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23.05.2013 05:21
Finch will immediately emerge antworten

Embankment behind. Is the high yield field just acres of no.. Songbirds chronicles and Mo in South China sea! That knife Lu et al discussed down. Decided to build the transformation of early full security, high and stable yield farmland must meet the following criteria: drought resistance to evil days without rain insurance harvest; drainage reached last year to force a century, days of heavy rain not disaster; river levee reach common year flood water level and eight level wind does not collapse not overflow; the ground soil, paddy soil to live deep inch, dryland, ruler. Water and fertilizer retention capacity is improved greatly. Such a grid. Square area, in order to facilitate agricultural machinery operation. Drainage and irrigation channels. Ditch, canal, road,Oakley Hijinx Sale, forest matching. Especially the forest, farmland windbreaks should gradually in a planned, reducing the annual summer and autumn typhoon attack. Field road to discuss can drive tractor vehicle level properly, brambling records began mapping the design work. Wu Nanhai and Paul began a large-scale mobilization stone and do preparatory work, the biogas pool, pool from the composting process, prepare enough base fertilizer. Throughout the construction of water conservancy everfount materials delivered to the site to: plant ash and lime for soil modified with. The construction of the dam with brick,Oakley Juliet clearance, stone channels, cement, wood, concrete with bamboo reinforcement; all kinds of valves, pipeline machinery factory is responsible for manufacturing facility. Also started making boiler pump, supporting and steam engine. Engineering firstly by Gao de dispatched a large number of work force to start, they brought their axes, saws, sickle tools such as. To carry out a comprehensive clean-up of the whole development of vegetation, the vegetation here mainly small shrubs and weeds and small shrubs when with wood, weeds after harvest and hay leaves piled up several compost temporary engage in Wu Nanhai, out from the biogas pool in the marsh mud as a primer to mix it up. Outside is covered with dirt, regular watering, in the summer sun, will soon make these plants into organic fertilizer. If them buried soil, some fiber heavy vegetation leaves even years after they do not decompose, not to the fertile function. After clearing the vegetation, four bulldozers led by the cavalry commander Bai Yu came, a mount of dozer Dongfanghong tractor. Bai Yu from the cab head out. Songbirds Zhi et al as early as the headquarters for him, construction route has made a mark on the map. The first step is to use the bulldozer ground engineering comprehensive development of regional. Removal of residual surface vegetation. Move the big stone which especially careful. To avoid ruining dozer and track. Army soldiers every bulldozer with the last class, has spread out in front of search formation of bulldozer. "It is a bit like a tank and infantry cooperative." Finch will climb in the cab, white feather said. "If the bulldozer oil, zero cool piece can open, I did not immediately call to Beijing, why bother here development road." Bai Yu gazed at the front. Hand push pull lever. From time to time in the intercom roar several times. To other tractor "pay attention to the distance,Air Jordan 1 UK Sale, to maintain cooperative. "Tractor armored division?" Finch will immediately emerge out of this scene picture: the dirt road dust. Endless Dongfanghong tractor pedrail rolling with the earth, dragged >

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