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> Chapter 62 extermination Ma Chao stepped forward and said: "Brother, what do you have commanded," Han Qin to see the bulk of gold lying on the bed, mused: "injustice has a head bonds are the main bulk of the cut so hard, will not be enemies spur of the moment, someone must always hated teeth itch hyperon last year that Uncle Li Lu wounded tiger, do you remember? "Listen Han Qin such a reminder, Ma Chao suddenly, nodded and said: "You mean that guy that guy I met a few times, ruthless young age, sooner or later, is a scourge said to his men also have a bunch of punks, of which there are several workaholic, he dried out such a thing is normal, "Han Qin bit puzzled and said:" It stands to reason, Lu Hu this kid should be in jail, ah, he a children and teenagers, but also in prison remote control command? "Ma Chao smile:" Brother, You look at our police system is too noble, the prison curved around much Lu Lu Biao tiger I have plenty of money to do a medical parole Lu Han tiger, not a piece of cake we thought this guy to jail ,Nike Jordan Big Ups Sale, and maybe they would have come out, where to hide popular hot drink of the "remember when Lu Lu Lu Biao threatened withdrawal when the arrogance to say, do you think the Tigers get into the prison to vent ah prison for the poor, that is suffer a place for rich people, but the hotel was like to live in general, can be understood as experience life Han Qin nodded: "super sub, you are Interpol, in it more convenient to find the relationship between check out and see Lu tiger that kid is in prison or out, "Ma Chao promised:" Well, go back to touch this thing, I have two police academy alumni work in the prison, "Bai Jianguo teeth and said:" That kid has was not beat this change must not let him ah, I must personally waste him "Han Qin apologetically said:" When the tiger catch Lu, when the founding of the bulk and help is given to me, and now the bulk of cut is I hurt my knife for you both, and I felt very guilty, "Han Qin say is the truth, Lu start this vicious tiger, ready to put a gold stud shot destroy, if not security arrived, the consequences do not look envisaged in the original first saw Lu tiger, Han Qin was surprised to feel this guy's age and the face of murderous disproportionate, chilling and now he is so insidious revenge shot, still life than dignitaries vicious trail The rule is less than the family curse, this thing is certainly no such consciousness if we do not dig up the roots, it is necessary to listen to endless troubles Han Qin say, gold stud in bed struggling and said: "Brother, we are brothers, you have to say , may refer to the total of the outside to come, not that you endure several times, over a month and jump the "Han Qin Bai Jianguo pat on the shoulder, asked:" The founding of the PRC, we had three to Lu Tiger caught, and now the bulk of cut, Lu Tigers will not miss two of us these days, you have to be especially careful, it is best to live in the Huaqing Hot Springs Village,oakley eyeglasses sale, not a man to go out alone, "Bai Jianguo said with disdain:" Brother, you do not worry about me, I was worrying about it I can not find them Bai Jianguo not Baihun these years, they have to want to cut my weigh "Hotshot Bai Jianguo effort and gold stud who is not a grade, naturally not put Lu Mao Haizi looked like tiger, however, since it has been this brutal guy shot, Kung Fu Bai Jianguo absolutely will not let go no matter how good, can you do to avoid them bullets just on the right of this Road punks who, exactly when they want to become famous arena, what extreme measures will make a come see Bai Jianguo indifference, Han Qin secretly bite the bullet, it seems only to quickly find Lu tiger this kid, let him live more than a day more of a non-hazardous drum morale can vent Korea Qin said: "nation-building, such as punks course not afraid of him, but he was in the dark, we are in the open, or caution some good" see the big brother said earnestly, Bai Jianguo grateful Kim nodded again, and the bulk of Shuiliaoyihui words comforted him a few words, Han Qin three of them out of the hospital personnel to leave the hospital door, Han Qin thought for a moment, if it is really dry hire Lu tiger, gold stud has now cut into serious injuries, police are investigating, he should corpuscles days short, estimated at less than Bai Jianguo and be yourself, but also just to get rid of him at this time Ma Chao's efficiency is very high, back to the vice squad Less than two hours, give Han Qin fight over the phone. wWW. quANBen. coM he has let the students work in the prison system to identify, Lu Hu has been in half a month before being released on medical parole Han Qin nodded, this thing is already dry Lu tiger certainty key question now is how to deal with him Han Qin said: "super- Son, if we give you a direct response to this clue Interpol, the police will be how to deal with? "Ma Chao consider a moment and said:" incitement to knives to injure heavy case, if we are to provide clues to the police, they'll go to investigate, but we just doubt, and