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just a dark and stormy stormy antworten

> Batu range repeat itself in the world of big nobody knows, perhaps only mysterious cathro big talent mind to understand, to survive here in the variation beast out willingly are a force to be reckoned with, here, Gu Qing and Babe must tread carefully, lest too easy to mess with the strength of powerful enemies. wwW, QUaNBEN, cOm since World War I in mine, the name on reverberates night dark and stormy world, many people is the way to catch up all the way, is to be able to watch the night battle, but also in this One day, a boy named Babe also caused a great shock. Before the thought of fighting, Gu Qing mouth could not help throws up a smile, he will never forget, babe like that in front of the joy of many strong, the action is so elegant, Babe rate of progress Gu Qing hearts surprised, he knew Babe gifted, but did not in the past Babe main focus on practicing the above, until the departure of Beirut adults, babe potential finally be excited out. Just two strokes, a backward two reached 100 to overcome the strong babe was defeated, suddenly shocked silence above the auditorium, but most people are not optimistic about being able to pass Babe, After all,Air Jordan 3 Sale, his opponent's strength has reached heaven inferior animals, although the body is not particularly noble, but by virtue of the strength enough to sweep contestant ever to participate in the field of honor, the President is a very mysterious night, but since now more than a night out more mysterious guy. Field of honor behind the boss, the body of a lion Kazha Xi is Cathro Addict adults subordinates, Kazha Xi is a middle heaven beast, not just people can not underestimate the strength of the strong, the same as the noble Addict Lion family of geniuses, Kazha Xi is enough to dominate the party, just cathro too much, too much to Kazha Xi Quzun Cheng for his men. "The night, babe, interesting, wood Lu, you go to investigate the identity of the two." Kazha Xi that deep eyes toward the middle of the field of honor, not easily exposed between the mouth of some strange smile. Kazha Xi space behind a burst of distortion, followed by a strange figure appeared, the man bowed to be said, "under obeyed." Followed by space was another twist, then restore calm. "Has been fifty win." One of the thought of his victories, Gu Qing's eyes do not inhibit the emergence of hi Italy, close to one hundred wins is a step closer, to get to the mystery - cave qualifications must have continuous Get one hundred victories, just lost a middle, even if you win the final total for more than one hundred games it serves no purpose. Fiftieth game, Gu Qing silently in my heart the calculation of the number of games, did not put an enemy in front of the eye. Gu Qing opponent, Mozha Xi, moderate days beast, he also won his 50th consecutive victory, but he seems not to have faith, precisely because he has now lost in mine hands, so think of here, Mozart For overcoming Gu Qing West there is nothing to grasp. Ever-changing battlefield, combat strength is a factor of both sides, mind is a very important factor, Gu Qing and Mo Zhaxi was war, Gu Qing is obviously an advantage in a party. "Today's battle is two fifty wins adults, a blood-red python is a master of a family, while the other one is the mysterious night sir." Mr. Moderator especially here in the night increased the tone, and respond immediately above the auditorium a huge cheers broke out just a few days, Gu Qing has accumulated enough for their popularity, if they let the audience know these idols are a human,Nike Air Jordan 11 Sale, I do not know how hearts they want. Gu Qing mouth revealing a wicked smile, he did not want to know how they think, he came here the purpose is to help adults complete the wish Beirut, smote Leinuo Ka, as long as they hinder the two brothers, then the two of them never men mercy. "The competition starts." Host is anxious to know the audience, so it does not say nonsense, announced the start of the game directly. Start of the race at the moment, it is also a master of a family of red blood pythons Hall immediately complete the strongest incarnations, I saw one of fifty meters long, up to one meter thick huge python immediately appeared in front of Gu Qing, fortunately duel field already apprehended this situation, so the beginning of the construction design was particularly large, but even so, after which the volume is turned Fok occupy as much as half the field of honor. Gu Qing mouth revealing a strange arc, eyes filled with a hint of disdain, in his view, the greater the volume does not necessarily strong, although the blood-red body attack appalling family, but also score well occasions, such as the current field of honor, In this area under the complete transfiguration, will no doubt also Huo movement speed is greatly affected, and Gu Qing is different, as a human, physical advantages of small size will be displayed. "Roar." Fok also roar heard, followed by a mass of bloody red color snake gas directly from his mouth and face ejected, and in this issue of the moment channel attack, duel field protection measures initiated immediately, which has Gu Qing flattering, the same, he also knows that he can have a free hand, after all, this protective layer duel field he can not break, and the opposite is also Huo enemy can not. Gu Qing photochemical surface of the Guardian armor for a whole people are enveloped him up, and that group bloody