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rhetorical But Bo Aijun antworten

> One hundred and tenth chapters betray Han Qin casually browsing the newspaper, without looking Liucheng Li do not control how a guy says this is the party secretary, even using dirty tricks in an attempt to bad luck my fame Unfortunately, you well, met Han Shuji, a means of negative people, Han Shuji than you play good just Duanqichabei, Han Qin did hear the "plop" sound, looked up and saw Liucheng Li turned stiffly kneeling on the ground, pale and trembling, said: "Han Shuji, I was wrong," Han Qin Although it is looked down Liucheng Li, so a nearly four-year-old big man suddenly kneeling in front of, or not suited to Han Qin lightly: "Secretary Liu , what are you doing? stand up and speak, "Han Qin So saying, it does not raise him for such a clown, he is willing to perform, let him play with it Liucheng Li simply moved a step forward on his knees , and "pops" gave himself two mouths, humbly said: "Han Shuji is my own official minded fans, and for your dissatisfaction promoted Kim Fu Peng, and listen to the Wangyou Min's instigation, this in your dormitories and office Install the camera and eavesdropping equipment,,, I am confused ah "Liucheng Li also think clearly, and this time repented of their life style, ideological and moral error, what you say cuckoo, to ensure there is no use if you want to turn over party secretary put himself on a horse, it is necessary to come up with something interesting party secretary to date, Secretary Liu also gave the allies, just to protect themselves Wangyou Min? Listen Liucheng Li points out Wangyou Min's name, Han Qin heart of a dynamic, this old guy is Tiancheng background, Tiancheng disgraced by their own clean up, he really can not be reconciled, to fan the flames in the back to look Liucheng Li Han Qin Jingjing, rhetorical and said: "You're in my dorm camera installed? What do you want?" see the Han Qin really interested Liucheng Li whispered: "Han Shuji, this is Wangyou Min idea, I was just on his moment of weakness when the Wangyou Min Tiancheng discovered there a material, said party secretary in the campaign, when Han Shuji heavily bribed with gold Fu Peng, so he took a bunch of brothers defection you later promoted Kim Fu Peng when the mayor is on his return Wangyou Min Later find me, so I helped Bo Aijun secretly investigate your Wangyou Min bribery thing for both of us spoils, check out that as long as hard evidence, and Jinxiang Zhang Han Shuji all have to step down, Phoenix Township to empty out two top leaders seat I became a hero and Bo Aijun, you can host Han Shuji, I am the official minded fans, just on Wangyou Min's when I know is wrong, you give me a break "just returned Liucheng Li Bai Aijun refers to the road, to date, Liucheng Li also refused to take any loyalty, in order to be able to remove their own, and had added a weight, put together to sell Bo Aijun listen Liucheng Li say this, Han Qin a grin that when election time, their tooth for a tooth, using a bit small means, although let Kim Fu Peng has a mouth can not tell, or let Tiancheng see some flaws did not think Wangyou Min actually make arrangements began secretly investigating this matter, it is still the old ginger spicy Wangyou Min this hand really badly Golden Fu Peng to Tiancheng twenty-four henchmen call, so he gave his turn on the water, it is a fact if the law enforcement authorities involved in investigating the matter, Kim Fu Peng it is difficult to say we all know that Kim Fu Peng original sheets Tiancheng's henchmen, he had just helped him legitimate host on the mayor, which also happens to corroborate and spoils to explain himself when appointing Kim Fu Peng when the mayor, just fancy his ability to work and not care about the other, in reality unspoken rules environment, few people would believe that it seems that this loophole must also mend a lucky hit today hit Hold Liucheng Li, inadvertently and see through this a conspiracy Liucheng Li Wangyou Min offered this clue yet considered valuable Han Qin bowed and said: "Secretary Liu, stand up and speak, so much good to be seen" out gift, Liucheng Li felt there and party secretary talking capital, this from the ground up , next to the edge of the sofa to sit for half an ass look listless Liucheng Li, Han Qin disdain smile are official position trouble, people going crazy, what means to make out Han Qingang come, Liu Founded impression is not bad, this person aging and a low profile, do things without publicity, several working run, he fit pretty good since promoted Kim Fu Peng when the mayor later, the guy obviously has changed, the beginning and his rival after this regulation, Liu Even behind the backing up all account out, evidently he wants to stay here in Phoenix township, but also do not want to lose this top mandarin Han, deputy secretary of the Qin pondered Liucheng Li although belonging to the dark mouth of the dog, but it is not useless, In this connection a stick and killed him, Phoenix Township deputy secretary to empty out a seat, the county will definitely give yourself mixed sand, even if Lee Morrowind