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sitting next to a fifty antworten

> Sunday morning, Han Qin where traffickers to retrieve a false marriage certificate. wwW, QUanbEN, coM open that red books, Han Qin satisfied smile, though false, the level of production is also good, red seal, stamp punch clear, at least looked quite like the case, should be more than enough to fool the old man ! Han Qin walked into the ward, Yan Mingang just wait dad had breakfast. Come see Han Qin, Yan mayor concern and asked: "Xiao Han, how? Acclaimed public election that thing?" Han Qinqian virtual ground, said: "Up to now still relatively smooth, just passed the theory test tomorrow to conduct field visits, preparing the Policy Address, so leadership team review score. "listening Han Qin Jieshao situation Yan mayor gently smiled and said:" Well! continue efforts took the time, no matter how good we Yeliang drink two glasses to celebrate the celebration! "Look Yan Min, also the face of praise and expectations. Han Qin bluntly said: "I feel the next step more difficult. Organization Department of the acclaimed public election design solutions should say perfect, a local competition is now Ren Xiangzhang also party secretary of the village party to letting vote, I am a foreign person to compete, not optimistic! "strict mayor little, said:" This is a bit inconsistent with avoidance system. cadres grew up a smear and an alien cadres competition, this is not fair? Organization Department how to say? "Han Qin said:" Many people have asked this question, the organization department explained that if the local cadres not to participate, not fair to them, which is not conducive to play the enthusiasm of cadres, the cadres of the results should be recognized! an outstanding leading cadres should not be afraid of unfamiliar environment, in any environment should be able to stand out! "slightly mused, Yan Mayor said:" organization department also makes sense to say, if this is really the local cadres ability to have prestige in the local promotion are good for many! if he was dissatisfied with the local cadres, natural and innovative ideas, alien cadres have advantages! strive for it! "Han Qin quietly handed the marriage certificate Yan Min. Although the two false, Yan Min in his hand or slightly shocked, Qiaolian suddenly become crimson! Stability of the steady mood, Yan Min whispered: "Dad, I put the Qin and Han marriage certificate collar back,,,,," Listen daughter said receive a marriage certificate, Yan Mayor pleased ear to ear, took two red marriage certificate, looking through this, but looking through that book, see Yan Min and Han Qin photos together, the old man smiled and said: you set a date, such as Xiao Han became party secretary, you will be the wedding, to a double celebration! "They one, suddenly looked at each other! Yan Min tense ineffectively lips, I do not know how to answer my father, really let Han Qin bet,Coach Handbags Sale, the next step is to Jin Dongfang! Han Qin also smile shaking his head, it seems that this elected party secretary or do not! Otherwise, really bad ending,,,, see Yan Min no merit, had their own run for! Han Qin said: "Uncle, this need not busy, receive a marriage certificate is the real husband and wife , there is no wedding, just a form. You enjoy the hospital now, we do not in the mood, waiting for you out of the hospital, and we wasted a Fengfengguangguang back, holding a bustling wedding, you old people said good? "Yan Han Qin clutching the hand of the mayor, muddy eyes shining with tears, happy, full of nostalgia and affection for life! Although it is known that she has is incurable, who does not expect a miracle! Old man nodded. : "Well, I'm sick, etc. Well, give you the wedding, I am old Yan to Fengfengguangguang married woman! "Yan Min sad turned away, quietly wiped his eyes and let my father see that his heart sad! Han Qin again filled with gratitude, but also thanks to his wit and varied, and caring, to let my father happily last journey through life! about this big boy, Yan Min did not know how to repay go! put things at home in order, Han Qin Sunday afternoon went Xiping. Este peace between the West but also across a Qin City, although the bus is very convenient, but also to the West for nearly three hours flat. Organization Department notice to eight o'clock on Monday morning reported that Ma Chao let Han Qin Monday, saying police car drove two hours to ensure the Han Qin sent ! Han Qinwan reject the Ma Chao kindness, or one day in advance to the West to determine their own level, so spend more time off, but also to adapt to Xiping environment in advance of the election of the next step should be good. transport buses to open in less than one hour out of the Orient the main city, began to enter the Qinzhou area. Qinzhou is an old industrial base, relatively strong industrial base, and coupled with the unique geographical conditions, a very successful investment work, the city has two provincial industrial park, a South Korea industrial parks, one is Qinzhou Zone. This large supported the Qinzhou Industrial Park for half! infrastructure from roads, residential areas near homes, you can see the deep-pocketed Qinzhou. Qinzhou City in the East ten a comprehensive strength ranked counties ranked third in the National hundred counties in the middle. way over, Han Qin see the edge of the road most of the factory door hung a large sign, not long-winded, straight to the point four words, high-paying job! Now the country is in trouble Shortage, Qinzhou is no exception! Some years ago, Dongfang City began the cage for birds, it seems, the cage is changed, but not into gold bird, still dominated by labor-intensive enterprises! migrant workers in low-wage, temporary job has changed the difficult times, it is not necessarily a boon! out of the Qin City territory, the scene along the road slowly with subtle changes, the first is becoming more and more sparse billboards, large luxury brands is difficult to see! pavement and road maintenance also become sloppy up! cars began climbing gradually into the mountains. car a bespectacled young laughing said: "Every time I return from the East Li Xiping, the deepest experience is that China's terrain west to east. "Young people, then drew a burst of laughter quite agree, the atmosphere of the car also become active again. Han Qin, sitting next to a fifty-year-old old man, also with a child, the little boy of seven or eight years old, Hutouhunao very likable little boy see Han Qin with headset listening to music, 瞪着大眼睛,Nike Jordan Play In These 2 Sale, curious to see! Han Qin look at the small boy off a headset to him, smiled and said: "Come together we listen! "Little boys were not timid, a little shyly took over. Sheepishly old man laughed:" You see this child, nor recognize students delay uncle songs. "There are over fifty years old, tough physique,Nike Jordan After Game UK Sale, although his face covered with wrinkles, but God looks, seem very spiritual. Han Qin noted that the old man's left hand a little disability. Han Qin said:" Grandpa You're welcome, listening to music that is to pass the time. This is a lovely child, much stronger than the songs. You stopped in to visit relatives Xiping? "The old man smiled and said:" My family is Xiping Phoenix Township. The city is the kids to see their mom and dad, factories Azeri stingy, do not leave. Children think not, I took him to look. "Also a coincidence, and this old man is Phoenix Township! County unified organization of research, not necessarily really come into contact with ordinary people, that was a chance to chat, might even get some valuable information. Han Qin smiles : "The elderly, there is now the development of the Phoenix is ​​also pretty good, how about life? "The old man smile:" living conditions are much stronger than before. Young people in order to earn money just two are out of work, the village's old families left small,,,, hey, Shashi Hou kids can make money at home, a person does not fall apart, and the U.S. United States in a just fine! "Listen to the elders say this, Han Qin heart of a dynamic, originally only seen in the newspaper, left-behind children, empty nesters, it seems that this problem really quite serious! Everything has two sides, he is not in this regard Articles doing it! <

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