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23.05.2013 05:29
now he has lost the best opportunity antworten

> Aoyama Bangshui like paradise-like beauty of the people feel good in this extreme, it is regrettable that as a mountain lying on the floor like a giant invisible to Gu Qing caused great psychological pressure, which head like a prehistoric beast-like monster guardian of Gu Qing's will enter the land, in order to pass through this area, you have to have to step hurdle Gu Qing. Www, QUAnben, CoM Gu Qing body breath this time convergence, the people stand as still as dense jungle, his eyes constantly keeping a close eye outward breath hot that the big guys, mind could not help strained to the extreme, this guy makes the pressure created by Gu Qing mind is like pressing a large stone, Gu Qing previously encountered a guy that is the maximum volume indirectly the lives of two adults captured Beirut ancient evil beasts, but, and this comparison is undoubtedly dwarfed the! This is the first skin of the body and the rock monster is no difference, ravines rugged skin is like real stone sculpture, which is this guy before Gu Qing mistaken peaks reason, goes on foot ten meters length and width of the face above eyes half amused, but also through the eyes vaguely see the pair Gu Qing death breath exudes eyes, I do not know why, whenever the time with them watching, Gu Qing heart will somehow shocked. In that head on, one-horned exudes a touch Hanmang in horn tip, and even confused with a hint of blood, apparently, does not know that the root horned kill many lives, as like Aoyama smooth and powerful breathing monster, eyelids although occasionally flipping a few, but at least this guy is such a status display with entering into deep sleep, as long as Gu Qing not make idiotic come up with too much movement, I believe this guy 1:30 would not be awake. "Flying is not possible, you can only walk crosses, I hope God bless it!" Gu Qing eye view for a moment, to recover sight, sighed. Full observation in this place more than an hour, Gu Qing also found some taboos, such as in this monster in the sky, the wind round after round twisted awn will occasionally Shanlue over, slightly twisted into space that shows its very danger, compared to this and that sleeping behemoth not unrelated, in the face of these emit blue wind Mans, Gu Qing hearts may not have much grasp of the movement and flight considerable, it will inevitably turn of events will occur. Although the danger of walking and slow, but at least has a heart Gu Qing grasp of more than 50 percent can be safely passed here, steward at this time also gave many suggestions Gu Qing, in short, in order to secure through here, Gu Qing had in mind careful analysis over again, finally come to this point, Gu Qing never allow himself because of some accident and cause failure. Today's Gu Qing, after a night last night was overdrawn on their way, the energy consumption is also added back through his practice, not only did excessive squeezing energy Xinghai Gu Qing imagine the consequences, but rather brought him no small benefits, which Since energy is becoming more and more cohesion among Xinghai real black energy can be seen, the energy in fusion energy Xinghai originally bronze, but with the strength of the upgrade, the color of these energies are becoming more and more dim, the current , these black full energy into power is inherent in several times more than before. This allows Qing Gu is also in the heart secretly sigh coursing, wealth and risk seeking, through some woods, Gu Qing get the best benefit is to enhance the strength, the strength of the attention in the present world, the sound was powerful enough strength Li Bao Gu Qingyi not stand down, Gu Qing was sufficient to ensure there is enough strength to defend the homeland, to protect friends and relatives around. "I do not know how they like, and my two children!" Gu Qing again sigh a sigh, and looked full of deep guilt among the color, have to say that he really was not a good father, the first child was born time he did not stay around, but did not meet green looking back too much time to accompany their growth, which is no doubt Qing Gu is a great pity. Gu Qing touched his forehead, the hearts of distractions aside, the eyes shine lengli restored to their loved ones, for our friends, in any case, he can not fail, even with the bulky front stumbling block too. "Whew!" Gu Qing took a deep breath, and then finally taken place both feet. It constantly outward projection of white mist nose issued a "whirring" sound of the wind, the closer, the Gu Qing brow is gradually twisted into a rope, originally thought that breath being exhaled air just ordinary gas fills nearly did not expect to see it, only to discover that breathing is sufficient ventilation are hidden danger to human life. Gu Qing spiritual power, if not outstanding, but also simply not aware of how this is being carried breathing gas that faint wisps of blue light, which appears above the head light and strange monster winds Mans have similarities, but in the senses, Gu Qing always feel the breath being carried by the light power will be even greater. Gu Qing mind alert the moment, but also can continue taking strides, and now he has no way to go, and he did not know the fire spirit python has receded, so in his mind, the only one on the road leading to hope that placed in front of this off. "Rumble!", Suddenly, it's like lying on the ground like a monster Aoyama stature startled fibrillation, be closer to Gu Qing can not help but face became pale, the moment to want to expand the speed burst shooting out. "Whirring!" When once again hear the familiar sound of breathing after Gu Qing pale face that was able to ease the lot of fine sweat on his