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so that five days inside Gu antworten

> Vacuum the inside of the trunk, a man sat quietly, his body exudes a touch of purple light, in stock and purple light, the faint golden light around them, golden glow rarely, but it in a stable rate of increase was, no matter how the outside movement, the man is still immersed in the practice being at ease. WWw! QUANBen! COM also a dark and stormy two-kilometer radius of the castle at the boundary, while a vague black figure who emerged in the bloodshot eyes, this time he also find a hiding place, but apparently not particularly safe. "Call" in the black shadow distance is not far away, a strange man appeared grim countenance, like air distorted image made like be refined. "This is the story behind middle-aged man lying on the ground, how how much." Black shadow is Huawei humanoid babe, and Gu Qing since separated, babe desperate to escape all the way, but since the middle-aged man chasing his strength terror, to Babe feeling inferior to his father, no matter how hard he tried acceleration, but this middle-aged man was able to easily follow him. "Bastard." Babe forehead above the cold sweat, his need is time, now his bad state to the extreme, has always been proud of defense in front of the middle-aged man is not impregnable, babe who smoke bloodshot is this middle-aged Men's masterpiece, which was issued in this middle-aged man casually attack it, once middle-aged man playing for real, babe can not imagine their seriously to what extent. Middle-aged man walked gently pace, walking in this somewhat desolate jungle, with a smile on his face had been, this smile like a mild spring-like, but in the distant hideout Babe eyes, This hidden inside a huge smile Murder, idiom described in this middle-aged man who was the most appropriate. Looking at the figure that road, babe felt tremendous pressure, a pair of breathtaking eye to penetrate babe feels like everything like, in front of him that he can not hide. "Who is this man in the end." Babe fists clenched, the veins on his forehead with exposed roots off, middle-aged man in front of it, babe like ants like the weak. Walk straight to the middle-aged man babe hideout, hiding inside the babe face "shabu" bang on the white, identity exposed. "Come out, I will not kill you." Middle-aged man standing negative hand, Dan Xiao said. Hide no hiding, babe also no other way, he could not think of himself escaped from their hands, desperation only from the hiding place exposed stature. "Who are you in the end." Babe teeth, scowl on his face throughout. Middle-aged man just a touch of a write-up babe, and then turned and calmly said, "I need to know who you are, you just need to know I will not kill you possessed." Babe and not because of this sentence and I felt very relaxed, on the contrary, he thinks middle-aged man in front of teasing him, not kill him, why should all the way to pursue, but also hurt his hand. "Well." Middle-aged man carrying a body, but it is all the manifestations of the babe in the eyes. Babe stature shocked, shocked face full of color, in just this middle-aged man just snorted, as if caught in a swamp babe like not extricate themselves, What is this strength. "I said do not kill you will not kill you, you do not have to worry, now you are in my area range, so no need to do unnecessary struggle." Middle-aged man look no fluctuations, as if the field of play He is just the little things Xinshou pinching. Distance of five meters, even to the power of such a terrible play areas, babe heart shocked, you know, and the same field strength range is linked, the babe if I remember correctly, his father is also able to play in Beirut The maximum power of the field range is ten meters, in this field range, the person may feel caught in turbulence shall prevail relaxed look of view, babe can probably estimate the strength of this person probably peak in heaven beast or more on a. Thought here, babe arose from the heart of a huge sense of powerlessness, he knew, in the face of such strong, he has done everything is useless, he is impossible to escape this man's hands, and now he can only hope that this man really, and what he said, it would not kill himself. Babe's reaction seems to feel very satisfied, tied babe power of a small area on a lot, the babe can barely got about himself. "You are not my words for doubt." Middle-aged man asked asked. Babe nodded his head, which to him, no doubt lie in court death. Middle-aged man look up front, seems to think back to what was going on for a long time after it said aloud, "Your mother, my sister." "What." Babe exclaimed aloud, incredulity, how he would not think of this middle-aged man would emerge such a sentence. "Is not very surprising." Middle-aged man's face with a smile, his eyes looking babe said. Babe constantly shaking his head, this man say he is absolutely not believe it. Middle-aged man's face suddenly appeared a glimmer of sadness, whispered, "Your mother and my relationship is not very good." Speaking of which, middle-aged man with sad face meaning thicker. "Hey, do not ........." middle-aged man face suddenly changed, without any hesitation, he took out a token directly from his arms, and then throw the babe. "You took this token, you can go out, remember, do not look back." Middle-aged man's face was very anxious, confused by his babe is stupefied. "Go on!" Middle-aged man is almost roaring,Coach Handbags Sale, babe this time did not realize the