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23.05.2013 05:15
the disappearance of the antworten

> Bleak autumn deep forest in the fog blowing over, and the depths of the deep forest fog is confused with thick fog, forest, occasionally there will be some crisp sound, the sound of silence after it is, deep in the forest in the fog, a team rapidly going forward, it is a group of Gu Qing, deep in the forest in this fog to stay longer, and everyone felt bad, such a straight forward according to their speed, had already marched a hundred kilometers, but this fog deep forest Or boundless side. WWw! QUAnBen! Com "This method does not work." Gu Qing hearts burst discouraged,Nike Air Jordan 3 Sale, forest fog everywhere, let Gu Qing is surprising is that not only can block the line of sight of these thick fog, but can weaken the spiritual power, spiritual power Gu Qing probe range up to one kilometer, but here condensed into a straight line can be discovered only about 100 meters, which largely thwarted everyone get out of here. Ruirui and Huiying two women have emerged symptoms, which immediately make all hearts raised up, we all know that this fog is toxic, but some minor damage to human, babe also said that the general variation animal smell which shares the fog will coma, severe or even directly killed, and human if inhaled too much, then there will be symptoms. Gu Qing Yibalaguo two women, continuous transmission of the body toward the two women force, forces the input does make a lot of discomfort and two women, but we all know this is not an expedient measure, have to find a way out is to solve method, Gu Qing look of worried about the color, the effect of spiritual power cuts made him bloated, he has tried a good number of methods, such as bone wing has been opened up direct flight, but it culminated in his view, when will produce an entire space repulsion, which shares the repulsion is under pressure from above, once entered into that area, then Gu Qing is almost unable to move, and leave that area, Gu Qing still able to fly freely. Knowing this point, Gu Qing not shocked, but could not say what they were out of Beirut, we all rely on, and we dare not delay the moment, seeing no end in sight even one, they are also reluctant to give up, which is the distance group of people traveling the route above, the sudden emergence of three individuals, the whereabouts of these three very strange, erratic stature, hiding skill can be said is a must, if under normal circumstances, Gu Qing might be able to find them through spiritual force, But now it is not. "It is time hands." One of them wizened face, his eyes reveal lengli glory, black hair reaching down to the waist of the middle-aged man said, the other two did not say anything, just nodded his head slightly. "Boss, my father said so." Babe has been through sound transmission and exchange of Gu Qing, Beirut can be said that the last hope for the people, once we were stuck here, then the role of Beirut immeasurable. "Beirut adults and it has not come to a conclusion, we note that the only moment." Gu Qing serious road. At this point, alertness highest Guqing Li discovered that behind the emergence of an exception, the babe is found the problem. "There is an enemy." Gu Qing screaming, the whole person as a sword-like lasing Xiangna road presence. "Oops, the boss, the other three people." Babe in the care of young black people that went up when the noticed from another direction emerging human. "Shabu shabu", three successive figure appeared in front of everybody, the three triangular shape of the Qing Gu a pedestrian around in the middle, everybody cries under the Qing Gu is done early combat readiness, Gu Qing, babe, Wick, boss, tyrant, who also put other people around in the middle, when the three men and two women saw the look on his face rinse white, others face is ugly, this trio is too weird. "Boss, what backing these guys, how grown so ugly." Bebe curl one's lip. Gu Qing smile and shook his head, he is now, so what's not ugly ugly mood attention to each other in Gu Qing view, this trio are strong. Enough to threaten them. "These people have not thought of yet full of fast response, really." That were black hair down to the waist skinny middle-aged man said. Another two issued a "quack" strange sounds, one of humanity, "fast response and how we shot, their solutions have been doomed, action Hurry up, so as not to upset adults." Hear the words of the other two points nodded, suddenly, the trio also issued strange sounds mouth, blink of an eye toward Gu Qing lasing from the crowd. "Tyrant, the old A, you bring everyone out of here, I, babe and Wick is holding them." Gu Qing feeling very anxious, appear with these three guys, let Gu Qing felt very to pressure, which three a guy who comes out of the atmosphere so that Gu Qing extremely heavy heart, he was not the slightest grasp in the battle to protect everyone's lives, so they can only be ordered to leave here. Tyrant old A without the slightest hesitation, immediately move forward with everyone. "Bailing, you too look down on the three of us in it." That long-haired middle-aged man fled toward the finish speed direct expansion team flying past. "Never expect." Gu Qing feet suddenly upon the earth, as a powerful sense of shock wave-like spread above the earth, while Gu Qing whole person is like shell-like middle-aged stand in that line. "Quack." Middle-aged man was almost collapsing down exterior, a pair of sharp eyes like hawk-like look with Gu Qing,Coach Sunglasses