forehead already do not know when to emerge, Gu Qing gently wipe behind a bit, just Panic is finally reduced a lot. It almost, just like that scene really let Gu Qing taken aback and lay to the extreme, can bring out between breaths so powerful guy, Gu Qing no doubt could easily crush yourself, maybe you will say, reminding speed is certainly such a huge guy will be a lot slower, but may not be well-informed Gu Qing think so, either before or that two ancient monster Godzilla, body and both are very huge, but those guys equally astounding speed, Gu Qing know, as long as the strength of the powerful to a point where the speed limit for the upper body is already weakened to the extreme. Once they underestimated in these areas, then surely suffer heavy losses, in front of Gu Qing apparently not the guts to take the risk, keeping his eyes stared at the guy, when determining this guy did not wake up when the signs, Gu Qing was tantamount to re-move the TV drama turtle speed the pace. Gu Qing reluctant to expand is not speed, but mind telling Gu Qing, once applied to start their own pace, then he will be exposed to the possibility of unlimited increase in all thoughts on the front of this monster body Aoyama Gu Qing did not notice that, in his not far from the foot, there is a block as being exposed on the surface of the joint-like gray stone, people feel strange is that these stones with monster breathing faint quiver. Beads on your forehead cheeks slid into the eyes of Gu Qing among the sour feeling can not help but let his eyes half narrowed Gu Qing, and also in which effort, Gu Qing suddenly found themselves at the foot of what appears to be stepped on. Gu Qing's attention shifted to the ground like a joint like that buried in the soil of the stone, the mind is relieved of concentration Gu Qing even a trace of movement also allows his mind alert, gently from a stone away the above steps, Gu Qing eyes glanced at that figure at a few laps, and then spit out a slight heart, continue to move in that monster behind Aoyama walked. In Gu Qing leave soon, then buried in the soil of the stone strange creeping a few times, but also become loose dirt next to many, and that is also carrying a slight Gu Qing's eyes opened a little, but for all this, but Gu Qing is not the slightest notice. The closer, Gu Qing mind is lamenting Wan wind, looking like they have to look up to see the mountain-like body, Gu Qing left speechless admiration Fortunately, this monster does not appear on the battlefield prematurely, or now in the hands of Gu Qing understanding of the fundamental forces to withstand the ravages of this guy, it is believed that if this type of monster to join the battlefield among the walls built by human beings even more firmly, I guess we could not withstand this behemoth of a slap in the face it. "Sure enough, as long as successfully passed this hurdle can successfully get out of here!" Looking at the front of that thin sunlight, Gu Qing help big bright eyes, hearts slightly pondered said. "Rumble!",Nike Jordan Superfly, Is Gu Qing intend to move forward when the inappropriate sound sounded again, but thanks to previous experience, in addition to the hearts of nervous Gu Qing outside, it touches on things that did not make the previous adventure, but this time let Gu Qing doomed disappointed, because this road noise duration full half minute or so later, and when Gu Qing gradually turned his gaze to that body when standing up, a touch of horror hit on the color gradually Gu Qing heart. If the size of a pair of gray eyes lantern keeping a close eye Gu Qing, was this road gaze, Gu Qing body not perceived to flutter even among the initiated. "Damn, this guy how woke up!" Gu Qing pale, heart cursed endless, he thinks along the way are wary caution, the sounds and it was reduced to the extreme, this guy lying on the ground is how he found himself nothing. "Boom!" Explosive sound is heard when Gu Qing tough to look behind when moved, could not help his eyes suddenly widened, and the hearts of the confusion is bright. Beck looked at it first emerged as a tail-like staggered, Gu Qing's face instantly cold down, in any case he did not think his eyes because of the impact of not being accidentally stepped on a few stones, turned out to be exposed to this guy soil outside tail. Eyes stared waving in the air like a whip-like enough to have twenty meters of the tail, Gu Qing could not help but suck down a cold lump, now fail to get him regret it, was discovered in his heart has already done the worst The plan, now desperately alone only possible escape of! "Humankind, intruded into my territory, but also to wake me today, or else take your life and life torn apart, how to eliminate the anger in my heart!" Loud voice from the Castle but obscure monster mouth, so the sound is no doubt in the ear in the Qing Gu giant drums beating, being in this Initials, Finals, Gu Qing ears can not help but give birth to a little pain. This is tantamount to hear the language of mankind, Gu Qing pupil is suddenly reduced to a pinhole size, has intellectual monster encounters, for Gu Qing is undoubtedly worse. Vomit hide it not also prove that this guy is the strength of a feature. Aoyama monster stood tall enough to have a hundred meters, ten thick powerful thighs covered with sharp teeth, no doubt Gu Qing own defense in this attack will be like a paper-like teeth vulnerable at this time Castle above the hideous monster hard face was terrible, deep anger from being distributed out gray eyes and saw so Gu Qing mind is extremely bitter. "Fight!" Gu Qing's face is not the emergence of a hint of anger, at this moment do not fight can only end in a miserable fate, maybe there is still hope to fight an escape. "Call out!" Gu Qing stature flash, and then