color Gu Qing gas instantly put to surround the whole person again. "Huh." Guardian of the light red gas after exposure to rapid trembling,Coach Handbags Sale, trembling yellow light is intense, Gu Qing is able to hear "creak" sound. "Sure enough, some means." That should be a red light gas, which also has a strong corrosive gas, for the hand sliding the light energy will have a corrosive effect, Gu Qing is not too concerned about this, you know, now guardian of light yellow, not purple, yellow guardian of the light though powerful, but relative to the guardian of the light purple, defensive, or a difference of a half. Gu Qing's body in the red light in the rapidly passing, stature erratic movements is very strange, but also Huo Wei Zhou brow, he did not make every effort to know each other, before he is seen fighting Gu Qing and landmines, he clearly remember Gu Qing, who then light purple, and purple even to life and life to withstand a hit mines, showing its defensive power of the powerful. In fact, Huo also has its own plans, this bloody red color is not his strongest gas attack, but his domain, yes, he had already judged Gu Qing's speed is very fast, even if he is turned into the cost of velocity far less, but within the scope of the domain, he can accurately grasp the dynamics of the enemy, not only to attack, but also to keep it. "Well, I have strength as you, but I will not let you easily take away from me the victory." Fok also is proud and arrogant, rarely convincing, even if the strength of each other on a lot stronger than him, he but also from the other side of the body to get enough consideration. Gu Qing face has a hint of a smile from his face, do not see the slightest tension, but also into the Hall of domains, Gu Qing really feel the speed is affected, it is also Huo is offensive guard, making Gu Qing has been without a good chance to attack, but he did not worry, this field perhaps for the gas inside the beast has many variations great harm, but he was able to fully immunized, for reasons, it is Beirut to their Heisha beads. Holding his neck tied above Heisha beads, Gu Qing could feel the slightest cool to pass from his hands into his body, and, just now, he thinks the yellow could not withstand the guardian of the light, this black distribute debut Road evil black beads actually melt into thin Mans yellow guardian of the light being, and when the red gas, and that thin black mans the moment of contact, the red gas wanted to be experiencing rapid retreat-like nemesis. In this way, Gu Qing simply do not waste their energy consumption to maintain a defensive lowest minimum yellow guardian of the light, but it is in the red gas can surf. Gu Qing eyes filled with playful color, red light inside the case he can not see out, but he can imagine that at this time also Huo expression, but he could feel it, this red light is gradually weakened. Fok also a huge snake emerge above the slightest effort, apparently Gu Qing expression far beyond his expectation, although he can not Gu Qing Domain harm, but that does not mean it is so of no use, he would have thought, own domain, at least to the energy consumption of about Gu Qing bar. But what happens is down to his heart helpless, and that is simply to walk Gu Qing general ease. "Is that a yellow energy defense is his strongest defense do?" Fok also never before seen in Gu Qing defensive use this color, nature played a confused mind, "It must be so, or how he will easily stand up to its own domain too! "Fok also more certainly, but which he noted that some of the yellow light in the doped thin black mans. Heisha beads, in itself is not particularly difficult to manufacture, but he passed the strong Beirut Yun raise this level, the power of nature is different, blood-red boa family domain, in fact, they are made of gas changes, python family is use of poison expert, natural gas and also their domain related Heisha beads can cover Gu Qing breath, deceive all the variations of the beast here, the magic of natural Needless to say, but he still has a special use, is able to Royal poison, had Guqing Gang just got Heisha beads when an aversion to cold gas let Gu Qing is very uncomfortable, but that feeling is just fleeting. As a leading family of animal variation, Beirut naturally has a natural ability to resist poison, but it was Beirut Fengyun Heisha beads joined Imperial toxic energy, making Gu Qing Even in this case, can cope with ease. "Broken!" Gu Qing shouted, fists cohesion purple light Lethal out, red light trails have to give way, and how would feel Huo Gu Qing issued a strong attack this road, the moment his chances snake lips moving, but also a red light lasing, head towards Mount Gu Qing fist collided in the past. Gu Qing's spiritual power has perceived all this, its slightly upturned mouth, and then blasted a straight line that mans fist collided in the upcoming and red light moments, even spared a direct corner, then continued toward the smugglers also Huo attacks in the past. "How could this." Fok also now dumbfounded, he did not expect the other party can turn mans fist, which in the end require much control force ah. Feeling towards his head in front of haste to attack the strong momentum, which Fok finally wise once, directly in this turned into human form, size reduction is also Huo face while pale, sharp narrowing in the battle turned into adult form for their own there is damage to the body, but he finally escaped the blow. But he forgot that Gu Qing Did not you think of this