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the enemy's strength is antworten

> Raise the moon already empty, weak yellow moonlight waters completely enveloped into an island, far from looking like a beacon in the sea, in the yellow light below, the island is Anchaoyongdong , the first landing warships orcs and humans spate of disappearances, a start which is also wary not appeal to everyone, but as time goes on, the seriousness of this issue has finally been perceived by orcs and humans survived, but people Strangely, at this time, the island also seems to restore calm. wwW, QUanbEN, coM a small island west of weeds, if you do not look closely at it, it is difficult to find in this place there are three small tents, and now a group of people are here eating fragrant spray basin barbecue and rice. Everyone's body is dirty, but no one seems to mind, because they have made significant gains today. "Boss, today really was great, and now I guess they are asleep do not even feel it." Fat mouth there remained some rice, I saw him while laughing, while rice is continuously ejected from his mouth come . Boss brow slightly wrinkled, but before he could speak, babe is first road, "dead fat man, give me your mouth shut, you spray those rice bucket to my barbecue at the." "Amount, I eat. "babe or some fat for fear, and told he had abused to the babe, who called miserable ah estimated fat in this life will not forget it. "Well, this right, the boss, there is no barbecue ah, to be'll leave you to my father, until they rest of the time is when my father feast." Babe in my mind to Gu Qing return channel. Gu Qing hint of a smile appear on the face, smile and nodded, Beirut and Babe the father and son are very love to eat barbecue, it can be said Beirut was willing to stay in the side because Gu Qing Gu Qing-hand exquisite barbecue techniques. "Well, tonight we will rest at ease, keep a good spirit tomorrow to continue operations." Gu Qing told Road towards the crowd, we heard also have access to their tents, while Gu Qing is and the babe while strolling toward the distant go, this place is close enough to have an accident warships docked place twenty years, and is in a dense area of ​​thorns, to walk into, there are a lot of difficulty, so in order to hide the traces of the Qing Gu simply let Babe larger volume of the everyone one hath brought in, while Gu Qing is temporarily act as porters role. "Boss, those guys should be very worried right now, after all, so many people dead and injured, but I guess the orcs should be anxious hopping, and I remember a few technical core staff seems to have been to kill us, but Xiangqilaijiu unhappy, and we put that out as orcs, they still adhere to those nasty creatures service, do not kill them in our hearts are not immune flat fork. "babe face appeared angry color, apparently also for what happened today brooding. "Oh." Gu Qing touched a small head babe, babe trail since birth and stay together, the relationship that is more than brothers also pro-Gu Qing hate them, natural babe will disgust them, If there is no relationship between this layer Gu Qing estimated babe fat for those who would not say a few words, after all, the potential variation of animal and human bones are somewhat contradictory, like Beirut, once Gu Qing did not this same one babe relationship, then definitely not as Gu Qing Beirut do something. "Well, we go out and see and see now how those guys, we have to always grasp their dynamic, tomorrow will certainly be more difficult to take action to increase a lot, but today we did not get rid of those disposable human beings." Qing Gu Or some regret to the wisdom that Beastmaster estimated operating technique is very simple to learn, but other orcs will be different, though also have some wisdom, but that should be very poor learning ability, the time it takes to learn must be very long, anyway Gu Qing team now hidden in the dark, and those guys is the open, Gu Qing troops is this side took advantage. One person, one animal into the sky, and spent time in their original places, Beirut figure is there, looking at the shelf in front of the covered barbecue, Beirut two immediate release of urgent light, and when the perceived Qing Gu Beibei have left here, he never did not estimate their own image and knocks them to enjoy food from Dayton. "Hey!" Beirut mouth to chew a piece of thigh meat, eyes fixed straight ahead given, mouth suddenly sighed, "Well, actually eat the Dayton barbecue on for them to do something for it, little guy, count you luck. "Then, a blur in place slowly dissipated, at one minute later, went back to the original place in Beirut, continue gnawed barbecue together. Enjoy food from Beirut one kilometer, ten bodies with orcs quiet lying on the ground, they look without the slightest change, they face the wrath of color, Murder is also faintly seen from inside the eye, just strange that these people are lying on the ground motionless, the breath of life from them has been passed, the orcs have killed people strangely, they could not see any of the fatal wounds, and even they expression did not see any danger in life they have encountered, everything is so puzzling, and the answer of course, is an inside and outside that is still enjoying a feast of Beirut. Dark sky above, two tall overlooking figure below that which