into a black line toward the distant region that radiates sunshine burst shot away, Castle monster saw Gu Qing in front of their own fellow human beings dare to escape the surge of anger at mind is burning sky, the tail piece up to twenty meters started a sharp piercing sound of the air, suddenly thrown towards Gu Qing stature go if Gu Qing is this tail hit then there is no accident, Gu Qing will definitely end up drawn and quartered in the end. Baoshe Gu Qing pupil in miniature, Castle monster's tail thrown out of the breeze blew stinging his back, he naturally can not underestimate the power of the tail of terror, the moment without any hesitation,Totes Coach UK, the energy behind the wings instantaneously through the body, and then draw an arc, suddenly changing direction, but also in his change of direction at the moment, with a piece of the tail of Kankan air explosion Gu Qing's face from somewhere around one meter across, Looked around the faint tail compressed air, Gu Qing mind is taken aback and lay. Without any hesitation, Gu Qing behind the wings burst of energy, foot black light faint Zhaxian, then smiling in a gas explosion sound among Gu Qing's physique like ghostly disappeared in the place, and when it appears again, Gu Qing and the monster is still opened some distance. Aoyama monster eyes a turn, when you see the stature of the Gu Qing exposed when the pupil into passing a huge gray Hanmang one among green energy suddenly comes out from the body, and that huge body shocked, then is strangely disappeared in the place, the speed of this terrible predicament absolutely no less Gu Qing. "Be careful, that guy has to keep coming!" Steward Gu Qing dignified voice in my heart sounded. Heard, Gu Qing heart of a cold, a slight nod, the physique is becoming more erratic erratic up, even the two sides speed comparable, then the only means of Gu Qing flexibility idea of ​​trying to throw off this guy. "Jiji" sudden sharp neigh Puhou sky, Castle monster from space into revealing twisted physique out, looked at the flashing in the air, twisting road stature,Coach Handbags Sale, a touch of gray humanoid eyes of anger from the in Shanlue over, suddenly a hideous mouth, and then a mass of blue wind Mans spray against Gu Qing storm comes. Felt behind the piercing sound harsh, long alert Gu Qing suddenly turned around, and then hands over the pages, two stocks exudes black Pang Pai burst of energy shot out from among the palm, the target is that group comes lasing Wind Mans. "Bang!" In the two parties under the watchful eye black blue wind energy body, and that mans suddenly collided with the air of terror among the blast wave from the spread, in stock and air waves of tilt, the Gu Qing with the Thrust stature speed again, to go toward the lasing behind. Relying on pure fusion energy, Gu Qing barely get rid of the other attacks, but in that moment, Gu Qing also felt the gap between the two, the heart of the Italian retreat is to deepen lot, Gu Qing has not yet had time to take a deep breath when the overhead riots energy to Gu Qing attracted the attention of all in the past. Suddenly looked up, when you see the above scenario, the Gu Qing suddenly inhaled breath, I saw the sky at this time has been covered by a mass of blue, cyan among these not only real condensate wind Mans, but there are some quite similar in blue flame element, if not because he had to use the fire red inflammation obtained a hint for flame contact, Gu Qing also really think that these elements is the real blue flame. Shrill, stunned resounded through the world, the sense of apocalyptic moment oppressive let Gu Qing gloomy face down, and now he has lost the best opportunity to escape, the face of this and other offensive power and influence, he can only choose Yingkang, otherwise He can only come to a death end. "Is alive or dead, they rely on the blow up!" Faced with this and other repressive attacks, Gu Qing inevitably palpitations, but for the students hope, forcing Gu Qing had to forcibly fight, suddenly, between his possession a black gas through the body out, an equally no small pomp distributed off from its surroundings, just in front of the Castle monster, and now have the kind of Gu Qing yet another of his palpitations qualifications. Gu Qing clenching his teeth, forehead above has been covered with sweat, keeping a close eye gaze Gu Qing oppression under that green energy, in this blue light coming crashing when his body hit, Gu Qing hands suddenly on the move, and then two black lightsaber as Tuoxian out of the sword-like crashing headlong into the blue light among that group. Headlong into the blue light into the black lightsaber by those blue wind Mans continue to impact, and after every shock, Gu Qing face on white on a lot, just attack, although he will not finish all of the energy consumption, but now He is not very good in vivo situation, just finished replenish the energy consumption can not withstand too much, stand not far from the Castle monster did not expect this issue to attack human beings have this toughness, the moment my heart could not help a little angry. Been hidden in the blue light group among the energy as the flame finally beating move, in Gu Qing incredible eyes among those beating blue flame as Cuikulaxiu instantly engulfed the black lightsaber. "Escape!" Butler's voice can not help being a little anxious to see Gu Qing attack this guy is so easy to be swallowed, Gu Qing knew stay there again reduce the likelihood of survival. "Boom!" Gu Qing hands again hit two black energy, and the energy away from the body shortly after the burst open directly in the distance, suddenly a black fog covered the front, and these also resist the Castle Mist monster sight. <

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