Sale, and his view of Gu Qing can not help but feel a little burst of palpitations. "Dude, speed very good, no wonder adults sent us three catch you." Strange middle-aged man laughed, "Boy, look trick." Gu Qing chances, all alienation deadly tail out, behind the bone Wing also extends from the back, and instantly put their status Gu Qing upgrade to the best. "Oh." That is tantamount to no light gray eyes suddenly like issuing a light, middle-aged man laughing road, "interesting interesting, I'll play with you kid." "Call", the speed of even middle-aged man Gu Qing is also far more than it was when scared Gu Qing-hop, the moment did not dare Cangzhuo Gu Qing, bone wings rapidly flashing instant, flashing toward each successive stature greeted. "Boom." Both fists right fist suddenly collided, Gu Qing felt a strong force to penetrate the skin of his role in his bones above, the entire human body startled, flew past successive backward while and Gu Qing fist middle-aged man fist stature also stepped back, the man's face at the moment is filled with a wave of strong color, apparently knew Gu Qing strength. "You two up to speed, the other a hard scum." Middle-aged man immediately told Road, heard his words, and that the two men Babe Wick intertwined surprise color face appeared, but then attacks also fierce than the last, babe okay, but Wick to die, Wick good far attack, and in addition to clicking, the Wick's attack basically nothing has tremendous harmful, even after the transfiguration failed to restore the advantage. "Bastard." Babe a clawed flying opponents, stature flash appeared in front of the Wick, Wick at this time has been a little pale face, who is the emergence of a few terrible wounds. "Go away." Babe whole body heavy hit in the man's body, I saw this man rolling on the ground knocked a few laps before stood up. Wick breathing panting toward Babe nodded gratefully, if not arrived in time babe, I'm afraid Wick was slain. "Haunt, how do you act, adults see their prey anyhow you must be angry." Babe that opponents could not help frowning blame the road. The man snorted did not answer, he just simply do not understand this variability insects so much, ate poorly prepared under a big loss, did not make him suffer any injury, just rolling on the ground in front of the other two This is really hard on the face, the heart which shares this anger inside, naturally increased the intensity of the attacks, babe opponents also know it is time to come up with something real materials, and the moment with another person on both Babe and Wick launched as the storm-like attack. "The situation is not good ah." Gu Qing also did not know the war on their side at the moment is extremely unfavorable, he just is sensitive to the danger of Wick, just in front of this man is very strong and a little bit difficult to cope with them their own, and which points in the body out rescue Wick, fortunately babe finally arrived, otherwise Gu Qing hearts fall a big regret. "Boy, good strength, is enough to make me going all the." That middle-aged men and Gu Qing short period of time has been played against hundreds of times, but he also found himself with the current strength of the Qing Gu simply can not hurt. Gu Qing hearts equally surprised, just attack each other just fists and feet, he really did not understand why this skull as thin as human internally contains such a terrible force, in their opinion to yourself punch are most likely broken boom even fist punches in and of themselves for the next few hundred even after unharmed. The other party retains power, Gu Qing it not also the case, before the battle Gu Qing can always take advantage of the body's strength, tail deadly even in strong only force, Gu Qing various skills have not used it, but Gu Qing there is a killer, That is mad, mad, but after his body straight upgrade. "To well." Stature saw the middle-aged man suddenly disappeared, then teleport like in the air as leaving a channel blur, Gu Qing body's momentum suddenly burst out, an enormous energy towards that immediately enveloped Road figure, enveloped by powerful energy on a sudden, this middle-aged man was also aware of each other the same left hand, the moment that shriveled skin surface confusion out a wave of black gas, in stock and black gas appeared sudden, the pressure on him immediately disappear. "Huh." That body was filled with black gas Gu Qing middle-aged man even in confined space after cast also accelerated, which had to let Gu Qing surprised. "Must have to get a quick fix, and God knows how many tricks this kid did not try out." Middle-aged man is scared endless, Gu Qing should enhance the strength of his first encounter after the strong. "To succeed." Middle-aged man saw himself and the man instantly closer distance, at which point the man still did not react, the moment his heart is overjoyed. Gu Qing mouth is strange smile, his face revealing a conspiracy to succeed the way, that my heart could not help middle-aged man muttered, "Is this a trap, no, maybe he fooled me this is nothing." Thought of this, he action without the slightest hesitation, suddenly accelerated forward speed, the hands of the nails, "Shua" suddenly spread to about half a meter, and that this black and red nail head is above a road filled with blood-red light. "Shock wave." Gu Qing suddenly smacked his fist, while there has been an air of road ripples, ripples in it contains more powerful force fluctuations,Coach Handbags Sale, this middle-aged man saw this man Taking a hit out punch, and initially