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23.05.2013 04:55
the fisherman and robbing fishermen antworten

Big scar also don't know where they're going. Guangning this area is not pirates target. Unless those not Vietnamese also not Chinese, is the fisherman and robbing fishermen small pirate was interested in this activity. Big scar look down on this group of people, Chang Shide from him proved a truth: any social groups are hierarchical. But the big scar on this area of the sea or familiar, he just started this business, whenever't survive, he would slip into the river Ping to go for shelter, over here is the border of China and Vietnam is Vietnam, jurisdiction,Coach Kristin Bags, residents are people fishing half water half a. This is the first dispute,Air Jordan Big Ups, Baca wanted to Sun Hung Kai - his task is to find coal, Chang Shide this just know that he is the exploration team. Chang Shide wants to put sugar in hand as soon as possible, although he on the Vietnamese ancient geography be utterly ignorant of, but apparently not sugar buyers of sun hung kai. "You have to work no matter, can inspect exploration slowly, the problem how to do the boat sugar?" Finally, Chang Shide won the sun victory -- bags of sugar in the South China Sea, clearly can not insist on too long. The ship sailed northward in the big scar under the command. The sea ships more up, is all some two-masted vessel. Big scar asks everybody to weapon ready. In the periphery and the commanding heights is occupied a good position. Pirate. Chang Shide some nervous. "But you are fishermen," big scar spat, "monkeys eyes Zeizhe, did not dare to rob to steal, everything." "The Li Dynasty of Daming businessman what attitude?" Chang Shide was the first to engage in foreign trade, a little nervous. "Zhang Wenshu is one thousand two hundred shekels of silver a year. Nature is welcome." Big scar not to regard it as right, he told the Australian maritime history have a smattering of a gun, for they have guns have iron but nest in Lingao when the landlord is not to regard it as right, "we go to a place without some, about which many." "Where are you going?" "Ask so much what? Went to know." Big scar a wave, not a bit of it to the boss kind. It was a gas reduction. Chang Shide secretly scold a way, suddenly worried again, this big scar on the pirate Gang associates are certainly many, on board the one thousand stone sugar can be worth thousands of taels of silver, and if he did the thief...... Could not help but take a cold sweat, touch the waist pistol, hastened to the Baca, grumbling that black fat pirates can not do? Bekeda: "can I also have no way, to find this man is not the foreign affairs department? Our army brothers on the ship, the thirty or forty gun also can't deal with him? That 's all right. Not long after, the coast there was a town, look like Chinese Lingao small town is very similar, but no walls. There seems to be a river estuary,jordan online cheap, along the Bank of the river, stone and wood structure of the Zhanqiao pier. Filled with a variety of large and small boats, some were from China. Big scar care all the rifles and guns received below deck to, there is the Li Dynasty officials stationed. Haven't landed, a boat paddled over, a shifty-eyed, very thin person, wearing similar Daming officials >

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