point, I saw that punch Mans in this turn toward the narrow Fok also after bombardment over. Looking at the rapid lasing from boxing Mans, also Huo pale, immediately shouted, "I give up!" "Bang" a loud noise, it is Gu Qing control boxing Mans bombardment in the protective layer on top, then transfer shimmering light just quickly restored calm. Moderator surprised a moment, and then excitedly shouted, "Fok also throw in the towel, the night wins!" Gu Qing did not bother the audience cheers, but walked straight into the channel contestants. Because he has just received a babe sound transmission. "Lei Nuoka, we do not find you, you'd find on here we come." Gu Qing emerged in the eyes of the beholder, but soon disappear. Babe is quiet at this time sitting in a chair above, and in front of him, a young man is standing, Gu Qing saw this man's a judge on the strength of this person in two of the absolute on at least reached the level of the beast God, is this person is Leinuo Ka yet! "Boss." To see the arrival of Gu Qing, babe quickly got up and walked. Gu Qing puzzled, "I do not know this is?" The man's face showing a hint of gentle smile, said, "I was Leinuo Ka steward, Wu Ermei!" "Do not know Wu Ermei adult brothers have come to us anything. "Gu Qing look respectful. Wuer Mei is suddenly laughed, "really did not think ah, this time the world reverberates dark and stormy night and the babe turned out to be two brothers, and you can really amazing ah!" Gu Qing and phase, as a babe Until now, they have not figure out what is going on so-called Wu Ermei find themselves, it is found that Lei Nuoka their identities, but from Wuer Mei's face in both of them what to see. Wuer Mei also noticed the two expressions, knew himself beside the point, sorry road, "Night and the babe, Lei Nuoka adults have events invite you to discuss this, and I also invite you to take a trip." " boss, then Lei Nuoka not be found us, or else we go now, I believe that people who beat them in front of us live. "Babe anxious return channel. Wu Ermei what strength, naturally saw the babe expression unnatural, asked, "do not know what else to do two do?" Gu Qing heart under surprised, immediately said, "Wu Ermei adults, we nothing, but suddenly invited by Lei Nuoka adults, feel flattered by it. "saying this time, Gu Qing also immediately and Bebe were sound transmission. Wuer Mei nodded and said, "So, what did you do not, then, and let me go." Gu Qing immediately nodded, pulling in the Wu Ermei babe just behind. "Boss, we are sure that Lei Nuoke no reason to invite a good thing, how do you promised him too!" Babe's voice sounded in the minds Gu Qing. Gu Qing is Tao, "rest assured that Lei Nuoka find our identity is unlikely, do not forget, though before that Wu Peng also know that you are a family in Beirut, but he does not know that you are the son of Beirut, as long as you do not use your natural skills, no one will know your identity, you think about it, if that Lei Nuoka find your identity, how could he only sent a Wuer Mei too! ur strength as though the two of us plum, but in order to escape or can ah. "hear Gu Qing analysis, babe also calm down, Gu Qing continued," Remember, no matter what the subject would Leinuo Ka say, we both have to pay attention to control their own expression, absolutely can not let him aware of what, you know? "babe get a positive reply, Gu Qing is assured down. Castle is just a dark and stormy stormy world level, but rather as the first master Lei Nuoka this level, is not living in the dark and stormy inside the castle. Swallow day animals, the body is also a fine variation beast, and his natural skills skill talent like Babe swallow, swallow days this skill but this simply means of attack, although no babe so Guards, but can not be underestimated, Both today's strength to face the beast peak Lei Nuoka God is absolutely no resistance force. Swallow-day tribes, tribes located in the southwest of insects, small in size, the strength is very strong, the ten tribes, tribal swallow day absolutely can row on the forefront, and the current patriarch of the beast swallow it Leinuo Ka days. "Wu Ermei adults, it seems you're not a family day animals swallow it." Front line babe suddenly asked, puzzled. Wu Ermei moment, then smiled and said, "I did not swallow days beast family." Gu Qing puzzled, "Why just swallow day people call you as an elder orc it!" Babe is also a look of puzzled, Wu Ermei laughter, "It is also no surprise, you see, swallow-day tribes there are not many like me, are not residents of a family day animals swallow it?" Sure enough, along the Wu Ermei seen in the direction pointed, Gu Qing and babe have found many different races, which saw tribes and the flies are very different, insects tribal inhabitants of almost all insects inside the family. "Usually the castle into a dark and stormy when people choose tribe will choose their own ethnic groups, of course, some powerful tribe also will attract some of the strong, and I had exactly one invitation Leinuo Ka adults." Wu Ermei proud Road, apparently adults can receive Leinuo Ka invitation, which Wu Ermei very proud. "I see." Gu Qing and Bebe were both suddenly realized, then think of flying insects tribes, the two faces are showing a hint of smile, insects tribal strength is weak, and I am afraid of those who choose to join insects tribe people are not very powerful strength of it, are estimated to be tough to invite the brightest strong passed it. <

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