problem, a token is not holding back walked directly toward the outside. "Boss." Babe suddenly thought of Gu Qing, and then look around a bit, Gu Qing sent immediately to the sound transmission. One kilometer outside Gu Qing, is constantly trying to blend into the golden energy energy Xinghai, after half an hour of effort, Gu Qing finally been effective. "In this rate, one day after the energy Xinghai forces will change it." Gu Qing face with a satisfactory color, golden energy powerful to see, once the gold to purple energy in fusion energy, Gu Qing believe their future attack power will definitely improve several grades. "Well!" Gu Qing shines, then my heart ecstasy. "Babe, where are you now." Gu Qing settle down to practice also will be a hurry to go and Babe aggregation, and now suddenly the sound transmission by Babe, how can he upset. "Boss, make haste to come and join me, we go out." Qing Gu Beibei anxious to hear the tone, without the slightest hesitation, immediately turned into a blur in the direction toward the Babe rush through the looming quality sensing, Gu Qing babe is not difficult to find. A few minutes later, a familiar figure appeared in the Qing Gu within sight, two figure suddenly a big hug. "Boss, okay." Babe concern said. Gu Qing heavy nodded his head, bloodshot eyes when you see the smoke when the body babe, Gu Qing heart could not help a shocked babe Gu Qing powerful defense but a clear picture, and can be so hurt babe, the other must be extremely strong. "Boss, we get out of here, I always think there is a bad feeling." Babe anxious said. Despite doubts, but still in accordance with the bebe Gu Qing said to do, they already know in order to dark and stormy castle as the center, radiation around two kilometers where there is a ban, from the mouth of the Qing Gu Beibei also learned that it was a kind of powerful display their skills variation beast, who forced a breakthrough ban, will be cast in person senses, this is regardless of how they hold to catch up, do not go out to a place outside the range of two kilometers. "Something that makes brand, as long as this token, we can go out." Babe Conspire come up with a whole body red token toward Qing Gu said. Gu Qing also know the time the crisis, now is not the time to say, they immediately rush towards two kilometers border. Middle-aged man's face was a look of smile in his back, breezy, suddenly, like the air as coagulation, followed by a shadowy figure gradually revealed. "Cathro adults." Middle-aged man respectful toward the man said. "Well." This Road dressed in golden robes man nodded his head, then his eyes narrowed in together tightly, and that the eyes of all the breathtaking focused on middle-aged man in front of him. "I do not know what cathro adults this thing out." Middle-aged man asked cautiously. Cathro adult body momentum suddenly soared, middle-aged man's mouth actually overflowed two blood, if Babe still here, it must be surprised speechless, middle-aged man's strength has been strong enough, and He is now out in front of this road alone imposing figure even able to wounding, which reached the strength of what realm. "You told me to go and visit it." Cathro single adults waved his hand, and then middle-aged man disappeared in the place. "Well, two small ants, this time for the time being let the two of you a horse." Cathro visual ahead, said to himself. "Shabu" is heard, that road figure flash lost sight of the figure in this road shortly after leaving, a black old tree trunk above it is the emergence of a young man dressed in black, if Gu Qing in this, it must will find this man who's breath and the Black Dragon so similar. "It's boring." Sunken lips black man shook his head, and then also disappeared in the place. ............... "Boss, we have now come out, first Find a place to restore the injury it." Babe looked a little pale, asking said. Gu Qing nodded his head, the two random Zhaoleyichu resting place, respectively, into the state of the practice. Fortunately, the middle-aged man shot is not particularly serious, otherwise babe absolute support, but now, while Gu Qing injury prior to the adoption of the practice has been good 7788, the passage of time, and shortly day passed. They do not know that, in their time practicing inside a dark and stormy world is falling out of the sky. "Finally succeeded." Gu Qing suddenly opened his eyes, eyes filled with laughter, a day of integration, Gu Qing finally able to skillfully blend the control of golden light into energy Xinghai being, and in this fusion, the Qing Gu is the surprise discover the soul of the golden ball in the ocean seems to run faster it. "Color has changed." Gu Qing has been looking forward to the change of energy Xinghai, within a few minutes after the success of the integration, the original purple teal shift towards energy, Gu Qing can clearly feel, the deep blue of the energy inherent in being a powerful attack force. Now the face of the knife does not mean it is so awkward, Gu Qing attack out fists, fist Mans with unparalleled pomp Acer heavy sinking in the trees above the opposite, that big tree body shiver, then restore calm. "Sure enough, the power increase by several times." Gu Qing looked at his fist, mouth revealing a smile. "Cecil." Sinking was hit trees changed, saw its bark surface, there is a two holes, yellow fine continuous overflow from these holes, the last Fengyun trees collapsed. Speed ​​should be more than twice in the past, in line with the agility, estimated to be faster. Gu