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23.05.2013 08:02
two defense team looked antworten

> Look who tripolar Superintendent, Han Qin cold smile, said: "police officers, this is what you mean?" Tripolar Superintendent pretended snapped: "What do you mean I asked? Their dry matter not We know this is illegal in restoring your site now witnesses and evidence are there, you are arrested for prostitution * prostitution, walked with us to have a trip to it, "Han Qin made up his mind, this matter must be resolved here, once with They went to the police station, covered the mouth can not tell his own flat in the West there is no enemy, the only connection is that the interests who Zhangxiang Zhang for election, even such dirty tricks are used, but on second thought Such is also the idea that the most effective Zhangxiang Zhang also plot plan is in place, a single young celibate outside, looking lady well understood. wWW, QUANben, cOM go as long as this thing came out, even if they have Lee Morrowind this background, pressing the police can not play, but it is no longer faces mixed in Xiping, and had to leave in disgrace Xiping Tiancheng can without a fight wins, really vicious ah Han Qin said: "The police officer, we compounding it you set a price" tripolar Superintendent saw Han Qin served soft, joyful hearts, this is really time-tested techniques Superintendent righteous and said Ling Ran : "Do not attempt to bribe the police, you have such ugly phenomena, we must thoroughly eradicate the" Superintendent I turned around and said: "close team, all of them two years back by a statement from" Han Qin scornfully looked at the bit naked lady, disdain said: "police officer, you enter through the back door of the police station is right, you are not professional ah lady handling performances are in place, evidently did not like me less rehearsal dressed, unhurried demeanor , where you like to be caught prostitute * existing customers, clearly led to your leadership you "is Han Qin such a laugh, three pole Superintendent leng in this case, but also calm demeanor laughing, which is the ordinary people Superintendent can do small little regret, today should not take this live since come this far, only to bite the bullet on a three-pole Superintendent cried: "You two, this guy's clothes pulled down, but also to take a picture of him, "two defense team around us, one took out handcuffs, ready to go to Korea Qin wear! did not wait for him to rely on the side, Han Qin waved his arm, fist pounding on this kid's nose , this defense team a stagger against the door, suddenly see stars, extremely sore, squatting on the ground hum Although these two guys together is two police officers, usually legendary, where trained this flexion, a look that a defense team Folks eat the loss, waving rubber truncheon against Korea at the very start of Qin Qin hit over Korea nor dodge, directly at the defense team kick, middle of his belly defense team,Oakley Sunglasses Active, "ah," the scream, and injured in collision with three guys Superintendent extremely alarmed, shouted: "Do you dare to openly resist our law enforcement, assaulted the officer, I can now implement coercive measures against you," the little Superintendent also a graduate of the police academy, Wrestling is also an expert shot down son, you know there is not, a level of Han Qin moves, Superintendent very self-knowledge, themselves and others is not a grade Han Qin sneer: "The police officers, frank resist strict , you know me and you never met, a two no complaints Wu Chou, why ruin my future? what people instruct you to do the "see Han Qin sharply pointed their purpose, small Superintendent teeth threatened:" You obediently with me to have to go, I'll give you to personalize tract enforcement, only let you pay a fine, not units to lead people, you do not notify the families if you insist, I'll play by the rules, fines, detention, notify the family, Wong dropped crotch like a lot, but also into the feces feces not think about the consequences of your right "frame-up by all so cattle hide and seek, drinking water also a rare Han Qin activities a bit body, laughing:" police officers, do not say I did not give you a chance since you so Bushi Xiang, I am fine, there is no activity after a long time you evil is also the official police, but also civil servants, we also considered a level, you come to a friendly match between the police here is just a floor, not a nuisance. "tripolar Superintendent secretly crying, the boss really is not meant enemy unknown to start, this is not looking very ill do three township police station superintendent and deputy director of Phoenix Ma is buddies at noon today, Ma invited a good Superintendent, said that there is a guy from the city to grab his girlfriend, so he set up a bureau to get him a three-pole Superintendent of course, clearly, what people can bully, what people do not move At that time, the boss asked, what is backing this guy. Boss just say this guy is a small civil service, with no family background, relied on a small white face, everywhere zhanhua twist and do not get too much grass, put his discredit, disgrace to leave Xiping on the line for them, set up a bureau do individuals, is simply a piece of cake Zhuapiao the most effective way is such a thing as long as one out, only added insult to injury, the party had to jump to the Yellow Xibu Qing obediently eat Yaba Kui, unlucky Renzai However, this matter It seems big trouble both defense team are just graduating from military school where students are good skill, a trick only won by others, under the knowing that they are not rivals, if it was this kid scare a few words, tripolar Superintendent can not be reconciled, it is not degrading you see the police scum Korea Qin eyeball straight forward, you know this guy is still considered