less attention, but when it contacts air ripples and the moment his body, making him a powerful force faces mutation, quickly pace a mistake, speed backward. "Bang bang bang" percussion accompanied by the dull air ripples sounded, and that these middle-aged man after impact, mouth overflowed the two black blood. Middle-aged man looked shocked man looking across, even if he wanted to break his head do not understand why Taking blasted punch command contains such a powerful force that ripples like bellows-like weak, but when Man and to himself, when a channel continuous vibration attack direct role in his own body, even if his defense is good, but these attacks are a road vibrations overlap together, like hitting successive punches and this ten out of ten punches are hitting in the same location as this feeling directly injured him. "Bang." The man at war and bebe bebe a paw to fly direct shot hit the back of a tree, at the moment is the collapse of his chest down, he is also the face of astonishment, he did not believe his defense even to just give this variation insect to break open. "Go to hell." Another person face brutal looking Wick, before he had received adult commands, you can kill them, and get this command, he is let go of the hands and feet, while the strength of the weak Wick becomes less difficult. Watching Hongxiang his fist, Wick look of madness, alienation out of eight behind tines while rolling toward each other fiercely in the past, and that contact pin sharp silver-colored head emitting a burst of light, sharp level should not be overlooked. "Useless." That broke out in the eyes of a strange green light, green light lit with that moment, Wick appeared pause the action, while thorn out of the contact pin is deviated from the direction This green light is actually spiritual force attack. "Ha ha." This man has seen the Wick head burst brains splatter look, his face is exposed to the extreme cold cruel smile. "Be careful." Babe a paw that was shot in a tree man hastened out of channels, but it was too late. That's a very crazy man heard this voice is surprised a moment, and suddenly, a huge phagocytosis appeared behind him, his whole body, and it was abruptly pulled back, and you can clearly see that even Wick from his position less than ten centimeters skull fist, but at the moment it is the fist and farther away from their head. "Do not." When you see this man goes on behind the huge black hole as big as the mouth, the color is the look of despair, while Gu Qing and also Daileng fighting man in the place. Shrill screams constantly in this fog of deep forest echoed throughout the battlefield seems to quiet down, not knowing what the other two have fled the scene apart from anything else, when Gu Qing, who reflected over time, that they has disappeared. The two men are not fools, seeing that his companions were horrible insects that variation swallowed into the mouth, the two have no fight, say, losing a person they are already at a disadvantage, it is not yet spent fleeing Road massacred them in place to do? Just still occupy a dominant trio so defeated on the battlefield changing really beyond human expectation. "Okay" Gu Qing Wick patted the shoulder. Wick nodded his head, his body mostly skin trauma, these wounds will heal quickly, lost some blood poured for him, not a big problem. Gu Qing get answers Wick heart is relieved, watching the disappearance of the two, Gu Qing could not help burst palpitations, for the two men to escape, he does not intend to chase them, hiding on the other side can carry their team attack, it shows the other side for this fog of deep forest terrain very familiar with, and they blindly chase maybe even fall into the trap of each other, even if the other party did not fall into the trap, they may get lost. "Boss, you say what they are in the end, why do you want to attack us." Babe curious asked. Gu Qing bitter shook his head, the other purpose of his ministry is completely clear, now only along a straight line to keep up with a large force, but fortunately, everyone with a tyrant, who has been walking a straight line, the route and no significant deviation After three rapid catch-up under Gu Qing, finally caught up with the team. Two women saw Guqing Ping An without incident, immediately swoop into the bitter with Gu Qing's arms, while Wick wounds was good at the moment most of the crowd heard before the battle is saddened, in short, suffered attacks of this Gu Qing crowd greatly improved vigilance. "Your honor, the other side is very strong, we fail, but also ask an adult punishment." They terrified heart stood beside rich mist, bending said. "Well." Lengheng a sound coming out from that center, they like being struck by lightning-like face brush is heard on the white. "Two of waste, this is not good to do things to you how to use." From the center of the sound coming out full of indifference, as if life in his eyes just as the paper is so worthless. They both knees, begged aloud, "adults adults mercy mercy." They all know that as adults they will kill to kill ants, not to mention his own strength or other party to this body, once they kill adults , then they can only wait for death. "Get it." Hear the voice sounded that road, they face can not help but appear a touch of ecstasy, and a few words of gratitude that adults disappeared immediately after. "Waste, if not I need blood, and how the two of you could go back now." With voice sounded, a figure from the fog came out slow. <

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