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23.05.2013 05:00
make hair. Suddenly antworten

Attitude is always sleeping in the den in the yard, not that he hated to see the wife... Mission 7 woman died early years but to deal with things more convenient, every day he in the study until late. See account,Kristin Coach Online, writing,Jordan 14 Sale, to the field of the customer and the semicolon. Read the letter to be his main daily work, especially to personally think the shopkeeper sent accounts have a look there is no omissions, or misappropriation of more severe. Treat the following man, I wish he is hardly a generous employer. Give them a meal, can buy clothes to take a shower, wash money on it, so his man mostly from Guangdong the poorest of the people there can almost no money, as long as to eat. As for the guys families rely on what day, they discussed the wife have children to feed, has not he consider things. So, you guys work in the shop of things will occur from time to time, but not more than one he wished he smart, do again good books, he can see clue came from, not to mention him to see people look extremely accurate, even a man or a shopkeeper. Suddenly let he suspect, back would be sacked. So for decades, but never to touch his cheap. This morning. I wish he would wake up early. Wake at dawn is his old habit, and recently and Southern China fight like a raging fire, sleep is not very practical in order to prevent the Southern China use extreme measures to deal with him, he has put the house the night watchman and around Guding doubled. His body to move, sleep in beside his concubines also woke up. Next to a woman to sleep not to covet what intimacy, purely in order to sleep in the evening and the morning when the server conveniently. I wish he desire women don't like other rich people do, home keeper many odalisque. He often say a word: the woman is a kind of burden is not only physically but also economically. Today autumn or culvert to serve him, because of the ancient spring, autumn culvert in house prices expected to rise to three yes. This spell to serve good also more fell on her. Autumn culvert to climb up and dressed in a hurry, the first in the outhouse toilet a,oakley outlet store, back to the bedroom has been spruced up, said softly: "master no longer sleep?. "Don't sleep!" This dialogue as usual, every invariant. Qiu Han took a thin jacket draped over him, pushing him seated on the edge of the bed, for he wear socks, wear trousers, shoes, and then took his stand up, belt, wear robes. Then the hair, make hair. Suddenly, there was a scream, then the copper basin landing voices. I wish he frowns. Qiu Han put down the comb, went out to see. Piece of Hai Kung Fu, autumn culvert look flustered back. "Master! Study the sun below, there are a lot of boxes". "The box?" I wish he had not understood, but there is something is certain, he walked out of the bedroom, see the door of his former's sun, neatly placed in eleven wooden box. His heart is tightened. I wish he clearly remember. Last night is none of those things, where are they? "Open!" He had a sound >

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