there is nothing concrete evidence, the police want to arrest people is impossible if Lu tiger plan is good, then there anti-reconnaissance experienced people help solve the problem, then this case it is difficult to detect, fix may become unsolved Oriental City, the annual The case can not break much "gold stud cut,Air Jordan New School UK Sale, then if Bai Jianguo was unexpected, not only his two brothers to follow their own have suffered, Huaqing's reputation will be destroyed two major shareholders plot, who would dare pick transfer of shares Huaqing this mess does not go out, no money then set the East pharmaceutical factory, all plans will come to nothing this kid can not stay, or do it yourself, right Han Qin now want to kill this little punks easy, you need to consider is how to kill the invisible, so that the dregs of society in line with the natural disappearance of six in the evening, Yan Min is the living room watching TV, musical door bell rings Yan Min got past the door, looked out from the cat's eyes, could not help but turned out to be a pleasant surprise Korea Qin Yan Min, Korea Qin to Xiping working, although she tried several times to call, but did not look at her it makes Yan Min was very lost, That the game is over, everything will halted Yan Min faint smile: "Han Shuji, Xiping how to work over there? see you spirited, must successfully "Han Qin listen out, Yan Min discourse between some cynicism and ridicule. See Yan Min color recovery is good, there is no mention of Han Qin Yan mayor, lest her heart Han Qin said: "Yan Min, my treat today, we go out to dinner," Yan Min Han Qin a white lips up a pick, lightly smiles: "I am also invited to eat French food?" Listen Yan Min say, Han Qin heart of a dynamic, it appears that she still remember the last thing beauty and Song Jialei occasional thing, indefinable but also their will is not enough firm, without blocking Song Jialei offensive, city has broken Han Qin grinned: "Please eat, there is a purpose, and that is not the last time I want you to help me you said it, I wanted to share transfer out Huaqing Hot Springs, is now a good contact under the house just the next house and I am more familiar with, I do not want to stand in front of go, please do it for me out of a plane, "Yan Min look see Han Qin, this is not a trivial one right, please people play their boyfriends, Korea Qindu promised, and played conscientious meal, Han Qin Yan Min to the island with a cafe, to a small package, he had an appointment and Lee Morrowind, right here and his confidante agreement appointment time comes, Lee took his confidante Morrowind rush over to see Lee Morrowind not avoid arousing suspicion, senior beauty personally presided over an over, Han Qin Li Morrowind did not know himself as an outsider, since he is not prepared to conceal the relationship and the beauty chair Morrowind see Han Qin Li turned out to be a glamorous and brings extraordinary beauties, and explained that it was his friends, Huaqing Hot Springs major shareholder, Li Morrowind just smiled and beauty chair without speaking he is a friend of Han Qin and the cold beauty but also a friend, why should point out that the mystery agreement signed very smoothly, and other beauty chair to check Huaqing Pool After completion accounts and assets, the two sides signing two clear options and funding agreements, Secretary Li and confidante and projects, there is no where to stay, a few pleasantries, we do not hurry and something Secretary Li, Han Shuji has event tonight back home to do the Yan Min, Han Qin drank a cup of tea, reluctantly watched in Yan Min, Han Shuji severely heart, also got out of the City first family member courtyard farewell, Han Qin called a taxi, straight Delicate Ben seaside villas in a garden pretty little villa in front of Han Qin of the car. Look around nobody, Han Qin wall into the room two strong build Tibetan mastiff see strangers came, suddenly barked Han Qin against two Tibetan mastiff silently a moment, two guys walked quieted down Han Qin In the past, patted two big guy's head, hand to unlock the chains around their necks when facing two Tibetan mastiff silently watching for a few seconds, this has over the wall out of the next morning, the Oriental TV morning news program , the broadcast day shocking news last night about 10 o'clock in the breeze garden villas, two Tibetan mastiff suddenly go crazy, crazy biting live in one of the masters of neighbors abnormal call 110, wait for the police arrived, Tibetan Mastiff has three men dying police will eventually bite Tibetan mastiff killed after the rescue was able to enter the house after the three men were taken to hospital because of excessive bleeding, all died police had identified the trio's identity, which a youth called Lu underwent, the Department of medical parole officers, and the other two men are fugitives and convicts in the room searched out the May Fourth pistol and knives multivessel Police remind the general public, the Tibetan mastiff breeding dangerous, select the pet to be careful < ;

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