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> Subtle thunderous sound, accompanied by the storm Gu Qing who owned the momentum out of the terror, which shares oppressive feeling momentum, Han's face suddenly changed, passing touch of horror among the pupil of the eye, apparently, Gu Qing strength has far exceeded his expectation. wWw, QuANBEn, Com "Well, adults should also be coming, delaying it should be no problem!" Han underground passage in mind cry, and made the most of his wrong decision in this life, he eventually underestimated Gu Qing strength. Gu Qing dark eye among the passing touch of chill, Timmia injury has made him furiousa clearance[/url], he definitely will not be lenient. "Eat my fist!" Answered Han shouted, his fists with air explosion bombers coming toward Gu Qing. See that in-situ motionless figure, man mind flashed and had a trace of doubt, the reigning dark thought, "Is it just a superfluous it!" "Oh!" Man found his fist and turned over directly from the figure through , while the original figure that road of order along with Zheyi air. Just then, a slender hands gently resting on the back of his neck above the man's body, but also it is slightly cold hand to catch the moment, the body suddenly stiff upper face, a touch of horror of color slowly solidified. "Good speed of terror!" Looked almost like teleport behind young man appeared in the audience Leighton time quiet down, then a road Qin Zhao uncontrollably have sounded aghast. "Grunt!" Man smoking a mouthful of saliva, this time he really understand the gap between the two, in front of young people is too horrible, man's power and prestige which there before, and now he is thinking about how to Gu Qing's hands in order to survive. Gu Qing speed deeply shocked the audience each person's heart, highly visual impact of the scene so lucky heart had also retain combatants have dropped the weapon, Gu Qing thunder Xisha, has been cast in their hearts a shadow. "Say, why do you want to grab my sister, or die!" Young face covered with anger, eyes emerged among the intention to kill so covered with a cool guy, he is not the slightest doubt, youth gently grip , then their lives will be completely explained here. "I ... really ... I do not know ... road!" Man's voice trembled, someone else holds the death, man has no trace of courage, after all, nothing can come important than life. Gu Qing frowned, he does not deceive ourselves know each other, but the thought Beau askew Mo Yang, an undetermined origin have continued impact on Gu Qing's heart, he was anxious to put directly in front of people killed off, but he willing, willing to Timmia vain by so much suffering. "Freeze, all Freeze!" Few curse ringing sound in the periphery, and then Xixisuosuo voice sounded one after another, when people look back, I found myself already dark muzzle pointed at his head. Road to hear that voice, pinch the neck by Gu Qing hearts of a happy man, he was prepared to say anything scold awaiting Gu Qing, his eye is suddenly raised, along with several more bones crunch, man finally inability to fall, he did not know until the dying, whether he say to tell the truth in the end, he also there is only a consequence, it is dead, because, in the minds of Gu Qing, who had suffered for the MT damage should pay the price. "Bang!" In an instant the fallen man, a bullet Gu Qing forehead toward rapid rotation from. "Kill!" Like hell came jiu voice resounded in the crowd the heart, but also in an instant, six as death scythe-like figure appearing unilateral militants slaughtered, without any mercy, only the heart of the killings. In such a bloody killing,Coach Handbags Sale, those hearts timid people have soft to the ground, but before the shooting of those who are more crazy, seen Gu Qing and five others skill, they know that today has come to die endlessly the point where the victory of one party will end with the death of the other party. "Bailing!" Arbitrarily Nieduan a person's neck, Gu Qing squint his eyes tight, spread the spiritual power has sensed a presence is rapidly fled toward the distant, while the speed from the other point of view, this guy is at least one chieftains level figures. "Boom!" Legs heavily upon the earth, Gu Qing as an arrow-like figure that road chase away toward the front of that road to escape the shadow face very ugly, he has sensed a faint air burst behind the song . "Damn, asshole, how will encounter him!" The voice continued anger came from the mouth, the eyes of the people stunned that Josh, the world there is such a coincidence that things are often the most do not want to meet people, but why always in somewhere encounter. Gu Qing and Josh's strength distance already widens, and now even ten Josh Gu Qing is not an opponent, they also led to the huge disparity between the twinkling of an eye from Josh Gu Qing has very nearly. "Today you leave it, the last time you ran, this may be not so good luck." Qing Gu is also recognized each other, the moment can not help mocking said. Josh Gu Qing speed and not because it slows down in the slightest degree, falls Gu Qing's hands he knew absolutely no way out, it might as well fight one, It was with this mentality, he broke out at an unprecedented rate, and Gu Qing behind to catch up from beginning to end is a relaxed look. "Not say I told you not to run it?" Mixed with thick irony, then drifted Josh's ear, another explosion hit Josh suddenly meal, he lifted his head, his horror found that a young faces have been to his eye catches. "Go to hell!" Josh looked crazy, his hands suddenly toward cohesion attack bombers to Gu Qing, feeling faint fluctuations in the air, Gu Qing's face was not the slightest change in that channel attack is about to reach its own time, gently waved his right hand, a blue energy heavy bombers in attacks that road above, and also will be Josh's face a little pale. Gu Qing undoubtedly a relaxing look like a slap in the face bitter fan in Josh's face like two sides of the gap is too great, Josh simply do not understand why the young man in front of progress so quickly. "Why do you want to grab my sister,jordan online sale, if an honest answer, then perhaps I'll give you a way out!" Gu Qing ferocious threats towards Yue Shiwei Road, Gu Qing in the eyes, in front of Maj. Josh has no equal treatment for yourself qualifications. Josh's face volatile, from a previous fight, and that he knew there were no escape route, Gu Qing not worry, anyway, in front of the people have been like caged bird-like, bailing can not run away, tortured people He means endless, so he is most worried about is the eyes of the little people do not confess. <

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