Qing obsessed specializes in the practice among the babe who is also a fast recovery of the injury, the same time the strength is rapidly increasing, both in the dark and stormy world have purchased many souls beads, and these beads is definitely the soul of the rapid increase in strength magic, babe breath engulfed three beads soul, the body's injury not only healed, but strength is obtained by leaps and bounds. Full five days, they went after the ban, they spent a full five days to restore power and enhance the strength, and now the two states is very good. "I never thought Wu Peng's death, where it touches a new lord." Gu Qing as a cheetah-like prostrate on the ground, overlooking the distant road that huge figure, mouth full of playful smile. Golden Horn monster, an ontological order for the variation in the animals, the most powerful medium for the beast God, since Wu Peng, and that leopard's disappearance, the Golden Horn monster naturally become the overlord of this band, these times inside a thought He continuously occupied around one kilometer of the site, the Golden Horn monster smile on his face. This is the first Golden Horn monster did not notice, he was not far from a bush, a man is eyeing watching him. "Right now." Gu Qing stature flash, and then into a thin line suddenly rushed towards the Golden Horn monster. "Roar" golden horn monster instantly found a figure into his territory, mouth shouted angrily day, when he saw the black line that road, its horned head suddenly thrusts, with a punctured sky like the power of the body toward the Gu Qing striking. Gu Qing face was excited smile, he did not transfer route, the speed of the body is suddenly accelerated, fist punches above cyan Mans is like a layer of glass-like, emitting blue light flowing debut Road. "Take you to test my strength now." Gu Qing very relaxed state of mind, enhance strength again, so he filled a huge self-confidence, God beast pinnacle saber Gu Qing felt all the power of a spell, the beast in front of God Moderate strength of the Golden Horn monster he naturally looked down. "Court death." Gone too far to see human fist collided with his horn, golden horn monster can not help revealing a cruel smile. "Bang" Gu Qing fist no fancy at all, so the horned monster and the Golden Horn to a close contact, Gu Qing's always with a smile on his face, and the Golden Horn monster face was turned into another surprise fear. "Gabagaba." Golden Horn issued a series of fragmentation horned monster sound, incredible monster in the eyes of the Golden Horn, he was so powerful that even Cuncun horn burst open. "Roar." Golden Horn monster's eyes instantly became bloodshot, nobody knows the importance of horn for him, although his horn can also be recycled, but that needs to consume huge amounts of energy, but, even on the immediate human so easily crushed his horn, which makes how can he not angry. "Call." "Shoop" "shoop" Golden Horn behemoth is planning to put the human tear to pieces, I suddenly discovered that the human physique becomes erratic. "How could." Looking at figure eight in front of the Golden Horn monster finally calmed down. Eight figure like a real stand-like air, eight figure with playful eyes, watched by around the middle of the Golden Horn monster. "I never thought that there is such a wonderful place to agility." Qing Gu is now satisfied, from the battle before he realized the importance of agility, so that five days inside Gu Qing spent a lot of time in it , formerly Pa Gu Qing Shi Zhanhu pace when he discovered boxing stature back erratic, but this may be because the sake of enhancing the strength,Air Jordan Shoes, Gu Qing actually had a faint feeling that he can make out the avatar. After these days of trial, the last really want to master this skill Gu Qing, eight places at once, only one figure is the real body, the other is illusion, but can also attack Mirage because Gu Qing entirely among the avatar and the body conversion, that is, the main body can be cloned, and the main body may also be cloned. Golden Horn monster that huge tummy stature close to the ground, his eyes exudes intake inside the eyes, but also with a trace of that face guard, he has realized the immediate opponent's powerful, a little watch out, he might really planted here,Oakley Squared, he is not willing to give up to obtain the status, so he had to fight. Gu Qing curious to see this golden horn monster, supposedly punched his horn broken after this golden horn monster at least give up the fight, but until now have not been found Gu Qing Golden Horn behemoth that has this meaning. "Then I would easily get rid of you." Have a great strength, Gu Qing decisive doing a lot of things. Gu Qing Golden Horn monster in action, when inside the mouth suddenly bursts into a group Black Mist, with time toward his front paws blanket of darkness suddenly arrested. "Not underestimate me." Many times more powerful spiritual force can be fully guaranteed for unknown circumstances Gu Qing judgment, relying on the eye, how can check it out more than the spiritual force more effective, Mist, while having the effect of impairing the view, but the spirit force is able to penetrate the blanket of darkness targeted. "Go die" Gu Qing stature strange flash, then fists like sea dragon-like with relentless momentum, crashing shot. "Bang" Bao Xiang, the golden horn monster collapsed stature, his eyes full of fear, full of unwilling, more is unbelievable. <

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