exudes a bright light warships, apparently those that mankind has opened a warship power system, which for Gu Qing is not good news, he was afraid of that these orcs will bring a warship to leave the harbor, so war on Gu Qing this side of a disadvantage, but Gu Qing concern is ultimately much concern, to the early hours of the warship in addition to also open a small part of lighting systems, would no longer No movement. Gu Qing mouth revealing a trace of a sly smile, seems their bet is successful, to those who think the noble orc racial character, and how would such a humiliation will not back wherever he goes under it, even to stay, then Gu Qing send a gift unto them tomorrow, and let them make the choice to regret not cope. "Let's go." Then, Gu Qing and bebe figure disappeared again in the not far away. Warships one control room, several humans and Beastmaster dozen names, including orcs are concentrated here, the human face with a bit frightened, but it is the look of the beast chill of the air, and that the eyes of the king of beasts Among lengli is everywhere and Yinhen reveal that the fist is clenched together occasionally burst into crackling sound of bones, apparently angry to the extreme. "Why is the 10th and the 20th did not come back now, who can tell me how it is that in the end." Beastmaster chill tone that reveal to the people the enormous psychological pressure, loss of orcs has made today Beastmaster at the edge of the rage, but just now, they are sent to the intelligence team has issued the commands found traces of the enemy, under the full of anger, Beastmaster sent directly to the first generation of orcs in the 10th to the 20th, In Beastmaster opinion, these forces large enough to destroy a base, not to mention the strength of a good man a few. The 7th orcs first to stand up and bowed, "King, I went out to identify the situation, I will give them to come back." Beastmaster breathtaking eyes that look directly to the 7th, the 7th can not help themselves even under shaped flick, if Gu Qing here, it must be found that the orcs strength and rose to a level of at least Gu Qing did not grasp the Beastmaster can beat this. "You give me honestly stay here, you go out now estimate the enemy's strategy in." Finished, but it is imposing a Beastmaster change suddenly put in the eyes of those so-called experts in the human body. "You guys in the end how much longer." Beastmaster's voice contains a great deal of discontent, they also vowed to ensure that before man can warships back, but came up a few hours what they have not seen the results, but During this time inside the Orc team lost several ten members, to know the actual personnel orcs also in fifty or so, which has the equivalent of half the power of it. Several human sweat on his forehead has cropped up, their hearts are bitter dare not come out, they think of how this collaboration object turned out to be these horrible alien it, before they have these things alien As early as heard, that's brutal, ah, a thought here, they invited them to come that were filled with hate humans, if not him, they will come here do! But they did not think, at this very reason there is their greed mischief, if not greed, but also how they came here because of the invitation. "Sir, we will do our best, because for a long time of inactivity, but also by a number of external factors, which warships are not fully intact, we must not only need to start the power system, but also for a series of warships Repair, so. "in which a bespectacled fifty wrinkled old man said. "Well, you'd better hurry up to me, if after tomorrow has not repaired, then you just waiting to be thrown into the sea to feed our sharks." Beastmaster said fiercely towards the crowd, and then directly out of here. "Ming Pa, give me out." Beastmaster standing on boat along, back towards the boat rods distant shouted. Sound off without a few seconds, a figure already being sprayed from a channel ran out. Ming Pa, I believe this person is definitely not unfamiliar Gu Qing, in the original grain seeds that look before, Gu Qing Ming Pa had now entered into a base among management, where Pa Gu Qing Ming is also carried out this threat, Gu Qing is no thought had a very highly of by his orcs and humans can now come together and give Gu Qing caused some trouble. "Beastmaster sir, I do not know you have something." Ming Pa look of respectful of color, he knew before the Beastmaster amazing strength, even his bodyguards are upset that they are not in this Beastmaster opponent, his strength can be imagined knowledge. "You men how much power available, there is no way to search out the enemy." Beastmaster casually said, his tone is among contains irresistible. Ming Pa bitter hearts heard this, he knew it was his own party Beastmaster gun to make, but he can not promise you! Plainly, he ostensibly fame, manages a huge base, and large-scale population, but this is based on his partner on the basis of this, if not the partner's help, he also not successfully eradicate dissidents, smooth control of the Yangtze River region wide two large provinces. "I have a number of men in the twenty-strong team, they have just arrived here." Ming Pa mind though discontent, but it can only be answered truthfully. "Twenty people." Orc is obvious that this figure is arrived dissatisfied, he did not think