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this trick will lose their antworten

> Ch. came a dominatrix Kim Fu Peng thinks this action do very secretive, but did not escape the eyes of the Phoenix Song Jialei Township bacchanal sturdy, even Song Jialei this girl, in order to work requirements, but also often have to bite the battle Kim Fu Peng came up from the village cadres, known as "kg does not fall," is a big wine Lou matter to people with social class points, his men are also one gang of brothers Reggie wine market, which are There pound drinker Song Jialei see Kim Fu Peng wink to his brothers, they know that they have colluded Well, today Mengguan the new party secretary, let him make a fool out of Song Jialei after all, a girl, though cautious, such as silk look to this section, but did not expect this is just a prelude Tiancheng just arrange a few people if the new secretary of the drunk, they misjudge the Zhang Xiangzhang the banquet began, authorities cafeteria has become crowded, lively extraordinary, these usually rare a cohesive village cadres, one appointed by the new secretary of the opportunity, relationships, happily drinking Han Qin at this table, organized Minister, we are all members of party committees, the identity of the person on more remarkable civilization. wWw. QUAnBEn. cOM Han Qingang assumed office, the township People's Congress Chairman Chen Longhu as the highest level of leadership, on behalf of the Phoenix Township toast: "Minister Yang, Han Shuji Phoenix Township to us today, it can be said that the first double happiness, Han Shuji took office, We have a new leadership township Phoenix, we believe that under the leadership of the Han Shuji, Phoenix Township work must again to a new level again, personally sent Han Shuji Minister Yang arrival, which we never had the Phoenix Township This shows that the county honor for our Phoenix Township attention, we have high hopes for this is Han Shuji glory, but also our glorious countryside Phoenix Phoenix Township, according to our old rules, even dry three glasses of wine, to celebrate, "Mr Chan nuanced analysis of words, sounding, no loss is a theoretical foundation of the old political cadres glass of wine on the table to use, is the standard eight money cup, three glasses of wine to go, it is already more than twenty-two Phoenix township cadres no loss of alcohol test, even Song Jialei this girl, not even his brow wrinkled look, three glasses of wine drained and Wangke Minister Yang hit a bit timid, but it is necessary to drink three glasses of wine in front of President Chen opened Bureau,Air Jordan Spizike UK Sale, the protagonist is necessary for the new party secretary of the Han Qin put that glass smiles: "I start today is our Phoenix Township one of our Phoenix Township in order to do a good job, can not do without two conditions, one parent leadership support, two are now together comrades and comrades in the leadership, I also let the Phoenix Township by the old rules, even dry cups, thanks to the support of the leadership, with the help of comrades "Then, Han Qin put that glass gulp, first for the King of Qin Han series of actions, cleanly, so that everyone here is not one person looked at each other one does not enter a door ah, this is also the newly appointed party secretary of a wine farm cattle Phoenix Township rules, the first three glasses of wine even dry, the next can be no such rules, if every one toasting drink three, who is the subject of the township party secretary gave Phoenix formulated a rule, Phoenix Township Wal certainly be more Yuanyang finished second wine, the county cadres to the two committees had been undaunted Song Jialei also seemed a bit numerous liquor in such a short period of time, you'll feel catty high spirits, but also make life difficult for the members of the publicity Today Han Qin took office, the county allows organizations to minister personally hands, the most happy is Song Jialei, which indicates the Han Qin in the eyes of the county leadership positions Song Jialei sentiment,Air Jordan 6, coupled with fine wines add to the fun, and sometimes face, such as peach, Jiao Pretty charming wine for collective finished, they begin to go it alone, the main goal of course is to organize party secretary and minister of seven members of party committees, in addition to Song Jialei outside, everyone respect the newly appointed party secretary of a glass of wine and eleven members of the team drink later, Han Qin had already drank a full pound of white wine Han Qin although feeling a little embarrassed, however, and the first team members sit together, this wine is a must to drink who do not accept the toast, that is not Who face in this case, if the veteran is the wine field, they should take the initiative to play around with a wine, you can avoid wheel war Song Jialei not give Han Qinjing wine, which is in the care he was in such a PR Communication wine field, really good relationship with friendship, and in Pinjiu when it is not internecine Song Jialei very clear that in the battle field of wine, this is just beginning, and even gold Fu Peng actions have not yet King finished party secretary, under the leadership of President Chen, Phoenix village cadres began unanimously Minister Yang after all, is a veteran of officialdom, wine market over more experienced Phoenix township cadres despite straining out all the stops, but did not advise the next Minister Yang too much wine to shirk However, let Wangke to him on behalf of a Wangke had himself overwhelmed, coupled with the leadership of love, even more