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townships in our township's comprehensive antworten

> Chapter 87 plot Friday 7:00 pm, township party secretary Liu Chengli Phoenix rode the tram into the township government compound guard on duty saw is Liucheng Li, respectfully greeting and said: "Secretary Liu, you work overtime? "Liucheng Li smiled and said:" Tonight was not the white director on duty right, white director cold today is very powerful, high fever, which is at home banner bottle it? He just called me, so me and him tune classes "doorman and Secretary Liu joking aside, readily put the name of the party and government leadership on duty Office Bai Jiaming replaced by deputy party secretary Liu Chengli. WwW. QuAnBeN. cOm Secretary Liu and guard waved and rode straight to the party and government office buildings Secretary Liu tram tram stop in the carport, warily look around, picked up from the back seat of a big drum capsule capsule bag. Into the office, Liu Chengli closed office door, carefully opened the backpack. Large bag has a brand new pinhole camera, as well as the latest type of wiretap recordings. And Discipline Committee in accordance with Liucheng Li Bai Aijun plan Bai Aijun cadres came from the discipline, from discipline neighborhood a little investigative equipment should be no problem. Perhaps Secretary Liu detective drama to see more, Xiping County Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision Bureau there are not any advanced detection equipment, some time ago Discipline unannounced visits to the efficiency of various departments with a pinhole camera, or borrowed from the Public Security Bureau, though a bit disappointed, but Since it wants to pour Han Qin, Liu Chengli some way the network is now selling these things are everywhere advertisements, as long as the money, anyone can buy Liucheng Li according to the online address, send your money in the past yesterday morning, Liu Chengli received Speedpost sent Secretary Liu is an electronic product enthusiast, a less open the package on the joy of these products, though rough work, no credit card certificate, but the basic functionality is good exercise for an afternoon at home kind of shellfish, put all of the features to master The fiery pure clear With these advanced equipment, to hold Han Qin evidence, we can say this guy is a piece of cake will not speak and Kim Fu Peng bribery thing, as long as they took him and publicity committee Song Jialei yin chaos video are enough to drink a pot a thought he did when the mayor, Liu Chengli hate teeth itch Liucheng Li calm personality, acting athletic, has always been low-key, but this does not represent an official he did not want. The mayor becomes vacant, Liucheng Li feels according to seniority should also be his turn, finally dry on the family level cadres in the killing did not expect out of a halfway Cheng Yaojin, so Kim Fu Peng picked up a great deal just the beginning, Fu Peng on the gold can become mayor, Liu Chengli baffled. Later, after a county deputy secretary Wangyou Min coaching, took Tiancheng's letter came to light, it suddenly dawned original Liucheng Li Qin and Han Jin Fu Peng secret deal between two people that honest people do not bully repeatedly told Wangyou Min, Han Qin county party secretary behind do the background, the background of the city is also very deep, in the absence of conclusive evidence to get before, according to action that can not arouse his suspicions must be one hit kill, as long as the bane hold Han Qin, the evidence where a discharge to the Commission for Discipline Inspection, Li Morrowind want to live nursing care also put things away,Jordan New School Shoes, Liucheng Li pulled out his cellphone and dialed a phone number, call a pass, Secretary Liu yin said: "Yuqin, things are ready? you'll come with tools, I am in the office waiting for you. "less than ten minutes, someone came knocking at the door. Liucheng Li got up and opened the office door, a plump woman came in sideways, carrying a tool kit, hammer, wrench, pliers, screwdriver readily available. Liucheng Li readily shut the door, the woman plump ass pinched the woman hand hit Liucheng Li a, waves laughed: "do not eat at home, and came out of me," Liu Chengli ring hugged from behind woman's fat waist, firmly affixed below the ditch on her ass, laughing: "how can my wife than you, a woman had a baby, baggy, which is like you, sponge mattress, but also soft and tight narrow ,,, "the plump woman named Zhang Yuqin, Phoenix Logistics Section of a township government workers, is the original village canteen sergeant's daughter, belonging to the village workers and service personnel. Liucheng Li basically no cost nothing, put the plump ugly woman out on his hand, let him regret is that this girl so ugly, is still not at the back in a technical school, when Zhang Yuqin, most people been engaged since Liucheng Li and Zhang Yuqin hooked up later,cheap jordan shoes, this woman is very obedient, and no excessive demands, became Secretary Liu good one helper. Liucheng Li took out a recording from a large monitor, took Zhang Yuqin quietly slipped out of the office. Party secretary's office and Liucheng Li's office next, only separated from a brick wall, which also created a good condition Secretary Liu came to the office in front of Han Qin, Liu Chengli one hand, Zhang Yuqin handed him a the key. According Liucheng Li's instructions, Zhang Yuqin work will take advantage of the last week let repair locks master site service, with good