhuasiyu precisely cardamom, family conditions is so superior, naturally not need the money, people are still desperate to drug trafficking? Han Qin smile shaking his head, do not understand this world a little bit of gossip about the army and the police, Han Qin also heard a lot, since they are privileged sector, the two sides are also inter unconvinced when it comes to military, police also taboo Mo Deep police dare to intercept outside of protected areas in the military army senior generals of the car, it seems that no police force when the family heard Xiao Han Qin Audi driver Mike also been a soldier, said: "Mike, you are in the army when driving The police also frequently check your car? "Mike shook his head and said:" I am a soldier, I drove to the garrison leadership, when the five soldiers, military vehicles did not encounter the police investigation, check military forces are picket But now fake military vehicles, fake military license will be more, a lot of people rely on this to do some illegal business, police occasionally check, but also a number of low-end cars have bike military vehicles, a look that is senior generals The car, if the police did not grasp conclusive evidence, will not rush to start "car waited outside protected areas in less than five minutes, Zheng Shuji car also arrived Donghai Zheng Shuji sit is the Beijing Office of the car, the same is a big black Audi, also in Beijing eight licenses, it seems that this number segment is everyone's favorite. Han Qin and Li Morrowind go off, Zheng Shuji past and say hello, they directed the driver to lead the way forward. From the entrance to the first protected area for retired cadres villa, set a total of three checkpoints on every road checkpoints are scrutinizing these places licensed cars, which makes Han Qin very uncomfortable in front of the villa down the car, see Han Cheng Qin put concentric He has the gift ready smile with satisfaction, it seems that Beijing Office yesterday has given quite competent Oda white old general secretary made a phone call, informing ranking official to come home to the old generals birthday. Zheng Shuji they reach the white line of the old house door, the guards in accordance with the arrangement of white old secretary, checked documents after his four generals into the old white house. Although ninety birthday old generals, but also very low-key, all relatives and friends come to a birthday and old men. Joy puts veteran soldier, with sunny weather, so the family moved a chair, courtyards to accept everyone's congratulations. Hometown ranking official arrival into the whole birthday celebrations ** Provincial Committee Party Secretary Oriental, Oriental City, Beijing Office, Xiping County Committee secretary, three-pole main leaders personally come,oakley eyeglasses sale, but also to the foot of the old generals face white white old generals Although the age of ninety, but the body is still very tough to see the home of relatives, old general was very excited and trembling stood up from the chair, and shook hands with the old family home and Han Qin generals shook hands, Zheng introduced the concentric : "This guy is our director of Dongfang City, Beijing Office, also invited a lot of attention after the old white" white old though a bit hard of hearing, but also to hear clearly, clasped the hand of Han Qin, kindly said: the young lad promising ah "Han Qin said:" White old, elderly ninety today is your birthday,Air Jordan 7, on behalf of all the staff of the Beijing Office Dongfang City, I wish you good health and welfare, such as the East China Sea, "standing behind the elderly is the third son of the old white PTI , a vice president of the national grid. Bai Jingshan see Han Qin so young as Dongfang City, Beijing Office, and decent conversation, without a trace of frivolous wunderkind PTI Han Qin very politely nodded and smiled, and his old home to be greeting officials came to the white old birthday friends and family, not occupying the center of power is the government department will shoulder star shine. everyone is in the system within the promotion naturally understand the unspoken rules of officialdom see this young twenties who has been the vice-provincial city of Beijing Office, can not help but saw two more according to their common sense, a small youth of this age, able to act as deputy level cadres, certainly distinguished lineage, the official second one came birthday relatives almost in place, the master of ceremonies begin preparing birthday ceremony white old turned round to see standing next to a refined middle-aged, middle-aged man walked quickly around the old white, laughing: "Dad, something? "White Old softly asked:" Tian Yang, two daughter how not to? "Middle-aged man smiled and said:" Dad, such as heart and Meng Meng to express filial piety, we must go and fetch the cake cake room. Lin Secretary to arrange your shuttle bus driver with them, should be back soon. "That old white nod and smile with satisfaction that this girl, a white old brother's granddaughter, one is his granddaughter, is their third generation, only the White House Some two girls two girls beautiful and well-behaved, is a white middle-aged man pulled out the old heartstrings Zhoumeng Meng cell phone to call her daughter's phone, the phone pass over a synthetic female voice: I'm sorry, you dial the phone was switched off middle-brow wrinkled, her daughter will be shut down within this time how? slightest pause, middle-aged white heart began as a phone call, the result is still the thing will not shut down there is a coincidence, two girls one out, turn off the phone all the results, a trace of ominous floating middle-aged heart in order not to interfere with this festive atmosphere, quietly find a middle-aged white old secretary, let him call the driver's phone call three times in a row Lin secretary, every answer is the owner has shut down a middle-aged man looked terrified Lin secretary, even the driver's cell phone can not get through, is certainly an accident two middle-aged and old Bai Jingming quickly put aside and whispered: "Brother, Meng Meng and hearts as well go to the Father to take the cake, not only the two The phone can not get through, even the driver is shut down, will not hurt? "Bai Jingming two General Staff Major General Secretary, is responsible for the capital of the board's work, for a veteran intelligence officer who, naturally, is panic. Bai Jingming thought a moment and said:" in broad daylight, in the capital, and they have two Father is a limousine ride, it can be what happened? "Baiju Zhang's self-confidence is not without reason, in the capital there, there's no two things clash sounds middle-aged and Bai Jingming, although low, Han Qin or hear clearly, white heart, such as the name caused the Han Qin Note that the anti-narcotics police is suspected of carrying drugs named the girl put the girl's name and a contact white old general, it seems that she should be the descendants of Han Qin White House walked over and said quietly: "We came on the road, just met Police handling the case, a black Audi military vehicle taken away by police, the car has two girls "in order to reduce unnecessary trouble, Han Qin did not tell him to hear, after all, separated by tens of meters, to the time how interpretation is certainly a problem Han Qin put this information and two car brands to tell them, by virtue of the energy of the White House, it was enough a police detained his father's car and brought the two girls together with driver one away, Bai Jingming brow suddenly twisted into a knot too rampant gang police it, investigators do our military head, and do not even say hello to fight, who would dare deduction deduction guy with me to see which team, eat have to let you bear away Bai Jingming immediately called the police chief Hou Yaoqing Capital Municipal Committee of the phone. greeting two, lukewarm Bai Jingming said: "Houju Chang, your subordinates skills known ah, even plugging in the Military retired cadres outside, the Father of the car along with my two younger one detained, police brought me to you now and two girls can not contact. Houju Chang, you immediately look up this matter, I must one saying "explains ranging Houyao Qing Bai Jingming hung up the phone pick up the phone Bai Jingming, Hou Juzhang gas straight teeth, which is opening the eyes of men which not even dare to provoke him this old white two capitals Secretary General Staff two powerful enough, not to mention there is a Politburo member Vice Premier father of this family factions of energy, it is flourishing in the heavenly Capital Municipal Committee also considered a police chief although number two, the old two levels are also high than white, but still not rash grades according to police provided Bai Jingming, Houju Zhang quickly identified,Coach Store, this car is the Public Security Bureau Narcotics detachment airport brigade vehicles, however, is when Houju Zhang continue to pursue What person driving the vehicle when the military seized the airport only to find that brigade, they stopped in the yard car is stolen Houju Zhang suddenly realized that was not their police seized military vehicles just relieved, then I thought, but scared a cold sweat [..] <

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