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23.05.2013 04:15
decided to take the simple approach antworten

Yi et al in Guangzhou since you have a foothold,oakley sunglasses online, then put the loot into silver on this matter should not be delayed., if can get shochu order, it found a great way waste as Leizhou sugarcane crop is about to begin. The executive committee agreed to the new action, considering from the land into the Macao need to pass gate,Nike Air Jordan 8 UK, the Ming government at that time with the Portuguese Macao relations have deteriorated, in order to avoid unnecessary trouble, decided to take the simple approach, from the sea into Macao harbor. The Portuguese regarded Macao as its East Asian trade pearl, extremely wary of foreigners, but for the Chinese to trade are welcome, it is to enter the Macao favorable conditions. The executive committee also expect if possible, set up business in Macao, so as not to pass through the Guangzhou directly exported to overseas. 1629 in Macao, Macao is the most prosperous era trade history, with Macao as the center of the triangle trade was the profits of international trade in the most lucrative routes, crossing the nature is also an attempt to encroach on the. Guangzhou dispatch station has received a commission for a class sloop to dispatch station master from paintings captured and Hainan local purchase of vessels, the Executive Committee have mastered a sizable Fleet ships seaman is from Guangzhou local recruiting more, more familiar with the hydrological conditions of the Pearl River Estuary the. But Guo Yi and Ma's thought, this time to Macao's action is the first way, it is best not to let the local and ginseng was employed in the. He is still be sent from a 70~: brig "Tongji" to the state sent station number is limited, only to a letter he had in the Dongting Lake, a small shipyard work, want to have a look on the Macao ship building and repairing ability, also observe the Portuguese ships in Macao. The remaining staff from the number of deployed in lingao. The news came out, many have nothing to do people want to go to Macao to open an eye-opener actually is to want to have new experience. As for the requirements in every kind of reason,Satchels Coach Cheap, business investigation such in the spatio-temporal excessive Street reason natural pass executive committee review, but each has tricks: such as the industry is proposed to study the European level of industrial technology; Ministry of Agriculture said to know the local have European and American agricultural product introduction the financial sector is proposed; for foreign currency system to carry out a study to Wenyin agency white more reason is to let people Juedao - "I Department of Catholic, went to Macao to help with local Portuguese communication"...... Finally, the delegation had swelled to more than 30 people, and had even seaman, but need a dozen people. To be approved by the human nature be full of joy, all in their luggage into the every kind of modern gadgets, ready to go to Macao for the European seaman with glass beads to seduce the native women in Africa and the Americas goldey. Don't get the voices of discontent. "Macao Tour" quota, the department heads to appease wishing a natural. The storm also have one one mention. Go to the Macao trade delegation led by the German people's Naduosa as interpreter for Zhou Weisen excuse to take care of family members to come over, in case this ocean horse lost in foreigners compatriots in front of self away will not be very good. >

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