key, of course, also be connected Han Shuji dormitory keys ready Liucheng Li Han Qin office door open, select a secret location, the recording monitor installed, tried letting go Zhang Yuqin, five voices of Zhang Yuqin size Liucheng Li in his office heard crystal clear Liucheng Li sinister smile, since then, Korea Qin's every move, are being monitored in their own office to complete the work, let Liucheng Li Zhang Yuqin carrying his big bag that first Han Qin dorm room waiting, holding their own flashlight, pretending the government large yard inspections appearance, quietly touched the past Han Qin, the most western end of quarters on the third floor, perhaps in order to take care of party secretary, secretary of the hostel is next door to two warehouses. Liucheng Li and Zhang Yuqin over a round, open houses and warehouses Han Qin door, Zhang Yuqin sentry outside, Liucheng Li into the installation. Perforated, positioning, installation, with less than ten minutes, Liucheng Li put pinhole cameras installed in the warehouse. Party secretary walked into the dorm beds Liucheng Li look Han Qin, Han Qin heart sour this guy is really a **, came a few days, put the Song Jialei this little vixen on hand deceives Think Song Jialei That if the peach Yan Qiao Lian, plump sexy body, Liucheng Li swallowing straight ball glanced around the general Zhang Yuqin, Secretary Liu sighed, than people who really damn, as long as the goods than the goods that are still able to get Korea Qin and Song Jialei of ** video, the first meal of extortion that little fox again, also try fresh look at the side of the flexible first Nongzi Zhang Yuqin, Liu Chengli hold up and throw her into the bed, neat and quick to peel a Zhang Yuqin nothing left some kind of shellfish intended yin, long yu fire intolerable, though this woman beside fat, ugly, evil is a woman Secretary Liu and Zhang Yuqin ** at the time, that the way to do a couple of difficult moves, to test what the needle hole camera recording results with melting snow, big snowstorm has gradually dissipated the shadows Monday morning, Phoenix township party committee and government held an enlarged meeting of the Joint party, Fu Keji leading cadres above the township, the development of efficient agriculture office of village cadres fully participate in all packages . Mayor Jin Fu Peng, deputy party secretary read out the first provincial cities and counties three-pole Phoenix township party committees and governments on the government's Commendation in this rare big snowstorm in Phoenix township party committee and government as effective disposal, leadership, make whole ten thousand acres of cabbage from harm, is the lightest of the East China Sea province affected a township Han Qin glanced venue, Phoenix Township Fu Keji leading cadres above all present. After this big snowstorm, snowy night rush cabbage township cadres, not only praised by the people, but by the superior leadership affirmed. This time, the name of the Phoenix Township often appear in newspapers on television,Coach Kristin Clearance, cadres feel very glorious one, was in high spirits, are gearing up, ready to make a big fight Han Qin said solemnly: "Comrades, we Phoenix Township In this big snowstorm able to avoid major losses, becoming the province's typical attention, can achieve such a result, we are now contributed by the superiors of the awards we naturally Happily, however, we should also see the current situation Xiping twenty-one townships in our township's comprehensive strength ranked Phoenix in the penultimate position, the following is only a little more than we stone duck township to the county meeting last second point, someone give me a joke that people stone duck Rural economic backwardness excusable, blame this town's name is not good, stone ducks behind you now people can not duck stone village has through various channels, immediately put the name to a change in the name Wolong Mountain, said the economy Indefinite will go up a stone duck township up, the bottom is your Phoenix Phoenix Township Township's name but the number one powerful, see what you can change the name Although this is only a joke, made me ashamed that our party secretary of the Phoenix Township has the best to hear the name, but with a backward hat opportunity now to put in front of us, as long as we get down to Phoenix township party committee and government to lead the people to get rich the way to go, I believe that the day is not too far Qishan township party committee and government have spotted the development of efficient agriculture this road, the road no matter how well do the job we have to rely on years ago to promote the township land cooperatives work for the big spring next year, which is to create a favorable conditions placed in front of party members and cadres in the township most important work, "party secretary words won applause here who feel the same village cadres, the village's economic development does not go up, who also disgraceful. Every time I go to meet the county, county towns, paper Fangzhen these economies town cadres are triumphantly in the front row, while Phoenix township, village cadres stone duck sitting in the corner only disgraced deputy party secretary Liu Chengli disdain Pie Piezui that sing better than what the village's economy, people's lives, not for their own sake pity mandarin, Han Shuji, as long as you do those flower fell on my hands, Phoenix Township on You do not need to worry about <

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