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> Montreux appearance nobody can expect to get, but at the moment there is no harm for all of us at least, can not help to avoid the escalation of the fighting, in theory, Montreux and could become everyone's a big help. wWW! Quanben! CoM Gu Qing now also need to digest what the so-called spiritual roots of these myths news, and Gu Qing feeling that, most likely the emergence of Montreux and evil beasts or monsters have ties shining armor, if this assumption is true established, then the identity of the patron saint, after all, to Montreux will stand them here, of course, this possibility is not necessarily achieved, or they are between the two do not have any contact. Tyrant, who is now around all day around Montreux and Montreux is a beautiful sounding name so can quickly improve their strength, for this argument Gu Qing maintained a skeptical attitude, he did not think the purpose of Montreux displayed on the surface it's so simple, but he could not find one of the key points. "What, you want to take them?" Gu Qing looked incredible Montreux, obviously bad feeling hearts have become a reality trend these days around the Montreux crowd around and did not increase the strength of what he said, and give Instead, he feels we are depressed, this change had already attracted the attention of Gu Qing, so now Montreux request is undoubtedly excessive. Montreux and over his face flashed a trace of impatience, waving directly toward Gu Qing, "swallow the five elements from their fruit from the moment that they have the responsibility to guard spiritual roots, protect the earth, it is their mission, and as Five of the tree guardian, I am entitled to command them! "words full of irresistible, and it is this point let Gu Qing mind this guy has certainly become increasingly impure purposes. But Gu Qing did not act rashly, but now and Montreux falling more harm than good, if I give this guy annoyed, he only needs to be able to raze a transfiguration here, we can not afford this great loss, but watched Montreux away gang brothers,Coach Kristin Clearance, Gu Qing is resolved unwilling. "I go with everyone, my first spiritual roots are found, they swallow the fruit is what I give, how to say I have an obligation to take on this responsibility!" Gu Qing retreating towards Montreux cried, he is bent to keep up, after a few words to the people accountable, just like on a team. Montreux Qing Gu is not much for rejection, leave the base, the crowd had begun to go up speed toward the destination, the current spiritual roots Gu Qing did not know the location, so he only followed, and in a few Pa day, who the exchange, Gu Qing are from each other's eyes being felt a wave of indifference, as if Gu Qing is like a stranger in their eyes like, this discovery undoubtedly Gu Qing's heart sank. Has maintained a high degree of vigilance Gu Qing lock the Montreux body, as long as what the other actions hurt everyone, so he can respond the first time, he has quietly returned the message to the base, place the Gali closing After the message is in accordance with the coordinate tracking behind. Montreux is still bent on their way, Gu Qing and accosted him several times he is half-heartedly, whenever he asked about the specific orientation of spiritual roots, this guy is always do not know or refused to answer did not happen now, so that Gu Qing gas is teeth itch. "This is not the route to Shenlongjia it?" Looked around a familiar environment, Gu Qing hearts a thump, mind could not help thinking, is not that the location is the spiritual roots Shenlongjia inside, there really are so coincidental thing. This assumption was soon overthrown, because there are at a distance of more than twenty kilometers Shenlongjia time line has changed, and if I remember correctly, Gu Qing, this position is the end of Alishan is a large pre-disaster The famous tourist scenic spot. "Roar!" "Cecil!" Ali has just entered into a range of various variants of the beast roar of the crowd will surround the ear, perhaps Montreux deterrent, Actually, I do not have eyes to animal variation looking for their trouble, but even so, Gu Qing heart also a little more wary. Move on, the crowd turned over Alishan Alishan behind the scenes when you see when Gu Qing whole person as being struck by lightning as stunned in the place. "Welcome to the Xiongshou gathering!" Montreux laughed loudly. With the sound of laughter later, following that with a few huge body while twisting, and finally have to stand up, with curious eyes looked Gu Qing and Tyrant crowd. "Montreux,Oakley Active, you take these human beings what is meant to be here!" The far end of the speaker-meter long enough to have stared in disgust Xiongshou Gu Qing, et al, that coveted top saliva in Xuependakou disgusting. When look at this first Xiongshou face when suddenly a Gu Qing pupil contraction, because this is the first Xiongshou Qing Gu Beibei just a dead end, and finally led to Beirut killed that guy, Gu Qingyong far forget pair Mo