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23.05.2013 07:48
there are twenty people living abroad antworten

"The steward had died. But a fire long alive. He said the ship was ready to go to the city." "It?" "Is Badawi, the Dutch territory." "In Indonesia there -" "on, they prepared to sell goods there after the acquisition last year of spices and back again to sell." Jean Yao said, "now check down, there are twenty people living abroad." "The owner still alive?" "The owner is not on board, an agent for the ship owner duct has been pirates killed." "That's good." Ma Qianzhu think that this slightly more generous some good, "check out of the returned goods good, not the Lord will be ours." "I also think that better." Jean Yao nodded. "Pig iron, need something directly buy well -- province they were carried back, maybe be willing to trafficking." Ma Qianzhu just want to do good in the end, proposed: to express through our group Wei Guangzheng: after examination confirmed the ship seaman, not pirates, each one or two money as travelling expenses, the merchants of goods can not find, there are defects,oakley for cheap, also give Fei Panchuan to hire a boat to go home. Responsible for handling this matter ran Yao feel that everything, everyone's interests are not damaged, one one agreed. Ma Qianzhu also think it is so complete, partial materials themselves to. But that afternoon, a phone call to his office. Did not think of solutions it just in A publicity is not processing, is the person who submitted the Executive Committee, asked to deal with. Because the difference is too big. Jean Yao can't decide, put this things reporting to the executive board. Sorry. The trial?" Ma Qian also ate a surprised, then through the group now is the establishment of a judicial institute as the research department of legal policy, occasionally also provides the reference for the legal policy, but they haven't really open any tribunal. Is the public security departments alone basically. Now how to make up the court. The proposal is the current Commissioner vest proposed. The core of his proposal is "with it as an opportunity, establish the Qiongzhou Strait maritime jurisdiction". Specific measure is in shop Bo maritime court, specialized processing Strait pirates on Qiongzhou robbery; the vessel capsized, salvage, cargo, the ship collision, liability and compensation for the determination of all maritime matters. Maritime Law in the European origin is very early, but China is basically a blank. The waistcoat that, in the control area across the group should carry out this legal system, which will help standardize Chinese coastal maritime trade and maritime transportation act. "I admit, the rule of law is very important, but now have this flower shelf have what use?" Questioned Ma Qianzhu, "the law should have compulsory means to guarantee to ensure its authority,Coach Bags Online, and now we order not Lingao, control of the sea just Lingao coastal, make this system is it right? Too early?" "Through the group to Hainan Island, Taiwan as a base to start,Coach Bags Store, from the coast to the mainland expansion strategy. So in a very long time in the sea will be the main pillar industries in our maritime law, perfect from the start now, making up of marine navigation and trade rules, for the future of the industry.

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