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23.05.2013 08:36
there are stress many people. antworten

Preparation of two cents sharp labor where the set of two many months how small are shifted from Sichuan to sail four city healthy young adults, there are stress many people. Military training in accordance with the military system of marshalling scraping. This group of labour, will visit as construction workers, after the completion of construction work on the spot to Tiandu Mining Bureau staff. According to Du Gong meaning, it is through the group's Construction Corps, but the man responsible for project Lingao construction company project manager Zhuo Tianmin to call this a little cold. "I can call engineering team. Called the Corps is too complex, and the construction company how to command the Corps?. Army after the end of the beginning of this large project team of the professional training. Army blow is to improve the organization and discipline, through the group does not intend to rely on them to the war,Coach Online Store, the army will deploy a battalion with to Fort Yulin, later will be based in the. For the army to get permission from the newly completed immigration inspection thin recruited a battalion fill such vacancies. The infantry battalion will be the basic forces the future Sanya area across the group, on the one hand against the possible indigenous armed and Ming, use on the other hand, more important is the deterrence, suppress the project team internal rebellion. The executive committee thinks, to the local hard environment and construction strength, it is almost inevitable? Zhuo Tianmin to the Commission issued a list of various professional workers, it is he needs,nike air jordan, in addition to force many basic old port, Lingao construction company's own construction team have full marching. All parts should also transferred part of technical workers travel to. Even so, the gap is still more so Zhuo Tianmin asked the Executive Committee coordination, deployment of technical workers to engineering team training so that at least can solve part of these requirements is not high technology jobs. Zhuo Tianmin set up five training classes, from the labor of deployed personnel to participate. The first is the construction of class. The Lingao construction company project team coarse carpenter, Mason and plumbers are responsible for teaching. Second I, is blasting culture class. Special study of blasting engineering, by Pan Da's engineers are responsible for teaching. The third is a road course, led by Dan Daoqian and Li Chiqi, in addition to the study of the construction of roads, railways, including repair, driving skills. The fourth is a collection of classes. By the remote ground prospecting team of people. Yulin port area is still a uncultivated land, the local rich timber and wildlife resources, do not use up too bad. Study of logging, fishing, gathering and hunting skills. The last one is the health of scraping the class,air jordan store, and the Ministry of health, a number of scraping based health workers a health ministry will send a medical team to the team, but compared to the first old four people, then there are the old four landing mass action, a seven person team is an utterly inadequate measure basic health health care much needs to be done. In addition to the construction and mining workers from outside of Germany, according to the instructions from the immigration of three selected to households as a whole immigrant. This group of immigrants by the old men of color pirate chief Hu Wumei, namely Hu fatty leadership. As the Xin'an recreation city residents. This group of immigrants selected specially with the occupation: the majority of the people are farmers, there are manual >

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