miserable gold deputy mayor see other people in the fight against Minister Yang , the beginning of the civil war gold smiling deputy mayor put that glass laughed: "Han Shuji, in Phoenix township, everyone knew I was Zhangxiang Chang's henchmen, but I first Phoenix township party committee either party secretary who served, I will support the work of secretaries please Han Shuji Do not presume what prejudices I wish Han Shuji rural work happily in Phoenix, a successful career first for the King "Jinxiang Zhang finished, a series of cups, Bei Bei bottomed Han Qin smile shaking his head, Jinxiang Zhang is caught my words put to three when one, and I want Pinjiu ah Han Qin also said: "Thank you Jinxiang Zhang's support, I also ask you, as always," Han Qin phrase ambiguous words, all of a sudden they poked Jinxiang Zhang's pain at the drain because of that incident, Jinxiang Zhang one hundred Nanbian, Tiancheng meal was reprimanded, so angry exception Later Jin Fu Peng Tiancheng initiative to door to admit, Jinxiang Zhang was decided to follow the new Han Qin Zhang Xiangzhang Song Jialei see very neatly and Kim Fu Peng drank three wine, frowned slightly, estimate, Han Qin almost had drank a half kilogram, while Tiancheng that bunch of brothers have not yet acted, it seems Han Qin must be made today have to get down and Jinxiang Zhang Han Qin Gang finished here, are not even had time to eat a dish on the side of the wine on the table came from a middle-aged man, Lee Datun Village branch secretary Lizhong Jiang, Zhang Tiancheng hardcore henchmen a Lizhong Jiang left hand holding the glass, right hand holding the bottle, smiling Han Qin walked around, smiled and said: "Han Shuji, you are the representative of his own choosing our Phoenix Xiangdang out of the party secretary, you got fifty-six votes, one of my one vote Han Shuji, I take this opportunity Lizhong Jiang, Jing Han Shuji you a glass of wine after work on our Litun a lot of attention, "Lizhong Jiang He was right , Kim Fu Peng first one to call him and let him turn on the water to see Lizhong Jiang Qin to Han over, Song Jialei frowned, shook his head gently directed at Han Qin, Han Qin warned not to drink this wine, this door opened, you have to bleeding can not be Han Qin nodded, very confident smile. Han Qin also know there is such a rule wine field is Gezhuo not speak, Lizhong Jiang of the wine he could drink Han Qin also clearly in vogue in the wine region, wine represents the character if rejected Lizhong Jiang This wine, it means lost his face, right after the work is very unfavorable although a township party secretary no need to curry favor with a village branch secretary, but they first came to gnaw on these snakes can still pull on the pull today is to drink Get down, absolutely can not lose this momentum Han Qin patted Lizhong Jiang's shoulder: "Thank you Secretary Li's support" Han Qin said, leaving the seat, walked in the middle of the open space, holding the glass loudly said: " We look a little quiet, listen to me say a few words without the strong support of all of you here, and I can not wait till I respect the work of Phoenix Township everyone a glass of wine, I wish a happy work comrades and good health "see Han Qin do this, see Lei Song slightly nod, Tiancheng's henchmen had two dozen people, is a man toast, but also the people to drink bad Han Qin this initiative, they resolve their strength Lizhong Jiang also secretly admire this young party secretary experience is very We had to discuss the rich do turns on stage, he must take very filling, preferably to a live broadcast of Korea Qin Thus, this trick will lose their effectiveness Lizhong Jiang watched Han Qin, although more than a pound of wine drinking , and sanity is still very clear, that is, drinking cups, the problem is not large it seems that today want to see the party secretary of the fool of the play to be dashed party secretary of the toast, we noisily a dry course, it was exciting, it was also disappointed everyone Just do a good job in the seat, is ready for what the next project, offices canteen door was "bang" away, along with the wind, a middle-aged woman who broke into fat middle-aged women, Hengrou face, triangular eyes off the tip brow, a face not look good crop heard movement, everyone turned round, middle-aged women recognize the powerful Phoenix Township is famous dominatrix Ma Fengying, JuYing House Hotel proprietress JuYing building was originally designated entertain Hotel Phoenix Township, when the township financial management confusion, the various units to eat casually bookkeeping, one year, several hundred thousand village can eat frequent transfers of staff in JuYing floor bookkeeping is unable to control, some of which are JuYing floor IOUs own mind, even managers are signed on behalf of the village finishing last financial time Suanlaisuanqu, nobody knows for sure there are hundreds of thousands of hundreds of thousands of dollars for this, Ma Fengying village and also fought the lawsuit, because of insufficient evidence,Jordan Flight The Power Sale, the court is not supported but Ma Fengying own way to deal with the township government, from time to time to come downtown to the government compound where everyone dined naturally tricky to know which of these Push any office, the mayor pushed secretary, we are able to hide to hide and can drag on drag, anyway, as long as the work of a transfer, do not return his pipe the Ma Fengying angrily walked inside, and cried: "I heard coming a new officer, who is the secretary of the "<

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