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23.05.2013 04:38
said to be from Guangdong to soldiers antworten

"To sell gold is probably hopeless, Huang began as a smoking molecules, then is to protect the tobacco trade, you want to sell it to him is really not easy." Tobacco was introduced into Liaodong from the beginning of Tianqi reign, is said to be from Guangdong to soldiers in Liaodong brought the hobby, later or through trade, or by the prisoners captured, or conspiracy to North Koreans -- anyway, claiming the Emperor Huang Taiji when, after some people smoking tobacco, not only has one suction, about also very widely, that Huang Taiji enjoy the world's first official ordered the ban ruler's title, in the water when it comes to this period of historical time, money should have been the first smoking edict, because in a few years,Totes Coach Online, he had an undo smoking edict will, but is ask people since the self-priming, don't go to North Korea to buy trade protectionism -- typical. After a few years, the war is not too bad Li Zhao about ready to "overrun war" on after tobacco, is a lot of feeding the Manchu official tobacco. According to ancient records records, when the king's crown prince sohyeon hostage in Shenyang. North Korea's messengers sneaking 300 pounds of tobacco as a gift. Huang Taiji believes that this "non - native, consumption goods, ordered a big taboo" found again after ordered prohibited. "So we have to sell cigarettes to gold or difficult." "It is only 1629, we'll go fishing. Take this opportunity!" "Quality as that Saint ship brand cigarette, also luxury. You really think that wild boar skin is silly money?" Tasted the native tobacco songbirds of drying up, "tobacco old down, a few will put a finger burnt." Through all of the scarce, belonging to special offerings across the cigarettes do not buy. Imported from Macao tobacco is good, but not in accordance with the habits of modern people's tobacco processing, plus the shoddy cigarette paper, poor coiling process -- people who smoke very carefully, otherwise the tobacco filament baggy will suddenly fall,Coach Bags Online, burn a hole through my clothes. The cigarette is a kind what something is better than nothing. Cigarette paper is a kind of special paper in twentieth Century of time and space. Belongs to the thin sheet of paper, specification for each square meter is not more than the weight of 25g. Paper whiteness reaches more than 82%, close texture, soft and delicate. Opaque. With high longitudinal tensile strength,Air Jordan 7 Sale, permeability and suitable burning velocity. The main raw material is bleached hemp pulp, but also mixed with part of bleached pulp or pulp, in order to adapt to the burning rate of tobacco will add a small amount of combustion-supporting agent. The paper also roller pressing rib mark, to increase the permeability and improve the appearance of. If you make do with whatever is available, for students. The paper is more appropriate. Unfortunately the runner can make paper even this level is not up to the. Papermaking workshop while running for a long time, but is the product quality has not exceed era -- papermaking workshop or in accordance with the seventeenth Century paper in papermaking. This greatly affected the paper quality and yield. But the paper workers also feel helpless to their lack of papermaking raw material two key --: sulfuric acid and caustic soda no caustic soda, paper mill can only use a few raw materials. To paper, including >

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