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cross whereabouts was discovered antworten

> Sunset, clouds in the sky to the edge of the dyed blood red, after the previous war plus subsequent escape, Gu Qing and her body is running out of energy, especially Gu Qing, cell division resulting from the times In fact, the strength of the energy equivalent of burning Xinghai like, although not as serious side effects, but now empty energy Xinghai Gu Qing also makes a burst Routeng, of course, the thought of that brief sense of strength, Gu Qing was full of longing. wwW, QUaNBEN, cOm Ares burst out in order of strength to fight Gu Qing really feel the sense of fun, kind of like the volcano erupted another militant forces of terror filled with fiery Gu Qing, one of a glut in the bone between between explosive power, let him know that such a man should fight. "Hey, in order to overcome the fire spirit pythons there seems to be a very long way to go ah!" Hearts flashing and excesses python spirit figure, the kind of sense of fun help disappearance was erased, and now he has finally realized the true gap between the two, just a threshold level reached Ares Bale, in order to overcome the evil beasts or have qualifications in his fight,New Arrivals Coach Online, perhaps only really entered into the Ares high peak is possible. Ares in order of strength, each consumed only in severe cases, in order to achieve certain advantages, if you have not this premise,Nike Jordan Flight 9 Sale, Gu Qing even with cell division, only to escape the copies. Quiet jungle, the solitude of the scene, the two silent against a tree, after a brief recovery, their mental state is undoubtedly better than before on a lot. "Crunch!" Gu Qing stand up and accidentally stepped on a branch above the crisp sound of the break between the two men broke the silence. "Thank you!" Woman unexpectedly toward Gu Qing thanks a cry, it was that their gratitude makes Gu Qing Dai Li in place the whole person, and that woman's eyes looked full of disbelief, has been to treat cold woman , and others will actually really thank. Seemed to be aware of his gaffe, Gu Qing soon returned to normal, dry cough a few times, to conceal his embarrassment, the Gu Qing laughter, "We already are together in front, before you helped me, and I helped you are also right and proper things! "In fact, Gu Qing wanted to complain about, anyway, today's traps are brought each other, but one with him on the TV, watching the force of those blue eyes full of charm pupil, to the mouth if it is how it was unspeakable. "My name is Gali!!" Woman without looking directly whispered. Meditation Gali name, Gu Qing hearts while funny, the name and curry sound very similar, but the other party does not seem aware of this, in the Gali front of Gu Qing always feel a little uncomfortable, because nature is that the appearance of Allure pour country , as the ice queen-like appearance, let Gu Qing said very stressful. Butler has repeatedly prompted to yourself this person is not a human, but along with him, the Gu Qing always mistaken for each other is a man, because the other aspects and human behavior is really no difference,oakley sunglasses sale, and appearance aspects except for some imperceptible and human characteristics also undoubtedly outside, of course, this does not exclude the other changing into human appearance, but Gu Qingning wish it was true. Because of the relationship between the two self-introduction and mitigate Gali many, at least not say a word no longer the same as before, although Gali or a cold look, but used to her attitude pair Gu Qing is not offended strange. After a full half-day recovery, the two states are good on many, though not yet returned to the peak, but also have the ability to protect themselves. "Fire can be really important to you!" Gu Qing looked at the dark night sky, and suddenly asked. Gali meditation for a while, then road, "in fact, this is not a big secret, but I need to be able to enhance the strength of the fire only, but we also need to be able to fire as fuel!" "Do you?" Gu Qing soon caught Gali words vulnerabilities exclaimed. "Well!" Gali expression did not change, continued, "you know that the future will be to know!" Gali mind is somewhat surprising, since the change of attitude on the Gu Qing, she found the whole person becomes lively Many, but she knew the secret of them say to the front of this man is not listening to the familiar, which makes her heart is also very puzzled. This is actually the other a secret, do not intend to inquisitive JieDe Gu Qing, soon shifted to other topics, but he is also the purpose of his own actions to inform the Gali, Gali inside the eye when you see the flash of light when , Gu Qing know their own success by half, from each other, then, the Gu Qing know little fire for Gali importance, in fact, he very much hope that more such a helper to Gali's strength to join Gu Qing, its strength will certainly rise no less, even if the spirit is angry python, still can not beat escape the bar. "Fire Spirit pythons should have been no small damage, plus you later consume its strength, estimates that it has not recovered, if