Yang. "One, two, three ......... eight, nine!" Strafe back and forth with the eyes, but not too much, just a nine to remove the fire spirit python solution, the remaining nine Xiongshou all hiding in here. "Haha, do not use this tone and speak to me, I will not be your servant!" Montreux laugh a little crazy, but also began to appear humanoid avatars change the appearance of the beast Aoyama again appeared in front of Gu Qing. Other end like a dragon dragon Xiongshou stare Montreux glances, then disdain, "it was a breakthrough in my shackles, no wonder'm arrogant in front of me, but do not you forget it, how did you fall into our The hands! "were exposed to a sore spot among the Montreux eyes filled with hatred, so that countless Fengren start rotational molding at its side, Gu Qing shocked to see this, think back to the tyrant crowd quickly, but let him anxious thing happened, since I came here, the tyrant they become like a puppet-like, no matter how Gu Qing shouted reminder, these guys is indifferent. "You ugly guys, let me end you now!" Montreux as devout believers like shouting, guardian of the tree that is located in the abdomen golden flow pattern, a surge of powerful forces which poured forth from the air fluctuations even let Gu Qing Annealing a few steps. "Today, I have been an insult to redouble recover from you, and you just wait regret it!" Golden rose light flow pattern, and finally formed a seven among deserted beam, light beam which seven stations and both are enveloped In the following seven people tyrant, see Gu Qing Anjiao soon as well, and it's quickly break the link between desire, but let golden contains powerful impulse Gu Qing paid the price. Among its golden jet of a direct hit in the Qing Gu's body, the guardian of the instinctive call out the light directly below the surface to ashes, golden energy has been weakened, and even then Gu Qing enough to drink a pot. "All right!" Gali has arrived, when you see the head of a large following that several big thing when Gali is also being caught up in deep shock. Tyrant watched seven people not into the askew patterns among youth in the care of an anger quietly hearts rising into the sky was filled with anger eyes keeping a close eye Montreux,Totes Coach UK, Gali saw this pair of Gu Qing Mo Yang, eyes being filled with worry about the color. "We have to get out of here!" Gali looked straight Gu Qing single word, and now the situation is critical, a possible adverse impacts to fish bad. Gu Qing teeth nodded his head, heart though unwilling, but he also knew he could do nothing, taking advantage of the other party is not to focus on the two men who left here is the best strategy. "Humankind, never expect to get out of here!" They wishful thinking or dashed, where a similar leopard Xiongshou noticed two men, feeling the glow of a pair of sparkling eyes, the two big hearts flutter. "Go!" Gu Qing yell, stomp your feet heavy, rapid burst toward the distant Optimus shot away. "Roar!" Other end Xiongshou roar loudly, stature flash broke out at an alarming rate people speechless with admiration, seeing Gali Gu Qing and the other two will be caught up in this time, but it is a beast Aoyama The action abruptly blocked in the forward line this first Xiongshou above. "Go away!" This is the first Xiongshou shouted, sharp claws fiercely towards the Castle beast neck arrested, did not expect to feed the beast Aoyama is no avoidance, clawed at the top issued a blossoming sparks, At the end of this first Xiongshou only to find that he did not give the other party caused some substantial damage, looking at the neck above that road is almost negligible white printing, it is finally guessed what. "I never thought you guys actually jumped strength, no wonder there is this courage against us!" Like leopards Xiongshou body while twisting, and then change became a ferocious temperament Henla middle-aged man, golden yellow leopard In its skin exudes a strange light. Montreux hissing cry, and said, "strange cat died today the first one is you!" Finish the sentence the moment, Montreux on the move, stature, such as electricity, as if like instantly teleport closer to two The distance between that leopard apparently did not think the speed of the other soared to such a degree, so it was an off guard Montreux head heavy hit in the body. "Court death!" Followed by intense sound of fighting could be heard clearly, but since Gu Qing and Gali are not the mind to match, seeing Optimus Prime is getting closer, the two eyes broke out rays of hope. "I never thought we meet again!" Strange, distorted space in front is gradually emerging out of a shadow, when you see a cynical young man, when two men suddenly a pupil contraction, Gu Qing's mind is from the front men who feel a deep sense of threat. "Go!" Had no time to consider, Gu Qing screaming while Hou Gali and his sides were moving in the direction of escape. Young man looking at the two fled the scene, mouth gradually emerge out of touch Xiexiao. <

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