that the strength of twenty people how the strength of his heart made him faint uneasiness had started to doubt their elite team has been sent to the victims. "In the morning, I have to see a team of hundreds of people, if you meet the requirements, then you know the consequences." Beastmaster mouth to draw a strange arc, threatened. Ming Pa body startled, mouth immediately said, "understand that I will be able to complete the task of Mr. Beastmaster." "Well, you withdraw it." Beastmaster waved, immediately turn around, look that boundless sea. Ming Pa bend backward, then also disappeared in the channel inside. "Rage, convey orders to the base, so that they send more people over eighty, remember, must be armed." Ming Pa toward his men first war commanded road. Killing a moment, mouth and said, "Boss, which in the end is how one thing." Ming Pa's face appeared a touch of anger, obesity, heavy right hand hit the wall above a metal that occurs immediately above the metal walls of a clear visible dents, this Ming Pa's strength than the original but it is a lot of progress. "Unfortunately, I still do not have enough strength to challenge him, otherwise how could I listen to him, someday I'll make him regret it." Ming Pa eyes that are also among the faint revealing Murder, but in achieving this goal Before that, he can only succumb to Beastmaster. The next day, after a night's rest, and everyone's status is adjusted to the peak, and now all are full of energy to start today's action, and Gu Qing is ready to once again send out to these people. "Boss, you see there." When people get finished, but it is found in the distant babe lying on the ground a few shadows. Gu Qingshun the Babe's voice also noticed the distant scene, the moment immediately issued a warning to all orders, we immediately ordered separately toward surrounded past few shadows. "This is ............" Gu Qing hearts shocking moment, which is spread on the ground shadow ten orc's body, the orcs have died a long time, but after some check it out, Gu Qing did not find their wounds, For these orcs killed it without any thoughts. Others also a look of confusion of color, like there potential danger, which is beyond the danger that they pose a threat to the orcs. Just then, a lazy voice sounded in the minds Gu Qing, not too much will, Gu Qing face is exposed gratitude of color, his face also appeared relaxed. "Well, we all San Leba, there is no danger, and the heart are back, ready to action today." Gu Qing told Road towards everyone, see Gu Qing sudden change in his face, others only temporarily discard doubt in his heart, even Gu Qing did not say so, they are not good fine to ask. "Boss, how else ah." Babe curious return channel. Gu Qing is mysterious smile,Nike Jordan Play In These 2 UK Sale, said, "You guess." Babe shaking his head, and suddenly, he shines, apparently noticed this place from a place very close. Gu Qing spoiled little head touched the babe, babe Do not look dull look, this guy was very smart too high. Warship deck above, at the moment a hundred team has been assembled, they have received the task. Ming Pa hearts a Routeng watching this team, he did not know how much this team also left the final, but the thought last night that the king of beasts on their threats, he only reluctantly it. "Your task today is to find a dark place of the enemy, the enemy's strength is very strong,Oakley Radar Online, so I'll give you each team is equipped with a new man, and you have to obey his orders, knowing no." "Is a princes. "hundreds of people said in unison, the momentum is extremely vast, killing breath is revealed beyond doubt from them, the strength of this team a lot more than the base of the armed forces but also tough lot, which of course is also inseparable from station rage back in the Ming Pa. "Well, now you begin to act." Ming Pa leave this sentence, immediately leave here. "I hope they can come back alive." Ming Pa sigh. Henli rage eyes, mouth firmly, "I was real Iron team, their strength should not be underestimated, leader you have to have confidence in them." Heard, Ming Pa can only smile soon shook his head know that this killing is just consoled himself nothing, he has learned that ten orc news of the death, but he did not tell rage fills the Justifying this rage extremely let him know the news the day after tomorrow wonder if he would vapid and his falling out with his own and do not want to come out of the players die. "Find the enemy, pay attention to hidden." Gu Qing shuttle with a group of people in the bushes cautiously central purpose is to destroy the bird into the jungles of the armed force, he does not understand why people would choose to come who die, in his view, Those strong ordinary human beings just fills up, how can people and their evolution compared to those yet. "Bang" sound of a gunshot rang suddenly, under the reaction conditions Gu Qing shocked, when he saw himself behind a tree trunk at the bullet holes, his face appeared somewhat surprised not help, it can also be found got. "Puff" sound more and more dense, and Gu Qing this team can choose to stop action, all of them find shelter cover up. "Really underestimate them anymore." Gu blue eyes shining,Air Jordan 9 Sale, apparently the only team in his mind up one position. <

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