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23.05.2013 08:44
when he resolutely resist the general antworten

Ten goods of high rigid demand in the future." Wu Shitu well-meaning rates slightly back a clergyman. "The land will be years of tension." "Land shortage?" Lu Ruohua shook his head. "Wu. Lingao here land lot." "The future will conceal lack. Don't you want to leave some churches teach production?. Under Wu Shiwang Ruanmoyingpao, Lu Ruohua bought a piece of land in the next hundred yards. "This is a foreigner does not understand the commodity economy. Wu Shiwang thought was to persuade his effort. Must be the price will be very high up in the future, whether to sell or build houses for their own use, can bring great benefits to the church. Wu Shiwang on religion wasn't enthusiastic. But he is very professional and since in this space-time chose religion as the occupation, the Church of the industry well operating a can reflect his value. Wu Shiwang back to the monastery,Satchels Coach Outlet, in the doorway cleaned sister busy incessantly over and kiss his hands, looking at the dark skin black wrinkled woman kiss his ring, Dean Wu could not help ya think if this beautiful nun sister is good. Unfortunately, the status quo is ten nuns convent was full of apo level. "White division front back. In the office,Nike Air Jordan 7 UK Sale, your sister respectfully reporting to him. "Oh, he is coming back." Wu Shiwang nodded. The white more months has followed Lu Ruohua missionary in South Bao always trade the people, said the results were good. Wu Shiwang through the gate, a hundred yards monastery is small, and no towering buildings. But a Chinese and Western style courtyard, before and after the three. The first is the convent of office space. Because of poor conditions, the monastery did not own a prayer room, and a hundred yards in the church. Behind the two dormitory, classrooms and in the workshop manual, the placement of the nuns and be forced to "bandit is contained" these bandits is the most general little bandit families, belonging to the harm of small. Assessment after a period of time after the religious brainwashing by government insurance agency qualified can properly arrange way, sending unqualified labor camp. He went into his office. White more already inside him. White more originally very white faces become dark, apparently in the southern treasure is brave the wind and dew all over the place,Women's Nike Jordan Sale, looked very depressed maid revolutionary thing he in Nanbao heard, but I have this company front identity in the body, not openly for women to make trouble. But the heart is secretly longing. Do not know when the maid has its own copy? Xiao Zishan didn't have his true as a direct him to ignore? Bai Duolu thought with what method can not show one's feelings remind office director don't forget that the welfare. Fortunately, when he resolutely resist the general requirements, only to the secular identity to the church office, or his own life and happiness is finished. His belief is not firm. But like Wu Shiwang have religion as a tool attitude he also do not create. Looking at the fake Abbot flushed into the office, look amazing, white more know that he must be in a hundred yards City mix very well. Every time he came back on time, churches and monasteries not scale expansion, facilities and promoting the >

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