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23.05.2013 08:52
introduction of the system to strengthen antworten

Political Security Bureau, to the court of arbitration, but that cry out for fear of vest machine dagger with only responsible for administrative leadership as well, the transaction is not specific in too deep. However, the arbitration tribunal requires its own investigation department, vest from the Japanese public prosecutors office concept, set up the arbitration tribunal investigation department, vest awarded him the independent right of investigation. The newly established office of legal counsel is not only eat mixed wait for death class "research institute." Vest with main task of the legislation is a lot of legislation. Include a variety of internal rules and regulations. Through the group now in this regard is completely blank, dealing with things is the typical "heads will". That the state needed to change the vest. In fact, a good system is better than the most wise leadership and the leadership often will imperceptibly be great power and prestige of the prisoners,Air Jordan Superfly UK, become the most horrible dictator. Small groups of properties across the group makes power is more likely to be centralized,Jordan 10 Sale, appear more and more of the possibility of a dictator. Must this possibility Fu kill in the bud to early in the. So the adjustment in the organization law club, give advice and suggestions, a lot of mutual restriction means from the. Club. But the leaders or give wholehearted support to internal democracy, or fear of failure in the struggle in the terrible fate, support in succession law Club restructuring measures. Besides the introduction of the system to strengthen the collective leadership, the new system greatly reduces the original people's Committee status. In the past some people's Committee, such as agriculture Commissioner,Oakley M FRAME Sunglasses, the Commissioner in fact is the executive committee. While some people but not the executive committee. So it is easy to cause confusion, inevitably caused many internal dissension. Now people's Committee is "make it rigidly uniform" is no longer a member of the Executive Committee of the unified, level and past "department". Only in the status of symbolic slightly higher than the "part" level. Restructuring also makes the past some influence especially big reduction Committee, such as the original agricultural committee and the District Council, now just below the central government, a department. There is no longer any commission say. Wu Nanhai retained his title of agriculture of the people's Committee, was directly out of the Commission; Ministry of Germany although rose to Executive Committee, the Planning Institute president this post a crucial, but completely out of his most familiar with the District People's committee. As for the institutions of violence across the group, whether military, police, intelligence, spy agency status in the adjustment to all drop. Not only the land, naval commissar is completely out of the power core, military administration and command separate system further reduces the naval commissar of the actual status and power. For the future by civilian personnel as naval commissar may lay a foundation. As for the police administration into the central government jurisdiction of civil department. Political security administration under the jurisdiction of the arbitration tribunal is down to the. Political Security Bureau was placed under the arbitration tribunal is not to let the Secretary of state and first master too much violence agency resources; second is to reduce the political security bureau directly under the Executive Committee of the status of small status is too big. Empathy is the new foreign intelligence service, not only to clear its position.

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