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23.05.2013 04:09
also in succession to naval cadets antworten

Zhang Wende said machine "teach made American ship Arcane" promises, motivated to work, he chose some people to work with him. (read novels to vertex novel nets) Wen de si was very interested in the ancient shipbuilding, and Li Jun row with the left see shipbuilding. The navy has shown completely out of the ordinary interest, not only Fubo every three five days round trip, also in succession to naval cadets to plan, when working for a learning machine, intuitive experience in shipbuilding. Although the future naval engineer is to develop in the technical schools, but the Navy that they also have the necessary training to be an officer, slightly understand the shipbuilding technology, if possible, by the navy to control should be the future shipbuilding factory. Wen Desi of naval career was very clear, but like him makes him have a natural preference for the Navy, so the stupid way to pay no heed to, between and across time and space technology exchange machine. Wen de si Zhang machine is also a model of master, he made every kind of ship model with very simple woodworking tools can, not only can be made,Coach Bags Online, and each component accurate proportion, can disassemble freely. This is his secret technology, it is the proportion of amplification method. This is the original is very effective. Wende heirs know European shipbuilders have adopted similar measures, and each build a ship, do first model rules is also this method rest ze. Zhang Jiqi on mathematics, geometry is poorly understood, drawing level with graffiti, but he took the ship size, structure, size of all data are firmly in mind, this let the people admire -- Chinese ancient skilled craftsmen, many do not read, do not understand the algorithm, but it can rely on experience is passed down from generation to generation to make art beats nature. Items, do have their one's own knack in. See Zhang machines do ship model, the people could not help but also itchy. Anyway, supervision and shipbuilding nothing, just to do a ketch model, with the model, and a machine communication more easily. He has been living a madman, go to where you have basic weapons, food and tools. This material is convenient, he immediately find materials make up. Zhang Jiqi the German people such a "knowledgeable person" can also begin to ship model make delicate more admiration. In his view the learned people show off literary skill,Classic Coach Bags, can do-it-yourself such craftsmen work he is never seen. I work every day,Oakley Holbrook Sale, will be to the de si house to have a look at this one American ship model, two people also exchange the experience make model ships, Wen de si will also took the opportunity to put some simple knowledge about the ship, sail to tell him. Wen Desi lived a leisurely life do model in the figure, the traversers in one day Bo shop and 100 Ren City busy work day. To launch the project a multitude of things, everywhere in the absence of shouting materials and labor, has become the most busy people as a Planning Commission presided over the daily work of the horse attention. Busy material allocation, allocation of the labour force, but also the coordination of the relationship between the various departments -- the limited material and labor force in the end let who used, often play >

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