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23.05.2013 04:44
he put out the cigarette antworten

In the residential area across the card door, to see the square on someone is playing PP, you have a return to the civilized world. Some people are playing badminton, table tennis. He didn't watch, back to their dormitory. He and Cui Yunhong, Dong leaf roommates -- the latter sometimes participate in the exploration team. After Cui Yunhong finished eating don't know slipped away to where go to, Dong Shiye was at work, the dormitory empty he alone. Good physical condition, the dormitory has furniture -- the past everyone hit the floor. A new decorated after white people really doubt yourself back in the past the university dormitory: high foot bed: sleep above, below is the desk; with private lockers, wardrobe; holding a cup of the shelf basin. The most prominent is the door after the gun -- it locks a -D rifles with chains, guns magazine is full. The only drawback is also unreasonable network, electricity supply is limited, from 6 pm to 9 points. White people go to the bathroom shower. The water is cold, hot water to have the supply to the evening, but he was used to, the girl next door the bathroom acoustic Huahua, probably someone take a shower -- but this bathroom design quite artistic, and the entrance is separated, the internal entrance directly into a six group of female bathroom. The bath, the way to wash clothes, the dormitory a few people like to put the dirty clothes to hoard to not to wear the wash, make the room there is a smelly fish. Each party Yijing to check the rooms to have a "poor health". Dragging a pair of slippers, white people slowly returned from the baths, house or a person did not want to find someone to play -- are gone. From your closet pulls out a plastic sealing bag, which is a smoke, touched a little bit of tobacco in the world he never, but now want to smoke. A tree to sit out in the square, smoke the first cigarette, about his tears choked out, he put out the cigarette,Jordan Son Of Mars Shoes, but the tears can't stop, borrow the smoke out. A few months of almost uninterrupted exploration task let oneself very numb,oakley outlet store, a cigarette was all released, parents, friends, classmates are still at present: I TD ill,Air Jordan Store, here, I even have no girlfriend, a woman's hand never touched...... A piece of paper towel Didao hands, looked up and saw Zhao Xue: "I didn't expect you will cry a devilish grin on his face. The smoke choked "." He took the paper said. Zhao. Snow with wet hair, he could not help but the hearts. "Who believe it, crying is not wrong." "Your knee?" White people don't want to Lu out the weakness in front of the woman. "Just go to the hospital treatment, besmear medicine, not too. Pain." Zhao Xue openly the legs up, swinging the knees. A young female white strong legs and knees was Lu. The white skin would be close by. The critical Lu in front of fresh university graduates, Camphor Tincture mixed with an orchid like sweet smell coming from the indistinct, white once again feel the ear as in boiling water boiled in general. "All right, ok." "Go, go wash your face, will be for us to report out, evening you have to report it." "Did not think of this girl > on the land

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