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23.05.2013 08:30
Chen bought Lin Qiaoguang in accordance antworten

Dragon group concerned enthusiasm play go after "when bought from home his ship set sail was named" Qionghai coal "pull cobalt set sail, to the home terminal. The terminal has been filled with wood building materials, brick, lime this class. This is Chen bought Lin Qiaoguang in accordance with the instructions of the. Ready to build dock with. Zhang Xingpei has been in a few days ago the secret to Qiongshan County, he brought a construction team. This team is the traversers hand Lingao construction company to teach. The level, than the draft century rural building contractor team and strong. And they also accepted the building contractor team have no skill assembling wooden structure housing. Zhang Xingpei is building in the United States to learn, he has a great interest in the house is generally the wooden structure houses in the United States of america. So for this kind of building a great deal of effort. This wooden building mostly uses the preform, transportation to the site, to complete the assembly in the ground. Two independent layer of wooden building a more than 200 square meters,Nike Air Jordan 12 UK Sale, construction, go to all lengths can be finished in four or five days. Much faster than the brick bridge to. After the building can be put to use immediately, without waiting for the cement mortar dry. Temporary construction company general manager of this building is Mei late interest Commission has asked the construction company to build houses with the fastest speed, if the use of prefabricated houses. The construction speed will become very quickly. After testing several times, Zhang Xingpei shaped the design of six type of housing. Lingao construction company specially opened a prefabricated housing processing factory production reserve the prefabricated house. When you need to build at any time. When the refugee camp after the typhoon disaster will play a great role. Machine began to wood structure of prefabricated bundles of straw rope winding from the cargo lift Qionghai butterfly on human hanging,Coach Bags Outlet, and hanging to the Zhanqiao Zhanqiao is also the preform, the earlier step by high shipyard the cargo shipped. Zhang Xingpei spent less than five days to complete this article is structured and sturdy wooden plank, unified issued by the width of plate board with a broad head screw up, step up on. The path along the cliff on the installation of two wrought iron rails is considering to transport large quantities of building materials demand immediate future transport of coal. Prefabricated housing to be unloaded into the flat car, and then directly onto the shore in the yard. Cement, yellow sand is also a bucket of a bucket lifting out from the cargo bay. In order to speed up the construction safety, Zhang Xingpei have brought the cement mixer type, with a small diesel engine driven. This thing is carefully placed in a seat of the housing has been built, by special care, lest hired local indigenous workers saw the get excited over a little thing about it. Chen with the employment of indigenous workers had been in accordance with the requirements of Zhang Xingpei will be made clean and flat ground. The ground with lime, sand mixture compaction. Then the construction team by construction companies start building houses. All the prefabricated house with elevated,Jordan SC 1 Shoes, bottom left, from the foundation. The wooden structure houses in a simple soil crane's help, quickly building after building erected, quickly let Zhang Xingpei feel surprised. These houses are showing an ugly black this is after focal >

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