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Evening Oriental Oriental antworten

> Watching a group of bewildered punks, Han Qin indifferent a chuckle: "super sub, let's go. WWW. QuANBen. CoM" Han Qin their cars out very far, Zhang Meng still there kneeling do ! Ma Chao look of worship and asked: "brother brother is really admire, how to become a big man Shi Zhi you do?" Han Qin exclaimed: "Brother's an apprentice, he was not called Shishu what? Outside black fist fight a few years, it may allow others to play silly, do not give him two hand could not recognize even the elders. "In fact, this will be the most shocking thing Bai Jianguo. Han Qin did not see before, listen to how much Ma Chao said Han Qin, Bai Jianguo just smiled. Says writers who will kung fu, so, too? One has not yet completed their students can Niubi where to go? Has shown signs of Han Qin, really like that. With just the scene, is convinced of! Then a cow man, every line and bowed to Han Qin gift! Without real skill, it will be difficult let alone a generational Heitie Ta so afraid! In the evening, Han Qin received a Provincial Museum Liuguan Zhang's phone. Liuguan Zhang said that they have studied well, preparing for the formal acquisition of Tang Yin's askew **, price is 120 million yuan. Liuguan Zhang explained that this picture if you participate in a large auction houses, may be able to shoot a higher price point, but participate in the auction procedures for the identification and quite complicated, but unsold chance is quite high. Liu Guanzhang offer all kinds of explanations, or hope Han Qin was able to transfer the painting to the museum. Liuguan Zhang said that if Han Qin considered good, tomorrow he'll take people over, money draw two clear, the transferee will be held at the Oriental Museum ceremony. Han Qin thought, directly promised Liuguan Zhang conditions. During this time, Han Qin also search online a lot about ancient calligraphy auction information. Flirting painting has always been the auction market in general, and its supremacy in Chinese painting, fame form a great contrast! Compared to Zhang Daqian, Fu Baoshi and other modern masters, auction prices a lot worse. This also reflects the country's ancient paintings in the auction drops awkward position. Survive in the world because of its scarcity, forgeries more difficult, and very conducive to speculation, so the auction price is often not as fired very fierce masters of modern paintings and modern paintings. Modern masters of painting moving tens of millions, while Tang Yin's artworks over one million is a high price! For this piece of erotic, Provincial Museum can out to the price,Coach Online Bags, it should be very unfair, and also shows that they are sincere acquisition! Han Qin walked into the room with parents so that parents have this joy should share a! Energy-saving light pale Juan is paste paper, Han Yuchun attentively on the computer to find information. See Han Qin come in, parents are lovingly raised his head. Han Qin Flirting ** on the photograph in front of Zhang Yuchun, the mysterious and asked: "Dad, you know who painted it?" Han Yuchun looked at, is a **, very old, no money no knowledge. Shook her head. Juan See Shinto god Lord two channels, but also getting in the way, I saw such a scenario, you get angry and said: "From where did you get such a naked thing, quickly burn, let outsiders see more embarrassed ah! . "Han Qin smile shaking his head and said:" Mom, you can be really generous! This is Flirting paintings, worth millions, if I do not say, you really to burn ah! "heard Flirting, Han Qin parents are startled live, this is big celebrity ah! Some thing is incredible, "painting" paintings called the One, but his fame author zhangzeduan not large. Flirting fame famous, his masterpiece can tell who is a handful! Flirting can let people including women and children, not because of his painting, "Flirting Scholar" credit! Han Yuchun couples often receive CCTV's "treasure hunt" program, known paintings worth much, but when a painting is really worth millions on his face,Oakley Juliet Sunglasses, still no small surprise! One million yuan for some it may seem commonplace Regal, but guaranteeing that families eat, it is definitely an astronomical figure! Juan irrepressible own joy, pleasure and asked: "Qin children, how did you get this baby!" Han Qin to explain that their work-study program in the antique market a few years, many have learned some antique appraisal knowledge, was lucky enough to pick up a big leak! As for his brain super job aids system, including parents can not tell anyone! The next day, Han Qin accompanied her mother went to the Oriental Museum. Transfer ceremony was arranged on the second floor meeting rooms, the staff has been well arranged, on the podium pulled a red banner that read: Provincial Museum Yin authentic transferee ceremony! Evening Oriental Oriental TV and have sent reporters to cover events. Song Wen Fei saw Han Qin came in, smiled and said: "Han Qin, today you become the protagonist! One will interview you, you had better say two ah!" Han Qin said: "Thank you, great reporter, never let you satisfaction. "Juan see his son and the female reporter to speak familiar look, could not help but read the Song Wen Fei many glances. A very beautiful girl, to see that this great accomplishment. Mother came to see Han Qin, Liu Guanzhang warmly greeted. Han Qin look at television camera mounted on the side, put Liu Guanzhang aside. Whispered: "Liu Guanzhang, I do not want to appear in our East news, you can understand if the television reporter insisted video, I refuse to participate in this ceremony!" Liu Guanzhang thought, find television led a head, explained a while, television reporter was bitterly left. That head face resentment, wait a bite Han Qin! Provincial Museum to attach great importance to this event, the whole quite like a ritual going on. Liu Guanzhang solemnly announced: "Dongshan County Museum Yin authentic transferee ceremony started!" In the melodious song, Han Qin and Liu Guanzhang flash of the camera under the handover. Miss Manners also served champagne. After the ceremony, Han Qin received the Eastern Evening News in an exclusive interview. Juan sat in the corner, watching the Qin and Han Fei Song Wen talked like an old friend, meaningful contemplation up! On the way home, look handsome son, Juan laughed: "Qin children, I see you are quite right, and that female reporter!" Han Qin grins: "Mom, you do not joke, just met a friend, just know the name of it! "Han Qin lips to say, in fact, he and Song Wen Fei has entered a state of love, holding hands, hug, kiss, romantic fascinated people step by step! Juan mysterious, said: "This is something hiding from her mother's eyes, from the girl see your eyes,Crossbodys Coach UK, I see everything you need to have confidence in the ah!" <

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