you really want to find your companion, then now is the best time to! "Gali analysis says, eyes flashed a strange color reveal the slightest desire among fire energy is really a big attraction. Get their reply, Gu Qing hearts immediately became excited, he also knows that now is a scarce good time, taking advantage of the weakness of the fire when the python spirit to a counterattack, maybe escape the babe rescued, way also to get rid of the fire spirit python, or settle for second once again hit the other side also, the word now has in his heart YY Gu Qing up. "Somebody!" Is this time, but it is the jungle came bursts of neat footsteps, from among those footsteps Gu Qing judge each other on the moment rather than human zombies. Phase, as the one they are very understanding of dodge came to the top of the trees, are they up shortly after, a group of men to fall into the couple's sight, Gali no surprise to see them yet, but Gu Qing is different, when shift our attention to one of the human body, the Gu Qing fundus is the emergence of a hint of surprise. "I never thought could see him, but they stay here in the end what purpose!" Walk in the front of the queue is and Gu Qing had one side of the edge of Josh Major, this guy once in Gu Qing Wu tracking former chairman of the dragon country Gu Qing dart time and played against, and later transferred to rely on space Gu Qing escaped the attack, and at the time of their purpose is to try to put the interim government as a puppet, but because of the destruction of the interim government, so let their plans went bankrupt. Now the other appeared in this land, for their motivation, Gu Qing certainly had doubts. Next to the Gali gaze to look for changes in Gu Qing, guess what heart is, and soon, the following teams will continue to move forward toward the jungle, they are completely unaware of the route in just two people who are watching on them. "You are interested in them!" Gali eyes glanced Gu Qing as easily asked. Gu Qing did not hide his thoughts mean a direct nod replied, "there are a person once and I fought, but in the end it is for him to escape, and even now I met him, then he can only say bad luck!" Words For Josh Maj. kill without any hidden malicious intent for this guy, Gu Qing is no need mercy. "There is no interest and I took one was!" Gu Qing quipped to his current strength against Josh simply Shoudaoqinlai thing, so do not even Gali, Gu Qing there will not be anything to complain about. Gali looked coldly Gu Qing one, with a bit menacing, "you should not even think I shot to help you!" Heard, Gu Qing laughed, "Do not worry, you're waiting to be spectacular on the line, this point Yong I have not put hands eyes! "Then, the look of the whole person Gu Qing suddenly become lengli up, witnessed terrible Gali Gu Qing in the hearts of those who can not help foreigners meditation together, what people provoke bad, but why get into initiate such a whirlwind to be afraid of even their own sort of guy. What about those people who have not gone away, Gu Qing spiritual force in the coverage, they are cross whereabouts was discovered, just another Gu Qing some doubts about that, they turned out to be two of the forward direction of the place before the battle, when the see that they finally arrived at destination, Gu Qing and Gali could not help feel the world there are so coincidental thing. "Is their stronghold here!" Gu Qing curious eyes the color of thicker, volcano has erupted today in the melt under high temperature, this camp is really horrible to ashes, but Gu Qing imagination of things did not occurs, these people just curious looked on the ground those black marks for a while, and then in the care of young surprised eyes, open up a hidden underground passage in the ground. "Sure enough, some doorways!" Gu Qing curl one's lip sneer a cry, and then the door will be shut down that road underground passage at the moment, sideways into the inside. This camp is obviously leading to the ground, long into the channel by some dim light shines, Gu Qing and Gali who both are restrained atmosphere, a group of people in the sense of the atmosphere, it begins to move rapidly Below lasing away, but fortunately there is nothing above channel camera, so they do not expose themselves than for the whereabouts and worry. Channel will soon come to an end, at its end, a touch of light gradually enlarge, and the two nor by wary. "Well bodied little fire!" Gali seems to be sensitive to what the people suddenly become extremely excited and look that made me light outside when filled with excitement. Gu Qing surprised a moment, a little fire, where there will be rich how fire can do, do ...... where a fire can then only a possibility, it is the headquarters of the foreign direct affirmation and volcanic lava inside the world is the link that says Indefinite is close at hand, but these foreigners in such a dangerous place for what purpose does the construction camp, and why the fire did not find these human spirit pythons do! Gu Qing series of doubts in the minds of smoke, and he is eager to know the answer to the mystery. <

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