not necessarily willing to look at their own brainchild with a single large case, so people do not use The smoothly, just hold a bid, do not be frightened disobedient way, Phoenix township party committee of nine members, the gold Fu Peng, Song Jialei, Bai Jiaming is their go-getters, plus the Secretary Liu, pass by half, Phoenix township party committees to basically control in their own hands, useful to the work of the future People's Congress Chairman Chen Longhu has no political aspirations, good old one; Organizing Committee Wei Zhong Zhen bridgehead grass, and did not dare to openly challenge such a party secretary count, party committee members, only Discipline Committee and deputy mayor Bo Aijun Wang Xinjing is a thorn, however, a mere two people, it is difficult to set off a storm! Han Qin drink of water, and solemnly said: "Secretary Liu Today this matter, as a very bad impact on party members and cadres, township party secretary, must deeply reviewing their mistakes! organizational sure to give you a punishment, as to how action, it depends on your attitude, and so the township party committee after the study before deciding During this period, you continue to preside over the township party committee of party work, we do not have too much pressure on party cadres to treat principle is pedagogical saving lives, for erring comrades, not to beat him to death "listen to party secretary That is to say, the heart of a dynamic obedient listening Liucheng Li, Han Shuji first half although sounding right, but has no real meaning, the key will not beat him to death in his opinion this one is wise to throw cards, otherwise, the final one, there is no Liucheng Li quickly gratefully said: "Thank Han Shuji's education, I must repentant, good work, with the village of Han Shuji to do a good job," Liu Chengli lips to say, but it is psychological flavors mixed Chen victor, my fat fucks bad influence, you soak publicity committee, on fair and square? If you can get him yesterday and Song Jialei video, how can you see today's bumbling party secretary sitting there drinking tea and reading the newspaper continued, as if he forgot, Liucheng Li stood up, accompanied carefully said: " Han Shuji, I will not delay your work, I will go back,,,, "Han Qin nodded and said:" Secretary Liu, you go back, a good reflection "Liucheng Li left the office, Han Qin looked at his watch , the time has come to go to work. wwW! qUANbeN! coM village am such a big thing, township officials are definitely staring at the township party secretary of the party committee how indifferent treatment is not enough, there must be a clear attitude, quell the village atmosphere of Korea Qin pick up the phone, dialed a number, call a pass, Han Qin Pingjing said: "Bai Shuji, you go to my office," said Wangyou Min arrangements remembered Liucheng Li Bai Aijun secret investigation himself, Han Qin smile, this Discipline Committee still undercover ah After a few minutes, Bo Aijun knock came. Baiai Jun laughed: "Han Shuji, you find me something?" Countryside am such a big a trouble, pointing Liucheng Li Bai Aijun and party secretary came over,oakley sunglasses outlet, obviously, Han Qin come at this time of the disciplinary committee, It is certainly on Liucheng Li. Bo Aijun obviously rhetorical But Bo Aijun the rhetorical level, but is useful for many years in the organs Bai Aijun, well versed in which mysterious, institutions do not like smart people within the leadership there is no clear thing,Air Jordan 10, the fool is wise For Han Qin indifferent smile, pointing next to the sofa and said: "Bai Shuji, sit down," Bai Aijun people sat down on the sofa, his mind was not idle, thinking about the party secretary Liu Chengli will just say what two After all, people are now allies privately in calculating Han Qin, Liu Chengli by any person so badly, if it is under the hands of Qin Han, Bai Aijun can not help but ask yourself, what capital they have been able to fight opponents Han Qinjing calmly glanced at Bo Aijun face,Oakley Polarized clearance, said: "Bai Shuji, the village the morning there is some thing, I heard that yet?" Han Shuji is rhetorical Bo Aijun smile: "Han Shuji, you mean kind of shellfish that thing, right? This I know, have not had time to report to you very bad influence, now Township authorities in talking about, what have said "Listen Bo Aijun say this, Han Qin seemed to interest and smiles : "What are some cadres say?" Bo Aijun thought a moment and said: "Secretary Liu most talked about or conduct, a party secretary, a married woman and a female colleague fucks gender relations, also get Online shame, seriously damaged the image of cadres. then there is talk of highly skilled hackers, computer what **, secret also retain his job, of course, some people say that this is in the struggle for power organs, Secretary Liu was eyeing the seat, is intentionally dark Liu secretary of the "Han Qin slightly nodded, noncommittal, smiled:" Bai Shuji, you kind of shellfish such a situation, in accordance with the Disciplinary Regulations, you discipline aspect, what attitude? "<

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