bad idea, sometimes furious, for such things, they should not buy on credit are not hit Let him taste the physical pain, he does not know the pain of torture others Han Qin thundered loudly, again and again moves against this scum tripolar Superintendent Although the NPA also learned some style and no substance inside, bully bully good okay, really want to play fighting, it was only less than two minutes were beating the small Superintendent lying on the floor just hum the strength of the Superintendent Xuemo child spit mouth, bite the bullet, now only blamed, stiff Scalp investigators insist that they are in, there is this scene, as long as two defense team uniform caliber, insisted that this guy violent resistance to law, until police reinforcements came, this guy is covered in a giant pain in the mouth can not tell endured, Superintendent mouth shouted: "saving ah someone robbed" police scum so a shout, Han Qin was surprised not to ask yourself what is now out, if you really provoke the police,Coach OP Art USA, as long as these three guys insist they are coming Zhuapiao, and he is one hundred Nanbian Han Qin hand picked from the Superintendent belt handcuffs, deftly to give this guy a Su Bei Jian Superintendent still see a small cry forever, Han Qin look around, and sometimes also You can not find something gag readily yixian blanket, bed just have not yet replaced Miss wash underwear, imprinted also legible Han Qin pulled a sheet from the bed, threw just shivering naked lady, snapped shouted: "Do not disgrace squatted there, and quickly put up with this little thing you put in his mouth stuffed" Miss deftly put sheets draped over the body, and finally focus on the hidden live weekdays Miss no less oppressed by the police scum, which can always be exported angry lady today, she certainly knew it was just replaced, absolute flavor of fresh, hand picked small underwear, straining the regiment regiment, abruptly into this police scum the mouth of two defense team had also want to follow the cry, to see if they can attract reinforcements, a see Superintendent enjoy this treatment, his mouth suddenly Bijin finished packing small Superintendent, Han Qin Look at that young lady dressed in linen, eat persimmons first pick soft pinch, she will start to start it here, see Miss Hanqin Wei Yan looked at himself, quickly for mercy: "The guy, you go nuts on how, do not let them beat me this is so dry, I have nothing to do with "The lady is dark salon * prostitution, every month to the three-pole Superintendent pay management fees. They collusion prostitute * off the front foot out, Superintendent rear catch people naturally not turned over to the Treasury Forfeiture items, but few of them dividing nature, such as the fishing game, it is skillful play this afternoon, tripolar Superintendent has found this lady, let him get a tie with Council. Forfeiture or according to the old rules do, Miss take third, two-thirds of such Superintendent take Xian Rentiao they do not know how many times to engage in long ago did not expect hundreds of times, but this time to find a pen and paper planted Han Qin the young lady said: "You know the causes and consequences of the detailed written down, is also not allowed to miss" Miss dressed in linen, bedside before squatting, less than ten minutes, they wrote a full two manuscript. Han Qin took over looked this good lady's literary talent, wrote quite literary let this lady sign your name, Han Qin kicking the two lying on the floor playing defense team, shouted: "Do not play dead,Nike Jordan Flight The Power Sale, I start with a measured, which you how to put your plan, and who instigated, what is the purpose, eleven write clearly. "two defense team looked at each other, secretly look at their boss. Superintendent mouth stuffed with Miss plain underwear, evidently not very comfortable, painfully struggling on the ground. Superintendent's head down so chaotic pendulum, did not know he was still shaking his head nodding both defense team had nothing but street punks, get a trust relationship between a tiger in the police station, maintaining law and order, protection of the public can not find them , gamblers Zhuapiao charge the former punks like origin, not to mention what integrity, strategy, just know that heroes do not eat the immediate loss, beat his fist down on the body without exposing glaring at Han Qin, the two defense team had obediently After the things written down two punks level is not flattered by a mere two pages, typo talk, write the general Han Qin beetles lying smile shaking his head, forget how to say, this is the original processed these confessions minions Han Qin room to move to the mouth of the baby Superintendent get down a liberated, quickly opening the mouth is often outside the Superintendent spit, spit a full minute, but felt lingering aftertaste, it seems that little piece of cloth taste quite Superintendent concentrated look almost too clean, Han Qin sneered: "Dude, you have finished a few first live, which you now" Little Superintendent bite the bullet and said: "My friend, you are in Xiping offend people, We are also your ability to succeed as a friend Gao Qiang, we Xueyibujing, we Renzai if you incensed over us, good condition, forcing us to discuss if you have to cut off future brothers and I had to fight in the end you are reported to the Ministry of Public Security, we also adhere to teeth is handling the mouth can not tell you "see the Han Qin took that looked at a few pages, Superintendent sneered:" My friends, you do not use that you look at our brothers were you beat Chengsha Yang you this is torture, police torture to nothing, you better not do this, "listen to this little Superintendent, said Han Qin surprised a moment, this thing is not a good ending <

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