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23.05.2013 08:16
it is a matter of business antworten

The two chorus "Rui Wu and Wu ya heart sink, cry is to point scale the fox. What they would turn to who, two people are still unclear, but after this case Lingao bureau again must be variable is certain. As the gates County ya to be controlled, dude has the headquarters moved to Zhang Youfu Chuang-tzu to the nearest command. The Zhang Youfu family including his home helpers have to concentrate to the east gate to the city, a delicious good drink entertain a few days. The Planning Commission "to call at once,cheap jordan shoes, to their allocation of two hundred sets of Ming Dynasty clothes to Zhang Youfu Chuang-tzu, as soon as possible." Dude in a big wooden tables issued a command. "From the National School of translation have come from?" "Come, are in the courtyard set." "Clothes to guide them to change clothes, to the county town to escort." In the county government, Zhou cave once right at hand they turn to line, and will immediately express class leader character and to. "This is the week master" Sun Dian history meaning in the nucleus of the said,Jordan 11 Sale, "this is designed to assist with the knife arrow intimidation to stretch. His orders, is commanded the officer, but also master Wu mean, you understand?" Two people wondered about this what is out, only said: "is." "Well, you immediately with hands, to give you the time of day with knife throw archery in the city." Zhou Dongtian smiled, "be sure to get, not to just find a few people. Go quickly." Then leave the fire sign. Character and be a yes-man retire. This of course is not difficult, Lingao County is his express brothers plus help "public" half a day can be turned upside down. How can personally to do such things, are mostly those scoundrels of the marketplace ruffian, the county has many such people. He be crystal clear. But it involved Chen Ming. Really want to get this small bait case, do not torture, old Guan Wei came out to confess. He and Laoba Liangzi can node. Now made up his mind, go and talk to Chen Mingwang. If Chen Ming Road, half out of money, their nature is putting his seal, if not, it is a matter of business. Chen Mingcai this is their house and the men of yesterday he had learned this, message, then ate a surprised, it's out of the blue, he didn't ask anyone to do it! But this thing out, the County Board will think he did! What exactly does that mean? Chen Mingwang reasoning with uncertainty. But he knew instantly. His this under a dark secondary large their deep hatred. Would Huang Bingkun have done? Called his men out to inquire about the news,Air Jordan 3, a one-way ticket. Is anxious, have no alternative, some people return: character and the. Character and is fast class head, on weekdays, and have no communication, his sudden visit is obviously something. Chen Minggang hurriedly said: "please!" Character and into the room, also not polite, eyes staring at Chen Ming, see he is uncomfortable. Smile: "the old symbol! You come here for something to move! Don't stare bovine eyes!" Character and sneer: "laoba! You are so brave! Incredibly dare to do such a thing. I think this county surnamed Chen? >

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