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23.05.2013 05:11
Hu Qingbai thought for a minute antworten

Mountain bad promise since only and office workers have time to practise divination,, just. He had a worried and not too fast. "The children of primary school, things you see how to do?" Xiao Zishan asked. The children of primary school education,Nike Jordan Big Ups UK Sale, refers to pass through the minor children. At present, through their minor child is not much, just three or four, are under ten years of age. They have half a year not to accept any school education, every play freely in the vast world. And each child's parents are very busy, almost no control over their learning and living problems. It is the scope is little, but after all is general office duties. Xiao Zishan think that things are tough: child age is that they must have special care and education. Their number is too little, not for them individually do a similar Yu Hong school educational institutions. After all, most riders are not even wife give birth for the first time, the tide has not come yet. To do this the school, have at least eight years after ten years. He put these considerations and Hu Qingbai and Bai Yu said: "how to make everyone satisfied?" "Long term, Yu Hong school like institutions must do. At least the nursery this level within two or three years must have." Hu Qingbai said. "Now then, temporarily in education garden do a special class." Hu Qingbai thought for a minute, "coban. I teach myself. However, the best call a female teacher to me. The children generally female teachers have more affinity." "Party Yijing. She lived in a kindergarten." "The best." Hu Qingbai said his idea: "every day we half-day sessions, using dual education. I'm from indigenous children choose several gentle, good children Mandarin accompanying." "This plan." Xiao Zishan said. "I wanted to do, but think of the children in her class a little is it right?." "Aboriginal children is also good. Intelligent and lively a lot." "Then let me go over the children." Xiao Zishan wanted to think, "the best health ministry prior thoroughly give them a check-up. To be perfectly healthy. Yeah, looks better." "OK, no problem." Hu Qingbai laughed the head tube is really trivial. Bid farewell to the "imperial envoy" Hu Qingbai said to Bai Yu: "you go to the Department, to recruit simple normal things and inform him, asked him to meet me after all indigenous are in his charge, what people, what people do not fit,Air Jordan 10 Sale, he was the most clearly. Bai Yu nodded: "this is the proper meaning." Bai Yu found a part of the German,Nike Air Jordan 1 UK Sale, the requirements and he said again. Dude nodded: "simple normal is a good idea, but so many school-age girls are afraid of difficulties." Dou De introduced the current situation of refugee. As of May, tumultuous years, they have been through Guangzhou Railway Station channel refugees to six people. There are more than 4000 people have been transported to the Lingao, placed in a hundred yards commune. In Leizhou the resettlement of five hundred people, in Guangzhou there are more than one thousand people detained. Dou De said: "people are transported to a lot, but holding to man age uneven, you take fifteen to two years old girl Feng three hundred and fifty, where can I find you >

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